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Pickle Eggs Sold in the Farmer Market - Part 2 - Food Variety 36

Sunday, January 14, 2024

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Fig 01 - The pickle eggs in the jar at farmer market

Sure, pickle eggs less salty compared to salted eggs. The important points that they taste like pickle, and they are probiotic.

What are the benefits of probiotic foods?

Probiotic foods are sources of “good microorganisms” to help our body:
- to work well and healthier.
- to fight bad microorganisms
- to make us feeling better.
- boost immunity

Fig 02 - A corner, illustration only.

Most fermented foods contain good microorganisms (probiotics). You may see the list of probitic foods, written by Christine Mikstas (published in WebMed, June 25, 2020).

Fig 03 - A jar with sign of pickle eggs

Some examples of probiotic foods you might know are:
- tempeh
- yogurt
- sourdough bread
- some cheeses
- kefir
- miso soup

Fig 04 - Plants, just for illustration.

Since pickle eggs went through fermentation process, they are one of probiotic foods. Source of good microorganism, and useful for health, especially to balance gut flora.

Fig 05 - Quail eggs, ready to make pickle.

Have you tried pickle eggs?

Do you like chicken or quail eggs?

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Pickle Eggs Sold in the Farmer Market - Part 1 - Food Variety 36

Saturday, October 21, 2023
We consume salt eggs, usually duck eggs. They are sold in the Asian groceries in our city, Baton Rouge.

Fig 01- Jalapeno pickle eggs

When we visit one of farmer markets close by our home recently, we noticed that there are pickle eggs.

We found the eggs include chicken and quail eggs, but no duck eggs as pickle eggs are sold.

The different between pickle and salt eggs are:
1) Salted eggs
- eggs are soaked in the brine or wrapped by salted charcoal paste.
- traditionally, salt eggs are duck eggs for specific texture and taste.

Fig 02- Sky over the city, illustration only

Fig 02- Sky over the city, illustration

2) Pickled eggs
- boiled eggs are soaked in the acid and sweet vinegar
- usually chicken or quail eggs.

Fig 03- Jars of pickle eggs

Have you tasted pickle eggs? what eggs?

The Fig Season in the City - Food Variety 35

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
We have the variety of figs that can produce two terms in the year.  Like other typical figs, the harvesting seasons from June to early September.  

Fig 01- The fig fruit in the box

However, several varieties have second season in the Fall. The Brown Turkey fig is an example of the variety with two crops per year, Summer and Fall. This variety is well known for its sweetness.

3 favorites fig varieties in our area, Baton Rouge are O'Rourke, Champagne, Tiger and LSU Gold. 

We love O'Rourke variety; it is because the fruit is sweet flavor. The figs have a brown (beonze) skin with medium sized. The variety season is around Summer to early Fall.

Fig 02- The fig fruit on the hand.

The O'Rourke figs, we think are delicious fresh, dried, or cooked. Sure, we love fresh the most.

Fig 03- The fresh fig fruit, just picked them.

Have you tasted the fig? What do you think?

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The Tamale is a Typical Mexican Dish – Part 2 – Food Variety 34

Tuesday, September 5, 2023
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Fig 01- The Beef Tamale, sold in Walmart

The Tamale is a delicious dish with tastes of sweety, salty or spicy, made of “a corn based dog” with mixture of various stuffs such as: various meats (chicken), beans, dried fruits, olive, cheese, vegetables (carrots and peppers).

When eating Tamale, we remove the wrap first, either we throw it or used it as a plate. We may eat with:
- guacamole
- rice
- pico de gallo

As you might know that Guacamole is a kind of dip. made by mashing of avocados with other ingredients include chili peppers, lime juice, salt, tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

Have you tried a Tamale? Or which one Mexican food does you like?

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Are Cage Free Eggs Healthier than Regular Ones? - Part 2 – Food Variety 32

Wednesday, August 30, 2023
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- Are Cage Free Eggs Healthier than Regular Ones? - Part 1 – Food Variety 32 | Tanza Erlambang Update 

Fig01- Cage free eggs packed

In addition, cage free hens live in housing system are able to stretch their wings, run around and lay eggs in the nest.  Thus, hens are able to express their natural behaviors compared to hens in battery cages

However, they might not access to outdoor, few of cage free systems let hens to play outside. 

The main reason the hens are not allowed to go outdoor that it is difficult to control predators. As you know, the foxes and coyotes are predators live around cage free system. 

Fig 02- A hen plays outside in the morning

In term of price, sure, cage free eggs much more expensive than confined hen’s eggs. The price could be double or more. I found US$ 2.26 for 12 regular eggs, while 12 cage free eggs are US$ 3.96. 

Fig 03- Two hens at a small farm.

