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Less Books in the Box – Sign 17

Friday, July 29, 2022

I believe that you know about swap books program, where books are stored in the little box or little library.

Fig 01- Sign to return book

This little box is attached on the corner of our community or neighborhood or put at any location that easy to be accessed.

The code that if we first time in the system, then we may take one, then we must put one.

The swap books program will success if all concern community follow the rule (agreements).

Fig 02- Books in the little box

Fig 03- Just few books

Fig 04- A paper notice on the window

Unfortunately, the sign to “please return a book” is appearing in glass window of little library one day.

It is mean that some people just take one without swap, or she or he forgets to return for a while.

I noticed that the number of books looks less and less day by day in the last several months.

Since this swap program has been work very well more than 5 years in our neighborhood. Hope, and I believe that this “little” problem could be solved soon.

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What is Tang Soo Do? - Sign 16

Monday, July 11, 2022

The words of Tang Soo Do are new for me. I just familiar with Japanese words of “Karate Do.” 

Fig 01- Sign of art in motion and Tang Soo Do

As you might know that the words of Karate Do from three Japanese words with the following meaning:

- Kara means empty

- Te means hand

- and Do means way

You may see the words of “Tang Soo Do” from above sign. I believe that it is kind of martial art.

Fig 02- Yellow elder, blooming.

Fig 03- Walking Iris

From internet searching, I find following facts about Tang Soo Do:

- Yes, it is a martial art and comes from Korea

- Tang Soo Do is developed based on Japanese Karate Do

However, I never seen this martial art on the stage, hence, I don’t know the different between Korean Tang Soo Do and Japanese Karate Do.

Moreover, Tang Soo Do is not qualify for summer Olympics. There are six martial art qualify for Olympics: karate do, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, Boxing, and fencing.

Do you know Tang Soo Do?

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World Faces with Refugee Crisis – Sign 15

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

You might surprise with the number that about 84 million people are displaced, and around 27 million to be refugee all over the world nowadays.

Fig 01- Sign of World Refugee Day.

Just one war, Ukraine war, no less than 5 million refugees are there. Most refugees then go to the nearby countries such as:

- Poland, about 4.3 million refugees

- Romania

- Moldova

- Hungary

- and Slovakia

7 million Ukraine are displaced, they flee home inside their own country.

Fig 02- A wandering dog, Illustration only

Fig 03- A donation center, illustration

In addition to war or civil war, there are many factors cause refugee crisis. Just few of them are:

- abuses of human rights

- climate changes problems

- economic hardship.

Refugees Crisis seem no way out so far. However, United Nation High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) has theme for this year World Refugee Day:”Whoever. Wherever. Whenever. Everyone has the right to safety.”

What do you think?

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State Rules to Prohibit Pets in Stores – Sign 14

Monday, June 27, 2022

I thought grocery owners' own policy to prohibit pets or animals to enter their stores in our city, Baton Rouge.

Fig 01- Sign that state does not allow pets to enter stores

Yes, I noticed signs that dogs are not allowed to come into stores. The signs are attached at glass doors or glass windows of all grocery stores in the city, as I know or remember.

When I visited a farmer market couple days ago, I look carefully the sign, actually the restrictions come from state (state rule).

Then, I tried to find out through Google what is the meaning of the rules?

Fig 02- A cute dog wandering at our neighborhood

Fig 03- A Cat Teapot, illustration

Restriction on pets to enter stores include in Title 3 (Agriculture and Forestry) and RS 3: 2511 (Restrictions on the retail sale of dogs and cats).

Actually, restriction is applied not only to dogs and cats, but also on following animals such as:

- birds

- ferrets

- rabbits

- reptiles and other live animals

How about in your areas or countries?

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Slow Cat Crossing in Neighborhood – Sign 13

Sunday, June 19, 2022

We have pretty a lot of signs across the city. Few signs concern with serious matters, others just for simple things.

Uniquely, some signs are made by common citizens for whatever reasons

Fig 01- Sign for slow cat crossing

I guess that the sign “Slow Cat Crossing” (please see Fig 01 above) is created by a cat lover.

In my opinion, the sign is quite “confuse” and little bit funny, because it has at least three meaning:

- is cat moving slow?

