Do You Like to Grill Fish? - Food Variety 4

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Marinated fish with certain seasoning, ready to grill

We prefer to fry fish than to grill it. We sometimes make curry with fish, one of our favorites.

Very rare, we grill fish, usually in the Summer season. From internet, top five favorite fish to grill in the USA are:

- Salmon

- Swordfish

- Tuna

- Snapper

- Mahi mahi

We might wonder: what is Mahi mahi?

It is a fish from Hawaii with scientific name Coryphaena hippurus. Another name is Dorado in Spanish.

In fact, Mahi mahi not only found in Hawaii, but also in tropical and subtropical oceans all over the world.

One of fish, live fish is good for grill.

Favorite fish is not big deal for us. We tried to consume many species of fish as mentioned in previous posts such as:

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To grill fish, we need fish to be seasoned. We just have simple ones or combination of:

- garlic

- olives

- lemon zest

- soy sauce

- chili flakes.

- parmesan cheese

Do you like to grill or barbecue fish? Do you have any favor of fish species?

A Possible Weapon to Kill Coronavirus was Found by a Teenager – Virus 25

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Pumpkins in front the house, just for illustration

We have talked about possible drugs and vaccines to contain coronavirus (Sars Cov 2) at previous posts, some are:

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A 14 years old teenager, Anika Chebrolu from Texas, proposed a new weapon, a kind of “specific” molecule to fight virus.

She was the winner of “2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge,” and got US$ 25,000 prize.

As we know that “Hemaglutinin” is an important “protein” in influenza vaccines. What is the Hemaglutinin?

One of the street in the neighborhood, just for illustration

Hemaglutinin is “antigen glycoprotein” found on the virus surface, in this case is the influenza virus.

The antigen glycoprotein to bind virus and infected cells, while this happening, then viral RNA genome penetrates into cytoplasm of cells.

They are replicating in the host (human) by using DNA polymerase of host cell. Replicating from one to thousands over time.

Why Hemaglutinin (antigen glycoprotein) is important in vaccines?

Vaccines such as an influenza vaccine is designed to trigger immune system to produce antibody to fight Hemaglutinin, then control virus.

Moreover, by using a method, namely “in silico methodology,” Anika Chebrolu found a “specific molecule” to bind spike protein on the corona virus, covid 19, SARS CoV 2 virus.

This “specific molecule” may be used to develop Covid 19 vaccine or drugs in the near future. Hence, we will have a lot of weapons to contain Coronavirus.  

Raising Chickens as Pets in the Backyard – Gardening and Hobby 9

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Few growing chickens in the playing area

We know people raising chickens in their backyard for many reasons. Few of them are:

- as pets

- fresh eggs

- meats

- just for fun (without clear reasons)

A long time ago, we have less than 10 chickens as pets at our backyard. Morning crowing sounds from roosters make us happy.

Off course, we have daily fresh eggs as a source of healthy protein. We love soft boiled (half cooked) eggs.

It is said that we should wash our hand with water and soap after handling raw (uncooked) eggs to prevent transmission of microorganism from egg shells to other items, especially other foods.

Little baby chickens, just for illustration

Other advantages to have chickens are:

- control bugs and weed on lawn

- source of fertilizers.

- in addition to eggs, chicken is a source of meat (home grown meat).

Chickens does not require a big space, a chicken need only:

- 1 square meter to grow and play

- 0.3 square meter for nesting and hatching eggs

People love certain chicken breed, these are 5 favorite breeds in the America, just for examples:

- Rhode Island red

- Wyandotte.

- Silkies

- Cochin

- Easter Eggers

Have you ever raised chicken in your backyard? What is your purpose?

Harvest Fresh Chili from the Pot Routinely - Food Variety 3

Friday, October 23, 2020

Fig 01- A Chili tree in the wood box

We may not able to avoid chili in daily live, it is because chilis are every where whether we aware or not.

Chili could be consumed in fresh form (chopped or sliced) or in many other forms such as:

- sauces

- seasoning

- dressing

- spice powder

Quite surprising for me that there are 4,000 chili varieties in the world. The plant is native to South America region.

These spices are fruit, not vegetable. They are grown and traded since 6,000 years ago.

Fig 02- Green chili

People have grown chili in almost all part of the world today. Top countries to produce chili are following:

- China, produces about 16.1 million tonnes per year.

- Mexico, 2.7 million tonnes

- Turkey, 2.1 million tonnes.

- Indonesia, 1.9 tonnes.  

Fig 03- Red chili, just for illustration

In term of scientific name, chili includes in genus Capsicum with five main species:

- Capsicum annuum.

- Capsicum baccatum.

- Capsicum chinense.

