Do You Know that Plants can Memorize Information? - Part 2

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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Fig 01- The plant with green and red leaves

Since plants have no brain, their ability to store “expertise” in weeks, even two months is beyond amazing.

Orchids have ability to trick insects, hence orchid called as a “clever” plant. They produce chemicals similar to female insects pheromones.

Pheromones is a wind borne chemical. This “aromatic” may affect on other insects behaviors.

Chemical combinations or concentrations of Pheromones stimulate pollinators to do pollination.

Fig 02- White flowers, just for illustration

In addition to Pheromones, many pollinators are attracted by orchid because of nectar and mimic foods.

Fig 03- An orchid, sold at Walmart

The number of insects includes:

- bees

- wasps

- flies

- ants

- birds

- moths

- butterflies

Do you know or aware a kind of smart plants around you?

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Is It Difficult to Study Art History? - Part 1 - Art 5

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Art is a piece of work based on internal hopes, wishes, dreams and feelings with outside world.

Piece of work may be created on chosen medium.

Fig 01- A woman in beret, painted by Pablo Picasso

Since, it has medium, thus work of art could be seen (with naked eye), “smell” by nose and even be touched by our hands.

In addition, art is work of beauty too, thus, we can feel and interpret that piece of work.

As an example, since a painting could be touched (its medium), then, we may feel and interpret its beauty.


Fig 02- Floral encounter, painted by Manuela Karin Knaut

Fig 03- Sculpture of Laocoon and his sons

Interpretation could be far cross time limit (hundred years ago or “travel” to the future time, unlimited and unseen very far time ahead).

My weakness in study art history is difficulty to understand the meaning of piece of art in context of history.

I need to read over and over to understand history context of some pieces of art.

What are examples of art pieces which are required to be interpreted in history context?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Squirrels Population in our Neighborhood – Critters 3

Thursday, March 24, 2022

I just feel wild squirrels are less and less coming to our backyard at least in the last five years.

There are plenty possible reasons off course.

Fig 01- A squirrel on the fence

One important reason might relate to the fact that we never feed them anymore, since we worry the wild squirrels will lack of ability to find food naturally later on.

Other facts, our neighborhood trees infected by fungi diseases, then we cut them down.

As you know that some trees are source of natural foods and shelters for squirrels and many animals.

Then, what other factors may lead to decreasing of squirrel population?

Fig 02- Falling tree, just for illustration

Fig 03- Trees in neighborhood

Fig 04- A dead squirrel at roadside.

Dead is one of factors which may lead to reducing of squirrel population. Several cause of dying are:

- diseases

- poisoning

- electrick shock

- trauma from falling

- predation

In respect to predation, a squirrel especially a baby squirrel is a target of hawk in our neighborhood:

- Hawks to Control Rats at Neighborhood - Critters 1

In addition, we always find dead squirrels on the roads due to hit by cars recently.

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The Local Honey in the Farmer Market – Part 2 – Food Variety 17

Monday, March 21, 2022

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- The Local Honey in the Farmer Market – Part 1 – Food Variety 17

Fig 01- Local brand sell raw honey

Natural honey is not processed such as not going through filtering and pasteurizing process.

I just repeat and remind myself that some benefit to consume natural honey are:

- improve our immune system

- better sleeping

- improve cholesterol

- lower blood pressure

Fig 02- Painting, just for illustration

Fig 03- Flowers Start to bloom

Fig 04- Spring flowers at the corner

The bees' industries provide quite significant to household’s income and job employments.

In term of revenues, Honey bee is estimated to contribute about US$ 24 billion to American economy.

USA produce 163,000,000 pound (74,000 ton) honey and provide 212,000 jobs for beekeepers, and million jobs honey relate industries and marketing.

As pollinators, be help to produce many commercials foods such as nuts, fruits and vegatbles.

Do you like to consume honey?

How often do you consume?

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Do You Know that Plants can Memorize Information? - Part 1

Friday, March 18, 2022

No, plants do not have a “brain.” So, how do they memorize information?

