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Late Night Fee for Restaurant Services is Expensive than Tax - Sign 69

Friday, February 23, 2024
We eat out quite a lot especially when we have worked very long hours or gotten out of late a several nights per week.

Fig 01 - The late-night fee service. 

It’s getting harder to find restaurants with decent customer service anymore. We dine at "a certain restaurant" quite often.

We really like the foods. We have noticed the place steadily declining both in the atmosphere and service.

The last time we dined there the server forgot to bring some items we ordered. We reminded her and she still didn’t bring them.

So, we just said oh well, as long as we don’t get charged for these, there’s no problem. We didn’t make a big deal of it. People are human and they make mistakes.

Fig 02 - A cafe, just illustration.

# Important postings:

Fig 03 - At the corner, illustration.

We went back this week. It was 9:06 PM when we walked in. We typically order the same (almost the same) things.

Fig 04 - One of favorite foods

We then sat down at the table they gave us. It was dirty. The server made no attempt to clean it. We ended up cleaning it ourselves.

Fig 05 - A Sign of ice cream on the street.

Finally, when we got the check, we noticed a line that said:
- late night dining service fee $9.62.
- we must pay 18% gratuity for dine after 9.00 PM.

Fig 06 - A cat, illustration only

So, we got to pay extra for the privilege of leaving with their nasty dirt all over us. We have never been treated like this.

Fig 07 - The tropical fruit, illustration.

We should have gotten a discount to sit there eating in the midst of their housekeeping, not charged extra! This is a horrible way to treat customers! We will not be going back any time soon.

Fig 08 - Seafoods, illustration

Before someone asks if We addressed this with management, we did not. They clearly knew all about it when they added this as a line item to the sales check. So why bother.

Fig 09 - The Monarch butterfly and flowers, illustration

We are posting this so other late night (after 9.00 PM) diners will know about this before bothering to go there (restaurants).

Fig 10 - Just for illustration, a sign of food vendor

Have you experienced with multiple fees for late night after 9.00 PM?

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The Criollo Mangoes in the Market - Sign 68

Saturday, February 17, 2024
 We saw quite "small size" mangoes sold in the ethnic store just recently. The mangoes called as "a mango criollo." 

Fig 01 - Sign of Mango Criollo. 

This mango has many common names include wild Mexican, Indio, Coche, Mexican and Corriente mango. Based on its common names, we may guess its origin. Yes, the origin is from Mexico. 

If lucky enough, we may find two kinds of Criollo mangoes in the ethnic markets (Mexican groceries or Asian shops):
1) Criollo wild
- smaller sizes 
- highly favorite because of their flavorful and rich in nutrients.

Fig 02 - Ripe mangoes, bigger sizes

# Important postings:

Fig 03 - Smaller mangoes, not ripe yet.

2) Criollo cultivated:
- quite larger sizes
- juicy flesh and sweet.

Fig 04 - Green, just illustration.

The Criollo cultivated mangoes have some advantage's abilities compare to Criollo wild mangos.

Fig 05 - Indoor plants, illustration only. 

Cultivated mangoes are able to self-pollinate and heavy crops production in warmer areas or regions. 

Fig 06 - 4 smaller sizes of Criollo wild. 

Some beginner mango growers choose Criollo mangoes as their great choice since the plants have minimal care requirements and excellent productions.

Fig 07 - Criollo mangoes sold in the grocery. 

Have you tried Criollo mangoes?

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If your Dog Doesn't Like Somebody - Sign 67

Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Honestly, I can't relate myself to a dog dislike someone as of sign "if your dog doesn't like somebody, maybe you shouldn't." 

Fig 01 - Sign of if your dog ....

How about with you? Do you?

However, there are several possibilities that why dogs might react negatively to someone:
1) Those dogs are rarely exposed to stranger, thus they are wary

2) Dogs feel threatened
- they are fear, anxiety or threaten to new people due to voice, appearance and attitudes that might trigger negative responds. 

3) Dogs have powerful sense of smell to respond strange smell from new people, include scents of smokes, colognes and perfumes. 

Fig 02 - A dog barking at me.

# Important postings:

Fig 03 - Just for illustration.

However, it is important to keep dogs (your dogs) on a leash, and in case of anxiety, they have a space to retreat.

Fig 04 - A dog stares to strangers.

What do you think?

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The New Art Shop in Our Community - Sign 66

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
 Actually, I didn't aware when this shop exists in our community, but the owner said that she just installs new sign of shop: "opening sign."

