The Ways in “Caching” for Speeding Up Web Server – Part 3

Sunday, February 27, 2022

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Fig 01- Spring, painted by David Hockney

By configuration file, we have several following advantages:

- web easily accessed

- shorter time to access

- built-in validation mechanisms for both the schema and the form

- and XML in the configuration becomes much more intelligible.

However, there is no the best way to implement cache strategy, so there is possibility to set up catching by mistake.

 Fig 02- Mask, for illustration only

Fig 03- Garage sales at neighborhood, illustration

Fig 04- Felled trees by David Hockney

The wrong set up means browser not able to validate the cached content. Another possibility that page could load wrong content.

In case of hacking the caching server, all users will get negative impacts on their computers.

Several other disadvantages:

- more expensive

- data are stored temporarily

- store capacity not that much

- less proxy updating

- data may loss due to shutdown of computer

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Why Turtles Produce almost All Female Hatchlings Recently? - Part 1

Thursday, February 24, 2022
When I was walking with my dad in remote beaches in the tropical country along long time ago, we found turtle eggs in the beaches sometimes.

Off course eggs are hiding in the nests within the sands.

Fig 01- A turtle crossed a little garden, illustration

Number of sea turtle eggs could reach about 200 eggs at one time, but, the number depend very much on species.

As examples, number of eggs at one time from 3 different species:

- Flatback turtle, about 50 eggs

- Leatherback sea turtle, about 110 eggs

- Hawkbill turtle, about 200 eggs

After incubation of 60 days, we did not know the natural sex ratio of male and female turtle hatch-lings.

Fig 02- Just for illustration

Fig 03 – Eggs of sea turtle (credit to Plumlee Gulf Beach Realty)

Fig 04- A shy turtle in the garden

We just guessed equally the same with little bit higher for females as other animals on the earth.

It is stunning to know that scientists found new hatch-lings to have almost all females sex identity in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.


Naturally, temperature decide sex ratio of turtles, higher temperature means female more.

On the contrary, lower temperature will cause plenty of males than females turtles.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Talented Students to Display Their Paintings – Part 1 - Art 4

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

I noticed there are no art gallery or show in public spaces during more than one year of Covid 19 pandemic.

The pandemic makes everybody almost “crazy.”

Fig 01- The sign of student art show.

Recently, our city library showed paintings of talented students. These students come from:

- elementary

- middle school

- high school.

In this posting, I just focus on paintings by high school students, I may post paintings of elementary and middle school students by next times.

The chosen paintings from talented students are displayed on entrance wall of library. 

Fig 02- Skate, painted by Bailey Steven

Some paintings have price tags.

How much the price?

Fig 03- Science and art, Tiffany Pham

Many of them just about US$ 50. Few are couple hundred dollars.

In the last 5 years, we bought one painting only. Good painting from a high school student.

Then, Tiffany Pham’s painting is one of painting examples from a typical high school student at a recent art show.

She tried to describe the power of brain to create city, agriculture and art (music) through her painting.

Other paintings are quite representing of human beings. About their daily interest and activities.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Vaccinated but Mask Up - Sign 2

Friday, February 18, 2022

300 million or more Americans have been vaccinated as of today, and positive cases of Covid 19 have been decreased very much.

With these facts, people should back to normal without masks.

Fig 01- People need to wear mask

However, in entrance of one of our city parks, we saw a big sign:

Mask Up, Baton Rouge!

Until recently, face masks are required in many public spaces include:

- library

- traditional shops or ethnic groceries

- farmer markets

- book stores

- super markets

- banks

- drug stores

Fig 02- Sunset in the corner of our city

Fig 03- Mini palm tree in the bush.

Fig 04- One corner of city at night

We saw “crowd” in many places, but, yes, almost all are wearing mask and have social distances.

Moreover, in our city as of today, people are not encouraged to visit love ones in the following public facilities:

- hospital

- nursing home

- skilled nursing facility

- other residential care facilities

How about in your places or cities?