They have cells to have “a sophisticated calcium based networks” like memory in animals.

Fig 01- A plant changes its leaves color

A report revealed when a certain plant was treated with several drops of water then its responds:

- at first drop, plant will react by wincing its leaf

- after a while, plant learned to understand that water was harmless, thus plant does not react to other drops of water.

How about with memory?

Fig 02- A plant in the plastic pot

Fig 03- Medium size trees

Fig 04- A plant with flowers

Another surprise that plants are able to “memorize.” In this context, plants could store previous experienced.

The ability to memorize is quite longer than expected, even compared to average animals:

- plant could memorize or hold new information for several weeks.

- insects have very short memory, could only from one to two days.

The plants remember or distinguish seasons as well.

They know or sense the winter, and then “happy” to produce flowers when spring is coming.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Lighthouse for Helping People with Disabilities – Sign 4

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
When I read “Lighthouse Louisiana,” my first thought that this is must be a kind of institution or organization to:

- take care or maintain lighthouses

- fix old lighthouses

- do any works relate to lighthouses around the beaches or isolated places.

Fig 01- Lighthouse Louisiana.

Then, I search through internet, in fact that Lighthouse Louisiana is a non profit organization to empower disabilities people by:

- services

- employment

- advocacy

Lighthouse Louisiana “help fund service to people” include in the categories of:

- blind

- deaf

- other disabilities.

Fig 02- Trees at backyard, illustration only

I think this organization has done very impressive works for community such as:

- to create jobs for blind people

- provide 6,000 services for disabilities people annually.

Fig 03- Cloudy sky in our city

Interestingly, Lighthouse has own clinic which specialize in low vision.

Fig 04- Car of Lighthouse Louisiana

If eye doctors can’t do the patient’s eyes, then the clinic can help by:

- cope the problems with vision

- maximize low or remaining vision

The low vision therapists may provide training to use of:

- magnification

- visual aids

- adaptation.

Finally, I believe that your areas or cities or countries have this kind of non profit organization.

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A Little dog on the Street – Critters 2

Saturday, March 12, 2022

 We have routine jogging or walking either in the morning or afternoon, depend very much on weather.

We saw this little cute “critter” recently at our neighborhood.

Fig 01- She just crossing the street.

It seemed lost. Unfortunately, she has no a pet collar. As you know that a collar is important for dogs.

A collar may contain crucial information such as:

- identification

- address

- owner cell phone number sometimes

- or other information concerning dogs

Fig 02- She stares at anyone

Fig 03- The little dog runs away

Fig 04- She plays a plastic

Since no collar or information tag, we don’t know the owner of the dog to be contacted.

Unfortunately! Hope this buddy will be OK.

In addition to contain crucial information, a collar could be guiding of dog movement.

Other positive things for by wearing a collar:

- dogs feel comfortable than distress

- secure

Now days, there is a collar with a remote control and an electronic receiver to stop a dog from too much barking.

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The Local Honey in the Farmer Market – Part 1 – Food Variety 17

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

 We just visit farmer market, there were plenty of local honey on the shelves. I don’t know when they harvest this “healthy food.”

However, as a southern state, temperature getting warmer currently, could get above 20* C at mid-day.

Fig 01- Local honey in farmer market

As esxpected, a hot season is busy time for bees for secretion sweeter substances from flower then to produce honey.

At least there are four region as well known areas of honey bee production in Louisiana:

- Baton Rouge

- Northern Louisiana’s

- New Orleans and nearby areas

- Southwestern Louisiana

Fig 02- Just for illustration

Fig 03- Flowers of this wild plant could be source of nectar for bees

Fig 04- Flowers which attract bees

Fig 05- One of local honey product

We might know that honey is healthy foods due to its contain combinations of mineral, vitamins, enzymes and anti-oxidants.

Surprising facts for me that there are 4 different terms of honey sold in the farmer market:

- processed

- natural

- pure

- raw

# To be continued to Part 2

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