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Do you Know Cardio Kickboxing? - Sign 24

Friday, November 11, 2022

The words “Cardio Kickboxing” is new for me. I saw a sign from an organization to give a class in the public park

Fig 01- A sign of Cardio Kickboxing

I don’t know the words of Cardio Kickboxing. After searching through internet, I found interesting things.

In fact Cardio Kickboxing is created by Frank Thiboutot in 1992, about 30 years ago. Thiboutot was from Maine, and living in Kansas now.

Cardio Kickboxing is workout that mix between fast moving cardio and martial arts, hence this is a kind of high energy exercises.

Then, is Cardio Kickboxing popular?

Fig 02- Painting by local artist

Yes, Cardio Kickboxing is popular workout in the USA recently.

Data from Statista (2017) showed the participants was 6.7 million people across America in 2017. The number fluctuates year by year.

Fig 03- Two kids, just for illustration

Comparing to “martial arts,” the number is not bad. From the same source (Statista, 2021), there are about 6.3 million participants.

Fig 04- Two dogs, illustration only

As you know, the martial arts include:

- Karate

- Taekwondo

- Judo

- Ju Jitsu

- and others

Do you familiar with Cardio Kickboxing?

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The Fiber Art in Our Community – Sign 23

Friday, October 28, 2022

When I saw the sign in the one of our community activities, immediately, I asked myself:”what is fiber art?” I just heard for the first time.

Fig 01- Sign of fiber art

Then, I understand that it is a kind of fine art. The art that involve fiber, yarn or fabric. Either natural or synthetic.

The art that involve of significant works in the form of:

- crocheting, knitting, felting and quilting

- embroidery

- weaving and basket weaving

- needle point and many more

Fig 02- Artists are doing fiber art

Fig 03- Examples of fiber art

I know, but not really familiar with crocheting, knitting and quilting. I think many people love to work or have skills with at least one of these 3 words (crocheting, knitting or quilting)

However, some artists suggested to start with crocheting than knitting, especially for beginners.

It is because Crochet to use one hook, hence minimize techniques. Doing crocheting is easier than knitting.

Do you familiar with crocheting, knitting and quilting?

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Halloween Wreath Business in Neighborhood – Sign 22

Friday, October 21, 2022

Wreath is one of Christmas decorations in old days. It is mainly hung on the door, but some neighbors hang wreath on their windows.

Fig 01- Sign of class for making wreath

I saw wreath are used for many ceremonial events in recent days, especially in oue neighborhood.

Actually, we could see wreath be hung any where, inside or outdoor. The outdoor wreaths be hung in places such as:

- fences

- wall

- porch railing

Fig 02- One of Halloween wreaths

Fig 03- Wreath with skeleton

Fig 04- Little ghosts in the wreath

Some neighbors made their own wreaths, other just but it from market. The cost range from just 10 US dollar to 150 US dollar each wreath.

Many wreath cost about US$ 35 each, I think it is a quite reasonable price.

In case who want to learn how to make wreath. There are plenty courses available around our neighborhood.

Sign (please see Fig 01 above) is one of wreath class, special for Fall season.

Do you know how to make or design wreath?

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Snails as One of Popular Seafood – Sign 21

Thursday, October 6, 2022

I believe you know about popular French dish called as “escargot.” It is an appetizer from cooked snails.

Fig 01- Yellow snails, one of popular snails

Yellow snails also called as golden snails or apple snails, there are about 120 species in the world.

Sure, there is different between Yellow (Apple) snails and French’s escargot in respect to habitats:

- Yellow (Apple) snails live in freshwater

- French’s escargot is a land snail.

Do Louisiana people consume Yellow (Apple) snails as seafood?

Fig 02- Seafood restaurant, waiting for order

Fig 03- Snails in the icebox

Yes, some people of Louisiana like Yellow (Apple) snails, especially Asian community in the state.

Back to Asian regions, snails live in the water of paddy fields, hence they are pest for rice.

