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100% of Gibraltar Adult Population had been Vaccinated – Virus 38

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fig 01- Mountain and sky view. Illustration only

Yes, Gibraltar is a small territory in respect to size and population. But, there are about 10 million tourist visit this British Overseas Territory per year.

In addition to tourism industry, Gibraltar economics depends very much on resources of:

- bank and finance
- ship repairing
- online gaming
- tobacco

Hence, even single cases of Covid 19 in tourist destinations, they will hesitate to visit to those areas.

Indeed, tourism and service industries almost collapse in Gibraltar during pandemic:

- declining visitors
- empty duty free shops, restaurants and hotels

What a Gibraltar government did?   

Fig 02- Crowd without face masks recently 
(credit to SLATE/ Getty Images)

Fig 03- White magnolia flower

Gibraltar government vaccinated the cititizens, since small population just about 35,000 and no “anti-vaccine (anti vaxxer)” movement:
- all adult population had been vaccinated quickly.

The results?

Zero new cases and death of Covid 19.

People start to socialize without masks anymore, like before pandemic:

- crowd in the streets
- shop and market are visited by many people.
- economics seem move on, even not in full speed yet.

The most important thing that it is proven fact:
- higher rate of vaccinated population, then will lead to lower cases of infection and death.

May an Organism has both Female and Male Sexes?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fig 01- A bee collects flower’s nectar

At previous posts, we have talk about possible sex traits in organisms such as birds and turtles:
- Health and Dynamic Life: Why Turtles Produce almost All Female Hatchlings Recently? - Nature and Wildlife 10.

As reported by Jason Bittel in National Geographic (August 5, 2020) that a beekeeper spotted “a bee” which has both female and male sex organs.


Gynandromorph is a scientific term refers to this kind of organisms (own both male and female traits).

As you might know that there are 3 types of bees in nature:

- queen
- workers
- drones

Fig 02- One of favorite flowers to bees

Fig 03- Source of foods for bees

Queen bee is the same with worker bees in respect to sex traits that all are females.

Drones are male bees, another different with a worker bee that drones have:

- larger compound eyes
- no stings.

All bees: queen, workers and drones have similar eyes:

- normal size of eyes.
- black eyes

A bee which has both male and female sexes has:

- abnormal size of eyes
- creamy yellow peepers eyes

Why could this happen?

The answer is: a genetic mutation!

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Have you Tried to Drink Chai Tea? - Food Variety 11

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Fig 01- Chai tea also for lip balm, just for illustration

Sure, there are plenty of tea’s brand, but Lipton is a tea brand which always in my mind.

I drink tea every day, hot tea in the colder seasons (fall, winter and spring), and iced tea during hot summer.

Depend on the sources of readings, it is said that there are at least 6 types of teas (Science Learning Hub, 2013). They are:

- black

- green

- white

- yellow

- oolong

- post-fermented

As far as I remember, I mainly drink black and green tea of Lipton. In addition to colors, the processing steps could produce tea variations in terms of form and taste.

Fig 02- Chai tea ingredients for lip balm, illustration

In respect to countries, there are four well known countries of tea productions and traditions:

- Japan (Macha tea)

- China

- India (Darjeeling tea)

- UK (English breakfast tea)

Fig 03- Icy leaves, just for illustration.

In addition, China has many different types of teas:

- black tea

- green tea

- Oolong

- White tea

- Pu Erh

- Biluochun

- Longjing tea.

Chai tea is a beverage tea comes from India. A kind of milk tea, black tea boiled in the milk with spices flavor. The spices and sweetened may include:

- star anise

- cardamom

- cinnamon

- sugar

- honey

The tea is believed has many health benefits such as:

- reduce stress

- regulate cholesterol

- improve digestion

- and even to prevent cancer.

Do you have specific favorite of tea? What kind of tea?

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Can We Find Flesh Eating Bacteria in Swimming Pool? - Microorganisms 2

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Pond and fountain, just for illustration

Flesh eating bacteria caused infection called as Necrotizing fasciitis, infection on tissues under our skin.

Infections of bacteria may lead to:

- partly tissues are died

- amputations

- death in very rare cases

The bacteria are included in group of Streptococcus, and they are found in a quite wide range environment of:

- freshwater

- brackish water

- marine water

The Streptococcus bacteria are well known to cause diseases relate to:

- soft tissue infections

- skin diseases

- strep throat

A backyard, illustration only

The question, then: Can We Find Flesh Eating Bacteria in Swimming Pool?

The answer is YES.

It is because swimming pool generally use freshwater. One of common places for flesh eating bacteria.

Thus, bacteria can live in many freshwater environments such as:

- a lake

- a river

- water parks

- might be in the hot tubs

How to avoid flesh eating bacteria?

Simple answer is that just avoid to swim if we have scrapes or open cut on our skin. Using waterproof bandages might be helpful.

Take care! 

Icy in my Neighborhood during Recently Snow Storm

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Fig 01- Snow in the jogging track area

Hundred millions people across America have experienced “deadly” snow storm. Temperature below zero Celsius degree during second week of February 2021.

Almost all southern states to brace more icy and frigid temperature than normal February each year, the states include:

- Texas

- Louisiana

- Mississippi

- Alabama.

Our city, Baton Rouge, temperature reached -8 C (18 F) degree. This is our first time experienced to face lower temperature in the Southern state.

