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We Have Seen Jumping Worms in Louisiana – Critter 7

Monday, May 23, 2022

As you might read or watch or listen about “jumping worms” in many mainstream medias that this invasive worm has spread to 34 states or more in the USA.

Fig 01- Jumping worm in the garden.

You probably know, the scary things of the worms that they could:

- consume soil, then turn the soil into ground coffee like

- exhausting soil nutrients

- making soil can’t hold water

If there are plenty of jumping worms, can you imagine what happen to your farms or garden?

Fig 02- We could find the worms in this kind of place

Fig 03- The worm in our area

The worms are believed come from East Asia, probably Japan and Korea. Worms came to America around 1900’s.

Yes, we have found this worm in our state, Louisiana. Worms invade other states as well, they include:

- Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin.

- Missouri, Illinois, Kansas.

- Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa.

- Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Indiana.

Have you seen this worm in your state or country?

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Green Lizard on the Window Screen – Critter 6

Saturday, May 14, 2022

During spring and summer, we always see the green lizards on the our window or door screens.

They seem catch insects fly nearby or crawling on the screens.

Fig 01- Green lizard shedding its skin

We didn’t know where the lizard come from. After observing quite a while, the lizards are living in our backyard.

Our state, Louisiana, has two species of green lizard, they are Green anole and Brown anole:

1) Green anole

- live in tree, able to climb trunks and branches

- we may found on the leaves of flowers.

Fig 02- Garden in the city

Fig 03- Little green lizard on a leaf of the plant

2) Brown anole

- live on the ground

- we never seen this species in our yard.

So far, we found Green anole only in our yards. The lizard also called as false chameleons due to their less able to camouflage.

The size is different between male and female of green lizard (Phil Purser, April 10, 2014: Green Anole Care Sheet):

- maximum size of male is 8 inches (20 cm)

- female could reach 5 inches (13 cm)

Have you seen green lizard in your garden?

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Goslings at the Neighborhood Lake – Critters 5

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

We have several lakes at our neighborhood area, one of them is called as “the lower lake.”

The size is not so big, but beautiful in my opinion.

Fig 01- Sleepy goslings

People come for walking, jogging or just watching wildlife around the lake. Crowd on Saturday and Sunday.

Canadian geese are pretty much in number. We easily spot them play around at our neighborhood.

Actually, they are “migrant refugees” from Canada or from some Northern states of America.

These geese avoid freezing temperature during winter seasons, and plenty of them have tried to adapt in Southern states of America.

Fig 02- A couple of geese

Fig 03- You may see “a little crocodile”

Fig 04- Look little closer of “crocodile”

Fig 05- Geese seem watching visitors

Fig 06- A couple might worry

Canadian geese have favorite locations, and they love to make nest on the sites such as:

- elevated areas

- top of little hills

- in the bushes and around lakes

Geese produce around 5 eggs per breeding season. Incubation period is about 28 days.

I think like other fowls that during incubation, female geese will not leave her nest for eating or other reasons.

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Our Nearby Neighborhood was Visited by Alligators – Critters 4

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

At previous post, we know that Louisiana has the most alligator compared to other states in the USA.

About 3 million alligators (wild and farming) are estimated living in the state of Louisiana.

Fig 01- An alligator in the canal

Hence, it is not surprise if we may encounter alligators in the areas such as:

- ditch

- canal

- small river

- pond

- lakes

- swamps

Yes, the areas might close or far from our neighborhood.

Fig 02- A lake in the city with cloudy cloud

Fig 03- A place might be loved by alligators

Fig 04- At least two alligators seen in the canal.

In case we have been faced with an alligator, can we call Wildlife and fishery services for help?

My neighbors said that no!

We can’t contact department of Wildlife and fishery for just see an alligator or alligators in our area.

They will come if an alligator bites or attacks someone. Then, they will relocate the alligator.

Before that happen, what we can do is to remind our neighborhood.

Finally, can you see how many alligators at Fig-04 above?

I saw two!

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Squirrels Population in our Neighborhood – Critters 3

Thursday, March 24, 2022

I just feel wild squirrels are less and less coming to our backyard at least in the last five years.

There are plenty possible reasons off course.

Fig 01- A squirrel on the fence

One important reason might relate to the fact that we never feed them anymore, since we worry the wild squirrels will lack of ability to find food naturally later on.

Other facts, our neighborhood trees infected by fungi diseases, then we cut them down.

As you know that some trees are source of natural foods and shelters for squirrels and many animals.

Then, what other factors may lead to decreasing of squirrel population?

Fig 02- Falling tree, just for illustration

Fig 03- Trees in neighborhood

Fig 04- A dead squirrel at roadside.

Dead is one of factors which may lead to reducing of squirrel population. Several cause of dying are:

- diseases

- poisoning

- electrick shock

- trauma from falling

- predation

In respect to predation, a squirrel especially a baby squirrel is a target of hawk in our neighborhood:

- Hawks to Control Rats at Neighborhood - Critters 1

In addition, we always find dead squirrels on the roads due to hit by cars recently.

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A Little dog on the Street – Critters 2

Saturday, March 12, 2022

 We have routine jogging or walking either in the morning or afternoon, depend very much on weather.

We saw this little cute “critter” recently at our neighborhood.

Fig 01- She just crossing the street.

It seemed lost. Unfortunately, she has no a pet collar. As you know that a collar is important for dogs.

A collar may contain crucial information such as:

- identification

- address

- owner cell phone number sometimes

- or other information concerning dogs

Fig 02- She stares at anyone

Fig 03- The little dog runs away

Fig 04- She plays a plastic

Since no collar or information tag, we don’t know the owner of the dog to be contacted.

Unfortunately! Hope this buddy will be OK.

In addition to contain crucial information, a collar could be guiding of dog movement.

Other positive things for by wearing a collar:

- dogs feel comfortable than distress

- secure

Now days, there is a collar with a remote control and an electronic receiver to stop a dog from too much barking.

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Hawks to Control Rats at Neighborhood - Critters 1

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Hawks are seen frequently in our neighborhood, they fly low and between houses, not over the houses.

The sharped shinned hawks are common hawks in our state, Louisiana. However, we saw they visit bird feeders at backyard at certain period.

Fig 01- A hawk on fence at our neighborhood

In addition to the sharped shinned, Louisiana has other type of hawks, they include:
- cooper hawk
- red tailed hawk
- red shoulder hawk
- broad wing hawk
- Swainson's hawk
- Osprey

Fig 02- Bird feathers on the road

It seems the predators are quite adapted to our city or neighborhood life. They may find natural food easily.

Fig 03- A hawk backyard

Our friends believe that the hawks are coming to control rats at the neighborhoods.

Fig 04- A hawk at our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, these predators also attacking, preying and hurting some other small animals such as:
- songbirds that come to visit our bird feeders at backyard.
- baby squirrels
- small pets (cats and dogs)
- chickens
- rabbits
- frogs

Actually, hawks consume everything, even snakes, insects and lizards. 

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