Push-Ups are Good for Our Health – Part 2

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fig 01- Just for illustration, two empty chairs

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- Push-Ups are Good for Our Health – Part 1

It is believed that push ups stimulate hormones production include testosterone at higher level.

This hormone is important for both men and women to maintain body health.

As suggested by Harrison Wein, Ph.D. (published in National Institute of Health, 2013), some important roles of testosterone for men:

- to regulate libido, fat distribution

- cause strength of muscle and bone

- effect on productions of sperm and red blood cells

Roles of testosterone for women may include:

- maintain growth

- repair reproductive tissues

- regulate bone mass

Fig 02- Jasmine flowers blooming

However, if your purpose to burn calories or loss weight, push-ups are not enough, actually.

Fig 03- A parking lot at night, illustration


100 push-ups burn 35 calories only.

Fig 04- Cloudy in autumn

To lose 1 pound per-week, we need to do push-ups at least 500 a day.

Thus, find other movements such as jogging or running that is among good sports to lose fat.

Fig 05- Falling leaves in the autumn

However, even it is simple movement, push up has greater positive effect on our health.

Then, the question is how many push-ups should we do everyday?

The answer is depend on the age.

It is suggested to do around 100 push-ups for people under 50, whereas more than 100 push-ups for people above 50 years old.

Why we do not do push-ups now?

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40 million Guests Sleep on Camping Sites in the USA – Part 2

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Fig 01- Camping site in the morning

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- 40 million Guests Sleep on Camping Sites in the USA – Part 1

Consumers spent around US$ 2.5 billion for variety of camping equipment, they are including:


-sleeping bags

-air beds



You should expect full of guests during summer seasons. No main ground to rise tent.

You might find crowd in the seasons of:

- Spring

- Fall

Fig 02- Hay in the corner, illustration

We may lucky enough to find small patch at edge of camping ground in the warmer seasons.

Fig 03- Decoration, illustration only.

The cooler the fewer people at camping sites.

However, Night stays are limited in camping sites belong to federal, states and local governments:

- up to 14 days at peak seasons

- up to 21 days for off season.

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Growing Some Sweet Fruits at Our Backyard – Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 22

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Fig 01- Our backyard orange

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- Growing Some Sweet Fruits at Our Backyard – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 22

Satsuma size is not big enough, easy to hold two oranges by hand. The skin is oily and not thick, so easy to be peeled up.

I myself could consume up 10 oranges per-day.

Sure, we can find Satsuma or any kind of oranges in the market. Our favorite place is farmer market.

The oranges grow well in the southern parts (parishes) in our state, Louisiana.

Because of our state characterizes by hot temperature, it is might equal to orange origin.

The oranges are believed come from two countries:

- Japan

- China

Fig 02- Sign of farmer market

Some houses of our neighborhood have this kind of orange trees. It seems easy to maintain.

Fig 03- Oranges are sold in a Walmart grocery

Satsuma seasons in our areas from October to December every year. At this time, we can find oranges sold in the:

- farmer markets

- groceries

- supermarkets

Fig 04- Autumn at corner of nearby areas

In addition to fruit, we planted several types of trees:

- maple

- redbud tree

- oriental Magnolia

- Parsley Hawthorne

- arrowwood

- inkberry

- fetterbush

- mini palm tree

Trees made temperature cooling down during hot summer.

Fig 05- My backyard at midday.

Moreover, I am doing exercises and jogging at backyard every morning, except raining.

In hot summer, exercise little bit at dawn or late afternoon. Jogging in between of fresh air with fresh fruit at the garden.

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Push-Ups are Good for Our Health – Part 1

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Push-ups, credit to GMB fitness

Push-up is simple movements (exercises) that works for two arms, shoulders and chest.

This simple exercises have many benefits, some of them are:

- muscle strength

- improve cardiovascular system

- increase testosterone hormone

- and slow osteoporosis development.

When we push up, our biceps get stretching, on the opposite, our back muscles stretching when we lower to the floor.

Stretching of muscles will improve:

- our health

- flexibility

- vitality

- and even prevent injuries.


An autumn tree, illustration

In term of cardiovascular system, push-ups improve the ability of the heart to deliver blood with rich of oxygen.

Thus, this simple exercise promote heart health, and might reduce body fat.

# To be continued to part 2

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40 million Guests Sleep on Camping Sites in the USA – Part 1

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Fig 01- Camping site in the night

In my opinion that at least there 3 types of camping grounds in the America, they are:

- camping sites for tents

- camping parks for Recreational Vehicle (RV)

- combines of sites for tents and RV

About 4,300 camping grounds belong to the United States Forest Service (USFS). This is a federal agency under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

They manage about 193,000,000 (193 million) acres of land. We can find the best camping areas in all states of America in their websites..

In respect to camping parks for RV that the parks owned by private companies (individuals) and by states:

- around 13,000 parks belong to private

- states administer about 1,600 parks

Fig 02- Entrance to camping site in New Mexico

Fig 03- Autumn’s tree, illustration only

Across USA, there are around 40 million people use camping sites as their temporary rest during travels by private cars each year.

The camping activities create a lot of revenue, more than US$ 5.8 billion of park and camping ground.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Growing Some Sweet Fruits at Our Backyard – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 22

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Fig 01- Orange at backyard

We have a quite comfortable backyard with around 30 x 25 square meter size.

Enjoyable to grow several kinds of fruit, they are:

- Satsuma "Mandarin" Orange

- lemon squash trees

- straw berry

- and black berry.

The sweetest fruit is Satsuma "Mandarin" Orange.

Since a Satsuma tree is self pollinating, so we can have one tree only to get harvesting.

The orange starts to ripe in the early fall season (around September) every year.

My single tree could produce hundred of Satsuma oranges per year during last 6 years.

Fig 02- The sweet oranges

Fig 03- Storage at backyard

We got free natural vitamin C during fall season until early winter.

So fresh.

Moreover, about our backyard, at a corner, there is a small house (function as a storage).

In front of it, a swing and small table for afternoon coffee or tea. A cup of coffee together with cake and Satsuma orange is afternoon menu until middle of autumn, where temperature is not cold yet.

# To be continued to Part 2

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What Habit may Contribute to Diabetes? - Diabetes 27

Monday, November 8, 2021

This post is summary of several readings, include:

- Lipla Nagi, 2015. Six bad habits that put you at risk for diabetes.

- Donna SM, et al, 2014. Behavioral Contributions to the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes.

Magnolia flowers in the last spring

There are some habits could caused diabetes, they are:

1) Stay until late night (until morning) leads to development of diabetes.

- The 8 hours sleep will not set off development.

- However, late night disrupts sleep quality that lead to bad metabolism, then affect to blood sugar regulation.

2. Using of plastic wrap may cause insulin resistance:

- thus increased risk of diabetes, especially for children.

3.Avoid sun in longer period may increase risk of diabetes.

- It is because lack of sun lead to vitamin D deficiency, then decrease pancreases ability to produce insulin.

Falling tree, just for illustration

4.Too much sitting may increase risk of diabetes.

- One hour sitting will increase risk by 4%.

- Sitting may cause storage of visceral fat, thus reduce insulin sensibility.

5.Skip breakfast may cause hungry at late morning, thus increase risk of type 2 diabetes.

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