- or just slow cat crossing?

- or ask car drivers to “please slow down?”

Fig 02- Just for illustration

Fig 03- A cat, sitting in the room

I think many animals (especially pets) are considered “slow,” because they are randomly run across the street without looking.

Based on reported from Repairer Driven News (RDN, 2022) that it is estimated about 2 million animals hit by cars annually in the USA.

This figure increased by 7.2% during pandemic years.

The collision is not only dangerous to human being but also to animal safety. Speeding is believed to be main factor in animal collisions.

Moreover, in fact, drivers speed through our neighborhood. Cats and other pets deserve a long life. What do you think?

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Firearms Free Zone – Sign 12

Monday, June 6, 2022

I never interest to own guns or any dangerous weapons for whatever reasons, hence, I don’t know about licenses or rules to have one.

Fig 01- Firearms free zone sign.

Just few weeks ago, I saw the sign at University lake of our city:

- Firearm free campus zone

I search through internet: what is it mean?

Louisiana State legislature imposed restriction to carry a firearm or a dangerous weapon.

The restrictions apply to three main areas:

1) Schools

2) Specific design areas

3) a firearm-free zone

Fig 02- Yellow daylily in the garden

In respect to schools or campus, the restrictions include in areas school property, school transportation, at school-sponsored functions (athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities) and within one thousand feet of any school campus.

Fig 03- Afternoon sky in our city

A firearm-free zone usually apply to areas near by schools or a campus. It is  reasonable that I found “a sign at University lake of our city.”

Fig 04- One of old buildings in our city

Who violated this rule, both students and non-students will face quite harsh sentences:

- shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars

- or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not less than one year nor more than five years, or both.

This rule makes me more and more discourage to have firearms or dangerous weapons.

I don’t understand why “so easy” to access guns or dangerous weapons in the America!

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Green Bridges for Plants and Pollinators – Sign 11

Saturday, May 28, 2022

We found “Green Bridge” sign when we have a walk in one of our city parks called as an independent park.

What is the meaning of Green Bridge?

Fig 01- A Green Bridges sign

The Green Bridge is “a botanical garden” inside Independent Park. The park has 200 acres (81 hectares) site, includes 15 acre (6 hectare) areas for botanical garden.

The purpose of the bridge is to create safe passage for:

- plants

- and pollinators.

The plants and pollinators are assumed to “migrate” through the green bridge to incorporate with native plants and pollinators.

Fig 02- One of plants in the botanical garden

There are about 2,500 species of native plants in Louisiana, and 7 most important of them.

Fig 03- Butterfly painted on the vase

As you might know that there are 3 (three) most important pollinators in nature and distributed worldwide:

- Birds

- Bats

- Insects

Sure, we familiar and may be love with some insects such as butterfly and bees. Other crucial insects as pollinators:

- flies

- wasps and beetles

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High Occupancy Vehicle Parking Only - Sign 10

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

 At previous post, we talked about parking for Low Emission Vehicles:

- Special Parking for Low Emission Vehicles - Sign 3

Just couple days ago, I saw another interesting parking sign: High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Parking Only.

What its mean?

Fig 01- Sign for special parking only.

It is a sign which is plotted for vehicles with more than one passenger such as: - big cars

- buses (transit buses)

- big vans.

Two type of HOV parking signs:

1) HOV 2+

- means for 1 driver, and at least one passenger.

2) HOV 3+

- means for 1 driver, and at least two passengers, usually more.

Fig 02- Sky in the city corner, just for illustration

In addition to parking signs, there are also High Occupancy Vehicle lanes in roads and Highways.

Fig 03- Empty parking lot

Not all states uses HOV lanes in the USA. There are 21 states using this kind of lanes. Here they are:

- 1) Arizona; 2) California; 3) Colorado

- 4) Connecticut; 5) Florida; 6) Georgia

- 7) Hawaii; 8) Kansas; 9) Maryland

- 10) Massachusetts; 11) Minnesota; 12) New Jersey

- 13) New York; 14) North Carolina; 15) Ohio; 16) Pennsylvania; 17) Tennesse

-18) Texas; 19) Utah; 20) Virginia; 21) Washington

How about with your places or states or your countries?

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