The storm caused several problems in our neighborhood and city:

- power outage

- no water supply

- roads block

- grocery stores are closed

Fig 02- Ice on all branches of tree

Many our neighbors have no electricity more than 50 hours since Monday, 15 February 2021.

Fig 03- Branches fall down on the street.

No signs of light until Wednesday afternoon, 17 February 2021. We don’t know until when.

Few neighbors had to leave because it was too cold inside and they don’t have a fire place inside their houses.

Since our neighborhoods have different grids, we and several neighbors are lucky to have light and water supply during snow storms and until today.

How about with your cities? Have your cities snow storm?

Do you Consume Raw Radish? - Food Variety 10

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Beautiful red Radish

I just noticed this “pretty” vegetable in the grocery recently. I though the Radishes were fruit, but they are “root” vegetable.

Look like tomatoes in terms of color (red), shape (round or irregular) and size from far distance.

The Radish is one of members from Brassicaceae family, among other vegetables include in this family are:

- kale

- cabbage

- kohlrabi

- Brussels sprout

- mustard

- collard green

- horseradish

- turnip

- rutabaga

Radishes with their leaves

Based on information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) link ( that radish was native to China.

In the ancient times, this root plants then distributed to the regions or countries such as:

- Egypt

- Greece

- Rome

Radishes is low calories food, about 19 calories pe cup (128 gram). They are believed rich in:

- vitamin (C and B2)

- minerals (calcium, potassium and manganese)

Many people consume raw radishes by slicing them, and then mix with others vegetable for salad.

Some people cook radishes to lower their hot spicy flavor, so people can eat a lot of this vegetable.

Do you eat radish? Raw or cooked?

May Covid 19 Reduce Men’s Fertility? - Virus 36

Monday, February 1, 2021

Plants in front a house, just for illustration

Men’s fertility mainly relates to sperm accounts, sperm movement and semen quality (Mayo Clinic, 2021).

It is believed the male fertility is decreasing globally due to many causes, include:

- exposure to pesticides

- obesity

- smoking

- stress

- exposure to chemical substances

- certain infections and illness

- lifestyle factors

Then, the question: May Covid 19 Reduce Men’s Fertility?


Based on study published in the Journal Reproduction, then reported by CNN on January 29, 2021

One of corner in the city garden

People who infected by Sars Cov 2 virus (corona virus) may affect on their fertility.

Based on primary observation to groups of fertile men with and without corona virus infections, then, the result shows that virus lead to impair of:

- sperm quality

- semen quality

The more serious infections, the lower sperm quality, thus higher possibility to reduce men fertility.

Even this is early observations, the findings make researchers to concern.

Take care!!  

Chocolate Covered Strawberry from Neighborhood – Food Variety 9

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fig 01- Strawberries covered by chocolate decorations

From internet searches, the prices of Chocolate Covered Strawberries are very varies. No price below US$ 1 each.

The most common prices range from US$ 15 to US$ 25 per a half dozen (6 pieces). Quite expensive for me.

Our neighborhood sells Chocolate Covered Strawberries with little bit lower than market prices, but still expensive for me:

- a half dozen (6 pieces) for $12; and a dozen (12 pieces) for $24

- a half dozen (6 pieces) for $15 infused with alcohol; a dozen (12 pieces) for $30 infused with alcohol.

I wonder, why are Chocolate Covered Strawberries so expensive?

The reasons might relate to:

- public perception as a “luxury” goods.

- highly demand

- chocolate is shorten life, thus, must be removed from store shelves quicker.

Fig 02- Chocolate covered three strawberries

Chocolates are good to keep them in the refrigerator, but it is no problem for 10 hours at room temperature.

Fig 03- several designs of chocolate covered strawberries.

In addition to strawberries, other fruits are suitable as well to be covered by chocolates.

Slices of some fruits which could be covered by chocolates:

- figs

- pears

- banana

- mango

- any other sweet fruits.

Have you tasted chocolate covered strawberry or any other fruit? What do you think?

Virulence of Covid 19 Variants in Japan – Virus 35

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pretty Bougain villae bonsai

When I am writing this post, there are very said facts about Covid 19 in the world and other countries. 93.8 million cases, and 2.01 million deaths in the world

Top 5 countries with cases and deaths (from several sources as of January 16, 2021) are following:

- 23.6 million cases, and 393,000 deaths in the USA

- 10.5 million cases, and 152,000 deaths in India

- 8.39 million cases, and 208,000 deaths in Brazil

- 3.84 million cases, and 63,558 deaths in Russia

- 3.32 million cases, and 87,295 deaths in UK

However, the threaten of new variant of Covid 19 virus creates the condition even worst while inoculation of vaccines just start in many places.

First, the UK’s variant, then South Africa, and lately was from Japan. The question then :

How dangerous those new variants?  

Red chili from backyard

What we know about UK and South Africa Covid 19 variants until now:

- much more dangerous than original strains

- more transmissible

- mutations occurred to “spike protein”

What we know about Japan Covid 19 variants until today:

- Japan strain comes from Brazil

- higher infectiousness

- mutations not only to spike protein, but also on the variant ability to evade of our immune system memory.

Good news that the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine ables to fight effectively the UK and South Africa Covid 19 (Sars Cov 2) variants.

However, studies are underway to observe whether any vaccines will work to fight virus variants in Japan.

If not, we might need to upgrade our current vaccines. Hope, we will know soon.