- Capsicum frutescens.

- Capsicum pubescens.

We have chili trees in our backyard. Easy to maintain or take care. We harvest its almost every day and use its as food seasonings. Very fresh.

Do you love chili? What kind of chili do you like?

Have Animals Practiced Social Distance in Nature? - Virus 24

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fish practice social distance, just for illustration

We know that social distance is one of useful methods to avoid spreading of diseases, especially in pandemic seasons.

Unfortunately, human seems have problems to practice this method in recent corona virus infection.

Surprisingly, animals have practiced social distance naturally to avoid diseases which may reduce their population or kill themselves.

Social distance are pursued by many animals, they are including:

- fish

- crabs

- lobsters

- frogs (toadpoles)

- mammals

- insects (ants)

- birds

Blue crab on the table, just for illustration

How do animals know that their friend infected by diseases?

Important indicators of infected animals are (varied from one species to others):

- body of sicked animals emits certain chemical to their environment (into nature)

- infected animals produce urine which can be easily detected by healthy ones.

In respond, the healthy animals will stay away or keep their social distance from infected animals. They never close to each other.

Changing their behavior in addition to social distance is another way to avoid themselves to get sick and to stop spreading the diseases to their own community.

Why we as human do not want (less eager) to follow the animals or nature? What do you think?

What Causes of Unhealthy Lawn? – Gardening and Hobby 8

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fig 01- Moth caused lawn damages

I was familiar with large number of moths in my lawn about two years ago. They flew away when I walked on the grass. Their size is small around 0.75 inches (1.95 cm)

I have no ideas about relationship between moth influx and lawn healthiness on that time.

After reading from several articles, these moths may damage our lawn. At least there are three species of lawn moths:

- Nomophila noctuella.

- Tehama bonifatella.

- Crambus sperryellus.

Adult moths take nutrition directly from grass leaves. They love juice from leaves interior.

Fig 02- A webworm is a worm stage of the moths

The abundance of moths may lead to damage of lawn permanently, but harmless if they are in lower numbers.

Female moths lay eggs on grass leaves, the eggs then hatch after several days or a week.

Fig 03- A house with beautiful lawn, just for illustration

Larvae or worm stage is veracious stage, dangerous pests for grass. These larvae may destroy grass significantly, especially turf grass.

The signs of our lawn has been damages and infected are:

- appearing of dead brown patches on the grass

- growing of weed

- present of vine grasses

- growing of moss around the house.

- number of birds feeding on lawn, because a lot of worms.

How to control the larvae?

Using soapy water is one of good ways to get rid off Webworms from lawn. We may mix proper amount of liquid dish soap water.

People usually use 2 table spoon liquid soap per gallon of water, then spray on the infected grass.

Have you got problem with your lawn? What problem?

Have you Tried Rainbow Baby Carrot? - Food Variety 2

Friday, October 16, 2020


Fig 01- Multi colors of baby carrots

We just notice what is called “rainbow baby carrots” in the grocery recently. It is said the products actually appear in the market since 2015. We did not know about it.

The rainbow baby carrot is multiple colors baby carrots within the 340 gram package. They have 6 different colors:

- deep orange

- burgundy red

- deep purple

- tangerine

- yellow

- white

The carrot is an organic product which are cut, peeled and washed, thus ready to be consumed.

Fig 02- A bag of rainbow baby carrots

Yes, the baby carrots are crunch, and be eaten as salad or appetizers with other vegetables.

I think the taste is no different between a rainbow baby carrot and other normal orange baby carrots.

Fig 03- Baby carrots on the plate

Both standard carrots and rainbow baby carrots are healthy. They contain vitamin A, beta and alpha carotene pigments.

These pigments (beta and alpha carotene) may promote body to produce vitamin A. As we know this vitamin is good for our eyes.

Some people love purple baby carrots. In fact purple carrots contain:

- twice of beta and alpha carotene pigments compared to orange carrots.

- antioxidant, namely anthocyanins

Have you eaten rainbow baby carrots? What color do you love?

Can Animal Get Covid 19? - Virus 23

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Cat may be infected by coronavirus, SARS Cov 2

I just read a report that minks transmitted corona virus to human in the Netherlands recently.

This accident triggered government to close mink industries, and killed about 800,000 minks so far.

The Netherlands is one of countries to produced mink pelts in the world. The top 4 countries have fur farmers are:

- China

- Denmark

- Poland

- Netherlands

Thus, yes, animal can get Covid 19. Do other animals may be infected by virus as well? How about with pets?

