Effect of Drink Chia Seeds for Diabetes Patients – Diabetes 23

Thursday, April 30, 2020
Chia seed in a glass of water

Some friends told me that Chia seed is good for health. The seeds are from plant includes in mint family.

Two species of plants, Salvia hispanica and Salvia columbariae could be found in the areas of:
- the southwestern United States
- Mexico
- Central America

Chia seeds are quite small, 1 mm in diameter with color tend to dark gray. We found white and black spots on these oval seeds.

We may consume seed with water. 10 gram of Chia seed is good enough for one glass of water. Some flavors such as orange, mango and lime may be added to the drink.

In term of diabetes, seeds are believed to benefit for type 2 diabetes patients. Few studies have shown that Chia seeds:

- improve insulin sensitivity
- control blood sugar
- lower blood sugar level after eating foods.

Do you know Chia seeds? Have you consume it?

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Do You Know this Kind of Animal? - part 1

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Eyes and bright color (credit to News Nation)

The above image shows black thing with sections of two small spots and the blue section. You may guess what group of this animal? Few choices in vertebrate classification:

- fish
- amphibian
- reptile
- birds
- mammals

Just for hints that this animal live the tropical country, endemic to New Guinea. Ernst Mayr, Germany evolutionary biologist discovered this animal in 1930

First, this animal was described as sub species. Then, the animal included as very new species in 2018.

This new species, actually part of 50 species exist in the world. Many species are very rare, and live in certain areas only.

Since, females are very low in number, the males attract a female by distinctive dance. The competitions are very intensely fierce among males to get attention from a female.

Now, can you guess (what kind of animal it is)?

I will post the answer in the part 2.

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Should We Get Covid-19 Antibody Test to Avoid Lock-down? - Virus 10

Saturday, April 25, 2020
Fig 01- Machine to detect virus infection and measure antibody concentration 
in the blood (credit to Abbot)

As of previous post, we talked about method to half spreading of Covid-19 is better by lock down or physical (social) distant than herd immunity:

We might intend to avoid “lock down or physical (social) distant” rule. How? Should We Get Covid-19 Antibody Test to Avoid Lock-down?

Antibody test also called as:
- immunity titer
- antibody titer
- serological test.

It is a test to measure IgG and IgM antibodies where they are detected in the blood after exposing to the virus, in this case SARS-CoV-2 virus.

IgM refers to antibody caused by recently infection, whereas IgG antibody is formed after 7 to 10 days infection. IgG antibody may include currently and past infections.

Fig 02- A yellow bell pepper. Illustration.

We have success to conduct similar titer tests to following communicable diseases:
- mumps
- rubella
- varicella
- measles
- hepatisis B

Fig 03- Red and yellow bell peppers

Moreover, New York state have recorded that 13.9% of 3,000 tested residents are positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

What is it mean?

If this percentage hold to the whole nation, there are projected of 46 million of USA citizens have IgG and IgM antibodies to protect them from Covid-19 infection in the future.

These people may avoid stay at home order or even doing:
- normal job in the offices as usual.
- high risk jobs to take care Covid-19 patients
- customers services

Do you think antibody test is useful? Do you want to be tested?

Is Herd Immunity without Vaccine the Worst Strategy? - Virus 9

Thursday, April 23, 2020
Herd Immunity to halt diseases spreading
(credit to USA Today).

Originally, Herd Immunity is an idea to stop spreading infection from human to human by vaccinations.

It is proved that if 70% to 90% of people injected by vaccine, the herd immunity is achieved to contain following diseases, just for some examples:

- chickenpox
- mumps
- polio
- measles

In respect to SARS-CoV-2 virus which responsible to COVID-19 pandemic, we do not have vaccine yet. So, how do we reach herd immunity?

Previously, one America bio statistician, then followed by some British scientists to propose to let at least 60% population exposes to virus.

It is mean, just for illustration purposes that number of people infected to virus will be:
- 60% x 68 million = 40.8 million in the United Kingdom
- 60% x 328 million = 197 million in the USA

Wild flower in the yard. Illustration only.

Let’s say fatality rate was 2.3%, the dead toll is going to unbelievable number:
- 938,400 people dead in the UK
- 4.5 million people dead in the USA

Thus, the idea to have “herd immunity” without vaccine is not only very bad idea, but also crazy or insane.

Physical distance or lock down seems work well in several countries. 

The countries that are able to at least “reduce” spreading of virus by this method include Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

We hope that other countries replicate the success of these nations, and Covid-19 disappears soon.

