What are Purposes of Duck Hunting?

Monday, March 29, 2021

Fig 01- Three Duck playing at road side

Number of waterfowl hunters about 900,000 in the USA, but they killed 31 millions duck each years. Quite surprising number for me.

Some states with higher duck killed, sometimes not correlated to number of active duck hunters with licenses.

From The Duck Blog (2017), here the list of states with higher average duck killed by a hunter per year:

- Mississippi

- Tennessee

- Oregon

- Louisiana

- Idaho

- Washington

- Arkansas

- California.

Fig 02- Canadian geese are swimming

Then, What are Purposes of Duck Hunting?

The answers are depended on to whom we talk to: government or duck hunters?

Fig 03- Two ducks on the grass

Federal duck stamps or licenses are source of income for federal and states government.

Cost for federal stamps was US$ 28.5 (include transaction fees), and license fees are varies between state to state.

These income was designed for conservation efforts, especially in relate to:

- wildlife management

- new lands purchase for hunters

- research and education

Hunters or whoever interests with duck hunting may purchase federal stamps in many places:

- U.S. Post Offices

- Walmart

- some sporting and outdoor stores

- some national wildlife refuges

- online

Moreover, duck hunting is for sport purpose, and duck’s flesh is the main target for some duck hunters.

Have you ever hunting? Hunting for what animals? Deer, duck or what? 

Have you Tried to Drink Chai Tea? - Food Variety 11

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Fig 01- Chai tea also for lip balm, just for illustration

Sure, there are plenty of tea’s brand, but Lipton is a tea brand which always in my mind.

I drink tea every day, hot tea in the colder seasons (fall, winter and spring), and iced tea during hot summer.

Depend on the sources of readings, it is said that there are at least 6 types of teas (Science Learning Hub, 2013). They are:

- black

- green

- white

- yellow

- oolong

- post-fermented

As far as I remember, I mainly drink black and green tea of Lipton. In addition to colors, the processing steps could produce tea variations in terms of form and taste.

Fig 02- Chai tea ingredients for lip balm, illustration

In respect to countries, there are four well known countries of tea productions and traditions:

- Japan (Macha tea)

- China

- India (Darjeeling tea)

- UK (English breakfast tea)

Fig 03- Icy leaves, just for illustration.

In addition, China has many different types of teas:

- black tea

- green tea

- Oolong

- White tea

- Pu Erh

- Biluochun

- Longjing tea.

Chai tea is a beverage tea comes from India. A kind of milk tea, black tea boiled in the milk with spices flavor. The spices and sweetened may include:

- star anise

- cardamom

- cinnamon

- sugar

- honey

The tea is believed has many health benefits such as:

- reduce stress

- regulate cholesterol

- improve digestion

- and even to prevent cancer.

Do you have specific favorite of tea? What kind of tea?

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