Fig 01 - The opening sign of shop.

I believe the Artists Loft Gifts & Antiques shop to be one of meeting places between local artists and our community.

Large, and might be the largest showroom for handcrafted artisan in our city. The shop opens 3 days only in a week:
- Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM
- Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM
- Sunday, 12 PM to 4 PM
- Closing on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Fig 02 - The arts, sold in the shop.

# Postings:

Fig 03 - A Painting by local artist

We may have a chance to get handcrafted gifts and creative vintages from local artisans in the store. 

Fig 04 - Show corner of art works

We may have chance to get the freshest produce, sample authentic cuisine from local food vendors and enjoy live music.

Fig 05 - Art works, original from artists. 

In addition to 3 days schedule (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the storefront only open on Thursday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Fig 06 - Another corner of art works

The storefront sells variety of unique gifts, vintage treasures and handcrafted original works of arts.

Fig 07 - Art works on the selves.

Friday is the time for community to grab lunch with their friends or families, since the owner making loft as a quiet place to do so. 

Fig 08 - Paintings by local artisans. 

Friday is also a good time for community to come hang out or just visit to see new art works. 

Fig 09 - Lobster, design for T-Shirt.

We should say thank you to the owners for their interest in making these changes for our community.

Fig 10 - Design by local artist for T Shirt.

How about art shops in your areas?

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Gardens by the Bay in Singapore - Sign 65

Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Even though a small country, Singapore has several hundreds of gardens, including community gardens, bigger and just small green spaces. 

Fig 01 - The garden by the bay, Singapore

In respect to well known for visitors, we might say there are several kinds of gardens such as Botanical gardens, Themes Gardens and Indoor Garden. 

The indoor garden, Jewel Garden locates at Changi international airport with two main sections: forest and canopy parks. 

We may observe no less than 3,000 (three thousand) tress and 60,000 (sixty thousand) shrubs. The 120 species of trees and shrubs are collection from around the globe. Since the indoor temperature is controlled, we could observe plants from both tropical and temperate zones grow very well.

Fig 02 - A corner of the garden

# Some important postings:

Fig 03 - An art structure, Singapore. 

Two theme gardens in Singapore, they are:
- Japanese garden
- Chinese garden   

Fig 04 - A entrance of indoor garden. 

In the Chinese garden, we may explore pavilions, waterfall and landscape gardens within the context of Chinese cultures.

Fig 05 - An art structure, Singapore. 

We could discover Japanese traditional items such as a tea house, koi ponds and Zen gardens in the Japanese theme garden, Singapore. 

Fig 06 - An art structure, another angle. 

As of Fig 01 at above is the sign for the garden by the bay, Singapore. I think this garden is huge garden in term of number of plants.

Fig 07 - A corner of Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay has more than 1.5 million plants with about 5,000 (five thousand) species from all the world.

Fig 08 - Visitors in one of gardens

Fantastic in respect to number and variety of species. The plants come from 5 continent: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Fig 09 - Part of the Jewel garden, Singapore

Just to let you know, the number of visitors is about 9 million people per year to Gardens by the Bay, local and international visitors.

Fig 10 - Cafe in the Jewel garden.

Have you visited one of gardens in Singapore?

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Repairs for Small Engines - Sign 64

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
We start to cut our grass about the end of February or early March every year, since the temperature getting higher, and grass grow well on that time. 

Fig 01 - A sign of small engines service.

In case you ignore, forget or don't know that small engines are all engines less than horsepower (hp) and often the single cylinder engines. 

Almost all households have one type of small engines. Some of popular small engines in our neighborhood are:
- a lawn mower
- a generator
- a pressure washer
- pumps and power tools.

Fig 02 - A generator, the small engine.

# Important postings:

Fig 03 - The garage for repairment 

This time around, we will check whether our "small engine," a lawn mower is ready before the Spring season arrives.

Fig 04 - A lawn mower, ready to work. 

We may do maintenance by ourselves. The maintenances include clean dirty air filter, oil and filter changes, and blade sharpening.

Fig 05 - Part of garages for repairment.

We will go to a repairman if we get specific issue such as power loss. This issue might relate to carburetor, fuel system and ignition system. 

Fig 06 - Flower bed, illustration only.

We have no knowledge to fix this issue. So, we need help from a professional mechanic.

Fig 07 - Small engines in the garage.

What kinds of small engines do you have?

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