How many Sand Dunes in the USA?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
Great Sand Dunes National Park

By seeing at above image you might think it is a Middle East country scenery or Sahara Desert or other tropical countries view.

No, it is a Colorado image, the state I consider as one of northern part of USA with colder temperature.

The dunes called as “Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve” with area size is 603.1 km2 (232.9 mile2).

Many people come there to explore this desert, about a half million (500,000) visitors to explore the area every year.

What they have done in the desert? Some activities are:
- watching sky in the night
- observing cranes migration during Spring and Fall
- Sledding and Sand boarding
- Riding horse
- Hiking
- many mores

Then, How many Sand Dunes in the USA? At least, there are seven sand dunes include in Colorado. Other 6 sand deserts are:

- Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley, California
- Dumont Dunes, California
- Oregon Sand Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon
- Algodones Dunes, California
- The Outer Banks, North Carolina and Virginia.
- White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.

Have your state or country own sand dunes and deserts?

Did you Go to Groceries During Self Quarantine Periods? - Virus 8

Saturday, April 18, 2020
Sign to keep distance for 6 feet apart

We are in the order of “self quarantine” or stay at home almost in the 6th week in the USA (varied state by state).

Off course, we went outside for very important purposes, include to buy food from groceries and refill medicines from drug stores.

We went to the grocery three times only. At the first and second visits, we found crowd but hardly found the following items:

- hand sanitizers
- flour and baking yeasts
- canned foods
- soaps
- disinfectant
- toilet papers
- supplements (vitamin and minerals)

Empty buyers, but many items to buy.

It was might be due to panic buying and eagerness to stockpiles as many products as possible.

Third shopping was in the fifth week of stay at home order. Surprisingly, we found almost empty store, no shoppers outside and inside the grocery.

Luckily, the products sold are quite normal in term of quantity and variety, and we could easily spot the products in the our list. 

Fruit and vegetable.

We read from several mainstream medias, some favorites items in the recent weeks are:
- entertainments relate items include puzzles and games
- beard trimmers
- hair clippers
- hair color

We just focus on normal daily need such as food, fruit and vegetable. Yes, we are adding our list to Covid-19 protection relate items.

How about you? Did yo go shopping during stay at home periods? 

The Fastest Test for Covid-19 with 5 Minutes Result - Virus 7

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
T he new fastest test PCR machine based technology
(credit to Abbott)

Now, one of giant American health care companies, Abbot Laboratories developed new test devices called “ID Now Covid-19” for detection of Covid-19 infection.

The device is based on “real-time (RT) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology.” The technology is widely used for nucleic acids detection from virus.

Actually, two approaches to detect Covid-19:
- immuno-assays, test by detecting protein which is contained by virus
- moleculer (nucleic acid) tests to recognize genetic code of virus.

The “ID Now Covid-19” test is a machine with technology of nucleic acids to detect virus genetic code, especially for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The size is quite small, like toaster with weight of 6.6 pound (3 kg). Since it is small size and portable, then, every physician offices may have one in the near future.

Sample from nasal or throat passages

The simple procedures are following:
- A sample from passages of throat or nasal
- A sample then inserted into Abbot “ID Now Covid-19” test machine
- wait for several minutes.

The accuracy of test is higher compared to previous machines. Result may be known for several minutes:
- 5 minutes for a positive test
- 15 minutes for a negative test.

Hope, this kind of machine could provide the tests for who needs, not only in the USA but also all over the world.

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Why Small Lawn Mower Produces Smoke?

Sunday, April 12, 2020
Smoke comes out from machine

When I cut grass on my yard with my small lawn mower, the problems always the same:
- smokes come out
- when I stop the engine, then machine oil was leaking into filter or prime bulb

In case of cloud (smokes), it is said (from internet searching) few possibilities:
- Oil in the chamber is too much.
- Oil leaking when tilting the lawn mower to the filter or prime bulb
- engine is too hot.

Previously, whatever possibilities, I always face with two choices: bring it to a repairman or just simply buy a new one.

Since cost to fix machine almost equal to new one, I usually buy new one for several times.

My front yard

Recently, I found the answer why my lawn mower produces cloud, it is related to over full oil and leaking oil. 

I used to run the smoked engine until it stops, then re-start, stop, re-start it up and stop totally. 

But now, after stopping the smoked engine, I let the engine cooling down for a while. Draining some oil out. Check the oil level by available dipstick.

Drying the lawn mower under the sun for 15 minutes. Push red prime button for several times, and start the engine. It works

I am happy with my yard lawn mower now. I fixed the problem. Hope, it would work well at least for this year.