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The Butterfly Garden in the City - Sign 52

Friday, September 8, 2023
Butterfly garden is one of the sections within our city garden. We saw some plants that could attract butterfly in this section.

Fig 01- The sign of butterfly garden

The plants include milkweed, zinnia, lantana, verbena, aster and hibiscus. Milkweed is important for Monarch butterfly.

Interestingly, the milkweed is the only plant that can be eaten by monarch caterpillars in nature. 

The plant contains toxic that make caterpillars to be poisonous to predators (birds, spiders, wasps and lizards). 

Milkweed plants produce high energy nectar, good for adult butterfly. In addition to high sugar, the milkweed nectar also contains high potassium.

Fig 02- One of the butterflies in the garden.

Unfortunately, the milkweed populations are declining in recently, hence, to be one of the main menaces to monarch butterflies. Declining of population is due to herbicide use and habitat loss.

Fig 03- Part of the city garden

How many are butterfly garden in your city?

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The Trashcan Fix or Replacement in our Areas - Sign 51

Friday, September 1, 2023
 When we are jogging, we just saw a trashcan with a sign which need to be repaired or replaced. The sign has quite attractive words, make us smile.

Fig 01- A trashcan, need to be fixed or replaced.

The words: "for the love of God. Please fix this trashcan." Actually, we have similar problem several years ago.

On that time, the garbage truck caused the damage, then, we called the city (311) multiple times.

As requested by the city, we put the damaged trashcan at the end of the driveway. Our address, home number is very visible from the street.

Unbelievable, the 3rd party contractor that repairs/replaces the trash can keeps going to the wrong house and has admitted they went to the wrong house.

Fig 02- Flowering, just illustration.

Finally, it had been replaced after almost 3 weeks. It’s getting ridiculous, especially for the amount of money we are charged.

Fig 03- A flowerbed, illustration only

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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Don’t Give Money to People in the Roadway - Sign 50

Saturday, August 26, 2023
We have seen the signs "Don’t Give Money to Persons in the Roadway" in some exit of interstates or road junctions around our city.

Fig 01- Sign of don't give to persons.

The sign could be mean that "they are panhandling for money, to buy more drugs." so, don’t be a part of their problem.

We used to give money because we didn't understand then when we realized what we were doing we started giving water bottles and baggies of small items.

We got rude comments from many panhandlers. So now we don't give anything but it's hard to sit there and ignore them now.

Actually, there are organizations that give care packages of food out and would you like to know what happens to a large portion of them?

Fig 02 - A beggar on the street

Sadly, the packages of food end up wasted on the side of the road or abandoned properties. The food that is given out is almost 100% not consumed.

Fig 03 - Hibiscus flowers, illustration only

What do you think?

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Check Temperature Before Allowing Pets Walk Outside - Sign 49

Friday, August 18, 2023
We saw the useful sign for pet owners at our neighborhood a couple days ago. This sign as a kind of guidance to check air temperature before let the pets play outside or walk on the asphalt.

Fig 01- A sign of relationship between hot of temperature and asphalt

As you see at above sign (Fig 01), there is relationship between air temperature and asphalt temperature.

Just 3 examples (please above sign):
- if air temperature is 77* F (25* C), then asphalt temperature is 125* F (51.5* C).
- if air temperature is 86* F (30* C), then asphalt temperature is 135* F (57.2* C).
- if air temperature is 87* F (30.1* C), then asphalt temperature is 143* F (61.7 C).

Yes, pets (cats and dogs) have paw pads with thick and though skin. However, if pets walk on the hot asphalt too long, their paws can still be burned.

Fig 02- A cat, just for illustration

Some symptoms of paw burning are swelling, redness, pain and limping. Then we may see the pets licking or chewing their paws. 

So, we need to avoid walking our pet on very hot asphalt or hard surfaces, and even we should not let our pets play outside during hot weather.

Fig 03- A dog walking on the asphalt

What do you think?

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Cold Drinks Vendors in the Corners during Summer – Sign 48

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The world temperature increase by 1.47* C (2.64* F) in the summer this year. I believe, everybody feels very hot summer.

Fig 01- Italian ice sold by small vendors.

In our state, Louisiana, typical summer is very hot and humid. Humidity makes many uncomfortable.

We may feel hotter, it is because sweat getting harder to evaporate, then our body quite hard to cool down. We will feel hotter than the actual temperature.

In the high humidity, our hair and skin will greasy, it is because humidity prevents the natural oils from evaporating.