Have you tried cage free eggs?  What do you think?

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Have you Tasted Korean Dumplings? - Food Variety 35

Sunday, June 4, 2023

We just bought Korean dumplings, also called as “Mandu” from a nearby Asian restaurant recently.

Fig 01- Korean Dumplings, ready to consume

Based on my knowledge that the well known dumplings come from the countries like Japan, China and Korea. Honestly, we don’t know the differences of Korean, Chinese, Japanese or other countries dumplings.

What we know that Dumpling is a small “cooked dough” with different kinds of filling in it, such as vegetable, seafood, fruit and meat.

At least, there are 3 types of dumplings sold in the markets, they are: frying, steaming and boiling.

Fig 02- Dumplings, ready to be boiled.

From internet sources that a dumpling and noodles were popular since the Han Dynasty about 200 BCE.

Fig 03- Dumplings, could be consumed immediately

We found that fillings of Korean dumpling composed of vegetable, tofu, seafood and meat. We love vegetable dumplings, and seafood dumplings sometimes.

Fig 04- Dumplings with sauce

Have you tasted dumplings? What types and filling do you like?

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Have You Ever Tasted a Paria? - Part 2 - Food Variety 31

Sunday, May 21, 2023

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- Have You Ever Tasted a Paria? - Part 1 - Food Variety 31 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Fig 01- Length of 3 “paria” in a plate

I read from several literature, this kind of vegetable is easy to grow in hot and humid areas.

Then, it is possible to grow “paria” during summer in American southern. After sowing the seed, we could harvest “paria” in 60 days.

Eating cooked or boiled “paria” could improve our appetite. It also has good nutritional values.

Just some of the nutritional benefits in the bitter gourd are: dietary fiber, protein, variety of minerals and vitamins.

Fig 02- The bitter gourd in the Asian Shop

Many people in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and China used “paria” to cure several diseases.

Fig 03- The bitter gourd, sold in Walmart

Have you seen a “paria” (bitter gourd) in the market in your country or anywhere else?

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The Tamale is a Typical Mexican Dish – Part 1 – Food Variety 34

Saturday, May 13, 2023

We “wrongly” called “Mexican foods” for traditional Mesoamericans or Latin American dishes. The reason, may be just for “simplicity.”

Fig 01- The Tamales, wrapped in banana leaves.

There are plenty of Mexican foods sold commercially in the USA. You probably know or ever consume some of them:

- Tamale

- Tacos

- Tostadas

- Chiles en nogada

- Enchiladas


Fig 02- A little building, Just for illustration

One of my favorites is a Tamale. The way its cook is interesting for me, it is steamed with wrapping.

The “material” for wrapping is taken from nature, it could be one of these natural materials:

- banana leaf

- corn husk

Fig 03 – Another type of Tamale, wrapped with corn husk

# To be continued to Part 2

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Is Tempeh Better than Tofu? - Part 2 – Food Variety 30

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Like tofu, tempeh is also a good source of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Fig 01- Thick slices of Tempeh

As you might know that these minerals are important to our body to have normal function and maintain our health.

Tempeh has contained a little higher in calories with about 160 in half a cup, which makes it perfect for a quick protein and caloric boost!

We hate to say it, as we love both tofu and tempeh, but tempeh is the winner of this health food match-up.

That’s not to say we’ll be cutting tofu anytime soon, though—it’s wonderfully (and arguably more) versatile and so delicious!

Fig 02- Tempe as snacks, favorite in many developing countries

But if you’re looking for a health boost, tempeh is definitely the better option.

Which soybean product do you prefer? Tofu or tempeh? Share with us your favorite recipes!

Fig 03- Tempeh are wrapped with banana’s leaf.

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A Wild Watermelon Growing at Yards – Food Variety 33

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Nature works nicely and surprisingly where we may see many plants pop up in several places during Spring and Summer seasons.

Fig 01- A wild watermelon

Many people, include my neighbors have their our terms to refer to these kinds of plants, few of the terms are:

- rough plants

- volunteer plants

- seed dispersal plants

A little corner of our house just grown by an unexpected plant which produces a fruit, a watermelon.

Fig 02- Cardinal eating some seeds

In fact, this time around is a watermelon season in our areas.

We believe this “marvelous” was done by birds, since they consume this fruit and its seeds.

Fig 03- Climbing on the pole.

One of birds visits our yard frequently is cardinals. The birds love to eat watermelon and its seed as reported by Birdfact (2023: What Do Cardinals Eat? (Complete Guide)). Cardinals may help germination of plants.

Fig 04- Raccoon kids play around.

Another possible animal to disperse seeds is Raccoon. We have observed this animal in our backyard at a certain time.

Fig 05- A little wild watermelon

What do you think?

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