Are people required to wear mask until today?

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The Ways in “Caching” for Speeding Up Web Server – Part 2

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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Figure 01- Caching through HTTP (source: BetterExplained, 2007)

In addition, the meta tag (refresh) is also used to redirect the customers from one Web page to another.

The second method for “caching” is “Programmatically setting HTTP headers (CGI scripts etc.).”

This second method is useful for CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts that output dynamic data.

How catching through HTTP could improve web server performance could be seen at Figure 01 above.

Fig 02- Carolina basswood, baby trees

Fig 03- American hornbeam, baby trees

Fig 04- Poinsettias, indoor flowers

From above Figure (please the Figure 01 again), we will understand the sequences that:

- browser request to get index.html

- then web server searching

- the respond from server is providing file request

- the last step that browser display the files.

The last method is “through web server configuration files or httpd.conf.”

Then, what are the advantages of file configuration?

# To be continued to Part 3

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Do you Favor to Certain Chicken Egg Colors? - Part 2

Saturday, February 12, 2022

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what is the most common egg color?

Fig 01- Eggs produced by a nearby family farming

The answer is White, especially in the big grocery such as Walmart

We might observe some other colors such as:

- brown

- green

- blue- green

- cream

- pink

- blue

- chocolate brown

Fig 02- Chicken as a pet

Fig 03- Eggs are ready to be consumed.

In addition to genetic, eggs colors are added by pigment called as “Porphyrins.” This pigment is produced from uterus of hen.

Hence, colors of eggs don’t cause the different of the taste and nutritional values of eggs.

In case, we might find the slightly different in taste and egg’s nutritional values, it could be caused by other several factors such as hen’s diet and the ways to raise the hens.

Do you favor to certain egg colors?


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Hawks to Control Rats at Neighborhood - Critters 1

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Hawks are seen frequently in our neighborhood, they fly low and between houses, not over the houses.

The sharped shinned hawks are common hawks in our state, Louisiana. However, we saw they visit bird feeders at backyard at certain period.

Fig 01- A hawk on fence at our neighborhood

In addition to the sharped shinned, Louisiana has other type of hawks, they include:
- cooper hawk
- red tailed hawk
- red shoulder hawk
- broad wing hawk
- Swainson's hawk
- Osprey

Fig 02- Bird feathers on the road

It seems the predators are quite adapted to our city or neighborhood life. They may find natural food easily.

Fig 03- A hawk backyard

Our friends believe that the hawks are coming to control rats at the neighborhoods.

Fig 04- A hawk at our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, these predators also attacking, preying and hurting some other small animals such as:
- songbirds that come to visit our bird feeders at backyard.
- baby squirrels
- small pets (cats and dogs)
- chickens
- rabbits
- frogs

Actually, hawks consume everything, even snakes, insects and lizards. 

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Zinnia Flower and Vincent Van Gogh – Part 2 - Art 3

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Fig 01- Vase with Zinnia, painted by Van Gogh (1886)

What interesting for me is that Zinnia flower depicted by Van Gogh. In nature, Zinnia has 13 different species.

Several popular Zinnias to grow are:

- Purple Prince

- Queen Red Lime

- Aztec Sunset

- Red Spider

- Early Wonder

- Queen Lime

Fig 02- Sky after raining, just for illustration

Zinnia flowers are native to American continent, spreading from USA to some part of Latin America.

Fig 03- Zinnia, painted by Van Gogh.

The flowers are easily found in the countries or areas such as:

- Southwestern United States

- Mexico

- and Central America

Fig 04- Poppy flowers, painted by Van Gogh

This flower of Zinnia is quite popular around the globe now days, and to be gardens flowers.

Since Zinnia riches in nectar, the flowers attract many pollinators:

- butterflies

- hummingbirds

- ladybugs

- Japanese Beetles

- wasps

It might be the reason, Zinnia flowers to be a must plant in the gardens in many countries.

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