Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp in Our Neighborhood – Critter 17

Friday, September 30, 2022

I was stung by this insect when I visited a park long time ago. Unexpectedly, the insect was found on the ground (floor) near by our house recently.

Fig 01- Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp.

After searching through internet, the insect name is “Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp” with scientific name Sphecius speciosus.

Actually, the wasp comes from Eastern part of USA that why called as Eastern Wasps. They are abundant in the states such as:

- New Jersey

- Rhode Island

- Delaware

- and Connecticut

Fig 02- Wonder what happen to wasp

Fig 03- Wasp seems crawling on the floor

They migrate to Louisiana about at the end of summer (July to August). Since the insect is solitary, it is common to find this wasp fly alone.

Beneficial this predator to environment that it could control population of other insect called as cicadas.

Not because of its disturbing sound, but cicadas may cause plant damages in such ways:

- cicadas deposit their eggs, could be hundreds into weed’s or grass’s stems

- sap twigs of trees

Have you ever found this kind of wasp in nature?

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Waking up after Sleeping for 24,000 years – Part 2

Monday, September 26, 2022

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Fig 01- Carnivorous plant, illustration

After waking up to live, the bdelloid rotifer is able to reproduce multiple times by asexually manner.

Interestingly, in respect to evolution, this freshwater invertebrate had avoided sex for about 80 million years.

You can see movements of several bdelloid rotifers from “Youtube” videos available through internet.

They look “very happy” after very long slept.

Fig 02- Bdelloid rotifer (a), egg (b) and c.chromosome (credit to bioRxiv).

Asexual reproduction in the bdelloid rotifer called as parthenogenesis in which there is no need fertilization.

Fig 03- The bdelloid rotifer
(credit to AccuWeather/ Soil Cryology Laboratory)

In other words that It is means without fertilization or asexual: eggs develop to embryo, then become “baby” rotifers.

The bdelloid rotifer is commonly found in the aquatic environments everywhere such as:

- rivers

- streams

- lakes

- and ponds

Finally, do you know this kind of organism?

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Two States of USA are Legal for Texting and Driving – Sign 20

Friday, September 23, 2022

I thought all 50 states of America ban or illegal to do texting and driving, but my guessed is pretty wrong.

Fig 01- Sign to “park your phone” while driving.

I just understand after searching through Google that 48 of 50 states have laws to ban text messaging and driving.

This ban also include in District of Columbia (D.C, US capital, Washington) area and other US territories:

- Guam

- the U.S. Virgin Islands

- Puerto Rico

So, we might be wonder: what are two states “allowing” texting while driving?

Fig 02- Traffic in our area

Fig 03- Road in the early morning

Two states that “allowing” texting and driving are:

- Missouri

- Montana

However, in case of Missouri, there is “prohibition” for texting and driving at certain ages: drivers at 21 years old or younger. If caught by polices, they will get US$ 200 penalty.

Hence, Montana is the only state in the USA which has no laws to ban or prohibit texting and driving

What do you think?

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Blooming of Freesia Flowers – Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 25

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Fig 01- Flowers in shaded areas

In addition to common colors such as red, yellow, white and purple, we may find other colors that are:

- blue

- pink

- white

- cream

- lavender

- orange

Fig 02- A plant, just illustration

The flowers are blooming during summer in the USA, and many varieties are used for cut flowers.

Fig 03- Blooming of Freesia

Live duration for cut flower is depended on colors, they could reach more than 3 weeks in vases for certain colors such as: blue, white and yellow. It is said that white and yellow is longer life span than other Freesia colors.

Just for comparison that flower called Laceleaf (Anthurium) may reach 42 days (6 weeks) in the vases.

Chrysanthemum flowers may reach 28 days (4 weeks) as a cut flower. Other flowers just less 28 days life span in the vases.

What color of Freesia flowers do you like?

What kind of smell do you love?

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A Blonde Squirrel at Our Backyard – Critter 16

Saturday, September 17, 2022

I never seen other than gray or “red brown” or brown squirrels at our backyard or neighborhoods. Commonly is brown fur.

Fig 01- A blonde squirrel climbs tree

In fact, there are only two species of squirrels in our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they are:

- gray squirrel with scientific name Sciurus carolinensis.

- and fox squirrels, Sciurus niger.

Gray refers its color, gray or grey. Fox squirrel has “red brown” or brown fur. The brown might combine with white or black on nose and head.

So, what is species of blonde squirrel?

Fig 02- Myrtle trees at a corner

Fig 03- A fox squirrel at city park

I searched through internet, the result that this kind of “blonde” squirrel was found in some places such as in:

- North Central Austin, Texas

- Florida, Wisconsin and Michigan

Since our city, and even state has only two species of squirrel, so, blonde squirrel is not new species, no.

It is highly possibility that it is a new breed of mutant squirrel. The squirrels might be lack of some pigments.

Have you seen blonde or albino squirrels in nature?

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Demanding of Tofu was Increasing During Covid 19 Pandemic – Part 2 – Food Variety 21

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Fig 01- Tofu curry, one of popular dishes

Tofu is not bad choice for many people, include me, since it has high nutrition values such as:

- protein

- fiber

- vitamins

- minerals

How is Tofu processed from soybeans?

Fig 02- Fried Tofu, ready to consume

This food is actually fermented food, the making process is similar to cheese. The differences are:

- tofu was fermented from soy milk (made from soybeans).

- cheese from milks of cows, goats or other mammals.

Fig 03- Tofu with dice slices

In addition to nutrition riches, Tofu contains:

- no cholesterol

- gluten free

- lower saturated fat

- lower calories

Since getting popular, tofu is a billion dollar industry now. Both in the USA and world markets.

Do you know tofu?

Have you tasted it?

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Herbs Show at Our City Park – Sign 19

Friday, September 9, 2022

I have posted one of signs in our city park. The sign was about “green bridges.” You may read the previous post:

- Green Bridges for Plants and Pollinators – Sign 11 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Fig 01- Sign of Herb society

The park hosted herbs and plants show from Herb Society of America, Baton Rouge Unit, just recently.

As you might know that the herb society is nonprofit organization. The Baton Rouge unit has missions to promote herb in terms of:

- knowledge

- use

- sharing experiences

- educational and research

Fig 02- Gingers, use for medical and cooking purposes

Fig 03- Several kinds of Herbs for sale

The herb society displays and sell plenty of herb and plants for many purposes include in:

- cooking

- medicine

- beauty products

- and many others

We love ginger as seasoning for our traditional cooking. Some of our friends use ginger for medicines to reduce headaches, flu, nausea and many others.

Have you use herbs for any purposes?

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