Since the snails rich in protein, farmers start to consume them, then to be wisdom habits:

- delicious seafood

- pests control

Have you tried to eat snails?

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Two States of USA are Legal for Texting and Driving – Sign 20

Friday, September 23, 2022

I thought all 50 states of America ban or illegal to do texting and driving, but my guessed is pretty wrong.

Fig 01- Sign to “park your phone” while driving.

I just understand after searching through Google that 48 of 50 states have laws to ban text messaging and driving.

This ban also include in District of Columbia (D.C, US capital, Washington) area and other US territories:

- Guam

- the U.S. Virgin Islands

- Puerto Rico

So, we might be wonder: what are two states “allowing” texting while driving?

Fig 02- Traffic in our area

Fig 03- Road in the early morning

Two states that “allowing” texting and driving are:

- Missouri

- Montana

However, in case of Missouri, there is “prohibition” for texting and driving at certain ages: drivers at 21 years old or younger. If caught by polices, they will get US$ 200 penalty.

Hence, Montana is the only state in the USA which has no laws to ban or prohibit texting and driving

What do you think?

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Herbs Show at Our City Park – Sign 19

Friday, September 9, 2022

I have posted one of signs in our city park. The sign was about “green bridges.” You may read the previous post:

- Green Bridges for Plants and Pollinators – Sign 11 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Fig 01- Sign of Herb society

The park hosted herbs and plants show from Herb Society of America, Baton Rouge Unit, just recently.

As you might know that the herb society is nonprofit organization. The Baton Rouge unit has missions to promote herb in terms of:

- knowledge

- use

- sharing experiences

- educational and research

Fig 02- Gingers, use for medical and cooking purposes

Fig 03- Several kinds of Herbs for sale

The herb society displays and sell plenty of herb and plants for many purposes include in:

- cooking

- medicine

- beauty products

- and many others

We love ginger as seasoning for our traditional cooking. Some of our friends use ginger for medicines to reduce headaches, flu, nausea and many others.

Have you use herbs for any purposes?

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Drinking Problem in the USA – Sign 18

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Americans consume alcohol is about 9.8 liter per adult (average of male and female) per year, rank 45th in the world, based on report from World Population Review (2022).

Fig 01- Sign to help whoever with drinking problems

Alcohol consumption is considered low compared to these top 6 following countries:

- Latvia, 13.2 liters per adult

- Moldova, 12.9 liters

- Germany, 12.8 liters

- Lithuania, 12.78 liters

- Ireland, 12.75 liters per adult.

- Spain, 12.67 liters per adult allowed to drink alcohol.

Fig 02- A kind of advertisement, Illustration only

Fig 03- Plants sold by community market

But alcohol drinking addictions have great impacts on society and individual levels in the USA.

There are 32 people died on the road every day due to drinking habit while driving. Total died was 11,654 people in 2020.

Then, alcohol addictions lead to many chronic diseases, just few examples are:

- liver disease

- heart disease

- cancer and supra-ventricular cardiac dysrhythmia

How about in your country? Are there serious problems with alcohol addictions?

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Less Books in the Box – Sign 17

Friday, July 29, 2022

I believe that you know about swap books program, where books are stored in the little box or little library.

Fig 01- Sign to return book

This little box is attached on the corner of our community or neighborhood or put at any location that easy to be accessed.

The code that if we first time in the system, then we may take one, then we must put one.

The swap books program will success if all concern community follow the rule (agreements).

Fig 02- Books in the little box

Fig 03- Just few books

Fig 04- A paper notice on the window

Unfortunately, the sign to “please return a book” is appearing in glass window of little library one day.

It is mean that some people just take one without swap, or she or he forgets to return for a while.

I noticed that the number of books looks less and less day by day in the last several months.

Since this swap program has been work very well more than 5 years in our neighborhood. Hope, and I believe that this “little” problem could be solved soon.

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