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Demanding of Tofu was Increasing During Covid 19 Pandemic – Part 2 – Food Variety 21

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

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Fig 01- Tofu curry, one of popular dishes

Tofu is not bad choice for many people, include me, since it has high nutrition values such as:

- protein

- fiber

- vitamins

- minerals

How is Tofu processed from soybeans?

Fig 02- Fried Tofu, ready to consume

This food is actually fermented food, the making process is similar to cheese. The differences are:

- tofu was fermented from soy milk (made from soybeans).

- cheese from milks of cows, goats or other mammals.

Fig 03- Tofu with dice slices

In addition to nutrition riches, Tofu contains:

- no cholesterol

- gluten free

- lower saturated fat

- lower calories

Since getting popular, tofu is a billion dollar industry now. Both in the USA and world markets.

Do you know tofu?

Have you tasted it?

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Peanuts in the Farmer Market – Part 2 - Food Variety 20

Friday, August 26, 2022

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Fig 01- Boiled peanuts, ready to consume

Our state just have 500 peanut acreages, hence, production so limited. We bought or “imported” peanuts from States such as:

- Georgia

- Florida

- Alabama

- Texas

- North Carolina

- Mississippi

- Oklahoma

Fig 02- Gas station, RaceTrac

Fig 03- Raw peanuts in the market

Some of my neighbors grow peanuts in their backyard during summer, just for fun or for their kids holiday “science” project.

They planted about 1 to 3 short rows of peanuts. Look like the plants are easy to grow. What we need:

- peanut seeds (green peanuts in the shell).

- fertilizers (organic fertilizers)

- plant the seed about 1 inch deep, and 4 inches apart.

In good condition, from seeds to harvest need about 120 days (4 months). Then, peanuts are ready to consume or dry them for consuming later on.

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Demanding of Tofu was Increasing During Covid 19 Pandemic – Part 1 – Food Variety 21

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Americans have known tofu since 1840, they called it as “bean curds” on that time, but not all Americans consume this food.

Fig 01- Raw tofu, ready to cook

Few years ago, we always buy tofu from ethnic groceries such as:

- Korean shop

- Asian market

- Vietnam stores

Luckily, we may find tofu in the Walmart and other big retails across America almost everyday now.

It is because demand for tofu skyrocket recently, especially during Covid 19 pandemic.

Fig 02- Just illustration

First, USA faced shortage of meat at early months of pandemic, then, many Americans try to find alternatives.

Fig 03- Tofu nutrition facts

Two types of tofu are available in the market with different prices. Costs per pound are:

- US$ 1.64 for common tofu

- US$ 2.64 for organic tofu

As reported by mainstream medias like Washington Post (2020) and Bloomberg (2020) that demand for tofu not only increasing, but also even shortage in many places include Seattle and Washington DC.

We may wonder why?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Peanuts in the Farmer Market – Part 1 – Food Variety 20

Saturday, August 6, 2022

We always buy peanuts, raw or green every summer (around July to August) at our neighborhood’s farmer market.

Fig 01- Green peanut at Sign of farmer market
close by our neighborhood

Peanut is a summer crop, but we may find plenty of boiled peanuts in many places in our city, year rounds.

I think it is a “good” business, because a boiled peanut is one of our state traditional food favorites.

In fact, Louisiana farmers together with other states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi have produced peanuts in specific locations since more than 50 years ago.

Fig 02- A wild plant in the garden, just for illustration

Fig 03- Canned boiled peanuts sold in Walmart

Some places sell boiled peanuts include:

- food mart

- gas station

- sea food markets

- restaurants, Kitchen and bar

- grill and sea foods restaurants

Canned boiled peanuts may be found in many groceries. We bought its in addition to green peanuts sometimes

# To be continued to Part 2

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Have You Tasted Fruits Called as Muscadine? - Part 2 – Food Variety 19

Friday, April 29, 2022

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Fig 01- Muscadine cocktail, sold by Walmart

It has been cultivated since 400 years ago, and able to grow from hot to cold climates in the states such as:

- Florida

- Texas

- Oklahoma

- New Jersey

- Delaware

Fig 02- Colorful paintings

Fig 03- Antique light, just for illustration

Fig 04- Muscadines are hanging over the branch

Unfortunately, it is reported that just 12 of 50 states sell Muscadines in the market, but not in regular basis.

There are “huge” opportunity both to grow and market this fruit. A good source of income for farmers.

Based on simple facts and economic estimation:

- new target markets will be no or less competition, and even to be expanded to nearby foreign markets such as Canada and Mexico.

- ten acres may produce 100,000 pound of Muscadines

- 100,000 pound means US$ 200,000.

Finally, have you tasted Muscadines? What do you think? Do you like it?

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Have You Tasted Fruits Called as Muscadine? - Part 1 – Food Variety 19

Friday, April 22, 2022

We buy grapes in the farmer market sometimes, especially on Tuesday market close to home.

Unexpectedly, we noticed the grape like fruit recently.

Fig 01- The grape like fruits, Muscadine

The shape are similar to grapes, its called as Muscadine with scientific name is Vitis rotundifolia. Common grape for wine has scientific name Vitis vinifera. So, both Muscadine and grape have the same genus, Vitis.

Then, few differences of Muscadine compared to grapes are:

- rounder or oval berry shape

- thicker and tougher skin

- contain about 5 seeds in each fruit.

- flesh is clear and translucent

Fig 02- A statue, just for illustration

Fig 03- Plants, just for illustration

Fig 04- Muscadine jelly, sold in Walmart

I bought one color only, but many colors are found in the market, we believe common colors are:

- light bronze

- pink

- purple

- black

- light green

This fruit is native to America, grows mainly in the areas of southeastern and south central USA.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Fish and Shellfish Sold by Local Groceries – Part 2 - Food Variety 18

Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Fig 01- Medium size shrimp

Shrimp landing about 100 millions pound at previous years, but less than 30% in recent years.

Surprisingly, the size of shrimp getting smaller as well.

Less landing due to some factors such as:

- Lower fishing activities due to lower price of import shrimp

- Flooding rains from nearby river

Fig 02- Non frozen Crab, shrimp and fish

Fig 03- Flounder at seafood market

Illegal import is increasing without control. Unfortunately, the import is lower quality due to using of :

- antibiotic

- and certain chemical substances

Law enforcement seem lack of resources to check illegal foreign shrimps. Thus, consumers need to rely on basic information before buying somethings.

It is important to know where our seafood come from and quality of what of food will we consume.

Buy local, help neighbors.

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