Two dogs are playing on the yard

Some reports (please double check from other sources) said our pets may get infected, other animals as well. Just for examples, they are:

- cat

- dog

- lion

- tiger

- Rhesus macaques

Dogs and Cats may be infected by owners, but no proved that dogs spreads the SARS Cov 2 virus to other dogs.

It is suggested by Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) that owners do not let their own pets to interact with other people, especially people they do not know at outside.

By searching in internet, yes, we may test our pets for Covid 19 in some veterinary centers if we suspect of our pets strange behaviors.

Do you know people who tested their pets for Covid 19? What the result? 

My Neighbor Small “Paradise” at Backyard – Gardening and Hobby 7

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Fig- 01- Little pond with small waterfall

One of our neighbors designs their yard with a nice small pond for Koi fish. Lovely place to sit around, especially during hot seasons (days).

I believe the pond characteristics are following:

- size 12 feet x 16 feet x 6 feet (3.7 meter x 4.9 meter x 1.8 meter), twelve feet by sixteen feet with six feet deep.

- at least 2000 gallon of water.

- there are more than 10 koi fish in the pond.

Water fall makes the pond not only beautiful, but also good for water circulation which has “trickle down” effect on:

- more oxygen creation to keep more fish

- healthy plants in the pond

- chemical and thermal stratification will be prevented

Fig- 02- Koi fish swimming in the pond

There are many types of Koi fish available, based on their size, at least there are 3 kinds:

1) Domestic Koi fish

- sizes between 12 to 15 inches (30.5 cm to 38 cm) long

2) Japanese Koi

- fish may grow from 22 inches to 26 inches (56 cm to 66 cm) long

3) Jumbo Koi fish

- sizes between 34 to 36 inches (86 cm to 91 m) long

Fig- 03- One corner of backyard

In general, Koi fish could reach their maximum size in 3 years, but Jumbo koi may reach its maximum size in 2 years only.

In nature of Koi fish, everything might be available in their environment, include:

- bugs

- insects

- algae

- plants.

Interestingly, this critter may consume human daily foods as well, such as:

- cereals

- rice

- peas

- watermelon

- lettuce

Have you ever have Koi fish as a pet? What is length size?

The Helicopter in the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)

Friday, October 9, 2020

Fig- 01- The helicopter starts to take off

As far as I remember, I came to Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) in my city for several times.

The business I did in DMV:

- apply for ID card

- testing (paper and road) for driving licensed

- voting registration (register as Democrats, Republicans or independents).

- notice of vehicle transfer

- plate relate things (order personalized, return and cancel plates)

In term of vehicle transfer notice, we have donated, sold and traded our vehicle long time ago.

One day, people from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stop our car, and guide us to DMV parking lot.

Fig- 02- The copter is getting to fly

Then, they check our car emitting gas, luckily our car is the range of normal. The EPA let us go.

Fig- 03- Copter is flying away.

Actually, we check our cars gas emission every year at the state authorized test centers near by our neighborhood.

Testing is to keep our car emission within the range of state regulations. The cost is US$ 18 only.

Surprisingly, when we visit DMV this morning, we saw Copter in the parking lot. We wonder why?

Some people said the helicopter is belong to the police institution. They use this flying vehicle to fight crimes.

By using copter, the police may get very good a crime scene or “bird’s eye view of” to any suspect objects.

Finally, have your city police’s helicopter to combat crime?  

Are Yellow Elder Blooming in the Fall? - Gardening and hobby 6

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fig– 01- Blooming of Yellow Elder in early Fall

We just walking regularly this morning in the city garden after stopping a while because of pandemic.

Surprisingly, many flowers are blooming in the early fall season with lower temperature, below 21 C (70 F) degree.

One of them is Yellow Elder. This flower has several species, the popular one is called with scientific name Tecoma Chrysantha.

It is said that Yellow Elder is a good shrub flower for both big landscape and our home garden. Other best flowering shrubs are:

- Paper-Chase Tree

- Golden Dewdrop

- Bougainvillea

- Purple Wreath

- Allamanda

Fig- 02- beautiful color

The interesting features of Yellow Elder:

- flowers are very bright yellow with trumpet like

- leaves are green and look like head of spears

- tolerant of drought

- good to grow in areas of temperatures about F 35 (C 1.7) degree, also well growing in warm regions.

Fig- 03- Flowers are climbing the roof

What I like that it is said the flowers are able to attract critters such as:

- hummingbirds

- butterflies

- bees

Fig- 04- Shining and beautiful yellow flowers

Hummingbirds and butterflies are my favorite critters, I am planning to grow this flower in my small garden by near coming future.

Other feature of Yellow Elder is its ability to climb the objects. Thus, it is good to cover:

- wall

- fence

- old tress

Is there Yellow Elder flower in your area?