It is problems for people with asthma or allergies, because moisture in the air can cause difficulty for breath in.

Fig 02- A vendor selling drinks with ice

We may find cold drinks vendors in the corners during summer, especially in suburban area in our state, Louisiana.

They sold many type of cold drinks include fruit drinks, ice tea, smoothies and many others.

Fig 03- Another vendor (food truck)

Other popular sweet treats during hot summer sold by vendors are shaved ice, snow cones and many other frozen treats.

Fig 04- The sign of lemonade drinks

How about summer in your city or area?

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Our Neighborhood Getting Ready for Summer – Sign 47

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The average temperature in our city, Baton Rouge, LA is about F 86 (C 30) degree, will be warmer and warmer by next coming weeks. 

Fig 01- A goose with outfit

It means summer has been coming, or bikini and swimsuit times at least at our neighborhood.

One of our neighborhood has a sign, a goose with pink outfit to welcome summer season. The sign has been a while, and hopefully nobody messes with it. So the neighbor can continue to dress her for the occasion, and off course, more outfits to come.

Many neighbors love the goose and welcome it to the neighborhood, and said that is a good idea.

Fig 02- The naked Canadian geese at our neighborhood

Actually, the goose, Canadian geese is a symbol of summer because we may saw flock of geese in our neighborhood during warmer season.

Fig 03- A pretty goose with eyeglasses.

What is a sign of summer in your neighborhood?

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The Peggy Martin Rose in New Orleans – Sign 46

Friday, May 19, 2023

We posted about rose colors in the garden, and meaning of these colors. You may read the previous posted: Roses in the Late Summer - Gardening and hobby 4 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Fig 01- A sign to honor Peggy Martin

There are about 150 rose flowers species live wildly in the world, and they have distributed in many countries include in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and America regions (Continents).

As reported by Nancy Maffia (2023: Different Types of Roses: How to Identify and Care for Them) that the number of cultivated roses varieties might be surprising you.

Can you guess “the number of cultivated roses varieties?”

30,000 varieties of cultivated roses worldwide!

Fig 02- The Peggy Martin Rose

A few days ago, we saw a sign:”The Peggy Martin Rose” to honor Peggy Martin who cultivated the rose.

Fig 03- Roses of Peggy Martin

The rose is believed came from France hundred years ago. Peggy Martin then has preserved this type of rose.

Fig 04- A sign and roses at the city garden

Do you love roses? What type or color?

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Irradiated Mangoes in the USA – Sign 45

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

We saw for the first time the word “Irradiated” was stuck on a mango, sold at the Mexican store recently. Then, we try to find out what the meaning is, and who put the sticker.

Fig 01- An irradiate mango from Mexico

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Moreover, all mangoes must be “irradiated” if they want to be exported to the USA markets. The main purpose is to make sure that pests such as fruit flies not cross to American border.

Fig 02- Irradiated mangoes at the Mexican store

Two methods of treatments to get rid of pest from mangoes:

1) Using hot water

2) Using irradiation treatments

Fig 03- Mango Criollo (Creole)

Co-60 gamma rays are used to irradiate mangoes. Larvae are prevented to be further develop as adults.

As reported by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2023: Food Irradiation) that “food irradiation is safe.”

Fig 04- Mangoes, ready to consume

Have you tasted irradiated mangoes?

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The Food Trucks at the Market of a Countryside – Sign 44

Monday, May 1, 2023

We stop by at a market of a countryside when lunchtime. We saw several food trucks sell variety of foods, local and international flavors.

Fig 01- The food truck at the market of a countryside

There was a big sign “Big J’s, Country Cajun Cooking” at one of trucks. Since there is a word “Cajun.” hence we assumes that the trucks sell local Louisiana foods.

Some of favorite traditional Cajun dishes are:

- Jambalaya

- Gumbo

- Baudin Sausage

- Wild duck, Alligator, Boiled crawfish and Pecan pie

Fig 02- One of food sold by Food Truck, Nachos

We love to consume Jambalaya and Gumbo. In case you don’t know, Jambalaya is a rice base dish, sure, with specific Louisiana taste. Gumbo is a kind of soup with a little portion of rice in its.

Fig 03- A food truck and residents

Yes, Louisiana people consume rice, and Louisiana is one of states produce rice in America.

Unfortunately, we can’t find “cajun dishes” instead of other foods such as Nachos and burgers.

Fig 04- Consumers waiting their orders

Do you like food trucks?

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