Women Equality as Conflict Paradigm Example – Part 1

Friday, December 31, 2021

Women still face problems in term of equality in the USA society until recently.

In the work place, especially in high technology industry environments, women are not encouraged to get higher position (leadership role) compared to the men.

Fig 01- A woman sitting in the grass (painted by Vincent Van Gogh)

The reason is that women biologically have no drive for higher rank in management.

It is fact, a survey conducted by “SurveyMonkey” showed around 60% of women admitted that there are many obstacles for women in the workplace across the states.

However, it is surprisingly, the gender equality is important for:

- both sexes, men and women,

- and even extend to LGBT

Fig 02- Flowers in the garden

Hence, equality is one of important issues in the society.

Huhman (2017: 3 Reasons Why Gender Equality is an 'Everyone' Issue. Published in Entrepreneur) explained why gender equality is an everyone issues.

Fig 03- Sky at corner of city

There are 3 important reasons:

1. Gender diverse proved to make companies to perform better. Companies with diversity employee have 15% better perform than non-diversity one.

2. Men benefit, as well. In this case, men and women get the same parental benefit. Men can get parental leave as women received when they have children.

3. Gender fluidity matters, too.

# To be continued to part 2

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Bee Swarm Removing Cost – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 23

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

We start to see swarm of bees at our neighborhood around spring or March every year.

They may or may not enter our own yard.

Fig 01- The swarm of bee in the backyard of neighborhood

I believe and many people told me that bees have caused no damages to properties if they make nests on the nearby trees at backyards.

They may go away in days or months until summer is over.

Uniquely that the same bees usually not return to the same spots in the near coming years.

Bees will not attack us if we don’t provoke them. They sting us in case to defend themselves or their colony.

Fig 02- Flowers blooming

Fig 03- Magnolia flowers

If honeybees out of their hives, they will not attack anyone, it is because they are just flying to find foods (nectar or pollen).

The bees don’t want to have problems with people.

In case, and very rare that bees attach to house, then may lead to:

- making a hole in the Sheetrock

- annoying occupants

- leaking of honey through ceilings

# To be continued to Part 2

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Could Available Drugs Regenerate beta Cells? – Part 1 - Diabetes 28

Friday, December 24, 2021

We have talked about dangerous of several drugs in the market that cause negative effect on beta cells to produce insulin:

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Fig 01- Diet for diabetes

However, based on research published in Science Translational Medicine, Vol.12, no 530 (February, 2020) that two type of drugs are able to grow beta cells in human pancreas.

Two type of drugs which could replicate beta cells are:

- DYRK1A inhibitors

- and GLP-1 receptor agonists

Researchers found that using DYRK1A inhibitors alone could stimulate beta cells productions, but at modest level only.

Fig 02- Illustration purpose

Fig 03- Sagitarius, Illustration only

Then researchers searched other possibility by using GLP-1 receptor agonists which are prescription drugs to treat diabetes.

Some of GLP-1 receptor agonists are following:

- Novo Nordisk’s Victoza

- Ozempic

- Rybelsus

- Eli Lilly’s Trulicity

- and AstraZeneca’s Bydureon.

# To be continued to Part 2

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What are Tempe Health Benefits? - Part 2 – Food Variety 16

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

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Tempe contains isoflavones which one of it functions to lower cholesterol levels in our blood.

Fig 01- Tempe made by an American company

Several other functions of Isoflavones (Sherry Christiansen, 2021: What Are Isoflavones?, Published in verywellhealth):

- similar to structure of estrogen hormone

- anti-oxidant, hence it may reduce damage because of oxygen.

- help to fight cancer

The study showed that Tempe is better than animal resources to manage cholesterol levels.

Fig 02- Nutrition content of Tempe

Fig 03- Tempe sold in Walmart grocery

Manganese in Tempe could be able to manage blood sugar in the body, and thus fight diabetes.

Manganese is compound to stimulate process called gluconeogenesis.

The process is important to maintain blood sugar in normal level as needed by our body.

Tempe could improve bone health due to calcium in its. Calcium with other mineral and vitamin prevent the bone (include teeth) from fracture and weak.

Have you seen Tempe sold in the market or Whole Foods market?

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Do People Keep a Pig as a Pet? - Part 2

Sunday, December 19, 2021
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3) Vietnamese potbellied

- the breed as its name come from Vietnam.
- weigh about 50 kg (110 pound)
- height to shoulders reach about 41 cm (16 inches).
- the color is uniformly black

Fig 01- A pig with triplets

4) Teacup pigs

- quite small, about 41 kg (90 pound) weight size
- their life span could reach 25 years old.
- since longer life span, this small pig could be a long term pet compared to cats and dogs.

From 4 breeds, I do not know which one is good for indoor, but some people said that Vietnamese potbellied and teacup pigs are the best choice for pets.

Fig 02- A cup, just for illustration

Fig 03- For illustration only.

It is because the Vietnamese potbellied and teacup pigs have distinguish characters such as:

- gentle and sweet to human
- intelligent, can be trained like many cats and dogs
- companionable, walk with human on a leash.

Pig life spans is in the range between 12 to 20 years, but pet pigs may reach up to longer life span. 

What do you think about pig as a pet?

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The Reasons Raccoon Visit Our Neighborhood – Part 2

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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The animals easily to adapt to their environment in term of foods and water resources.

Fig 01- A raccoon entered the garden

We find raccoon sift through garbage to find food in our neighborhood.

However, their favorite foods is our pet’s food. They are eating cat or dog foods, then they will come back in other days if they feel safe.

It seems that he raccoon is just hungry. It might have babies around too and looking to feed them.

If a wild raccoon doesn't run when approached, stay away.

Raccoons are dangerous when cornered, and most times they are sick.

Fig 02- Trash as a food source for raccoon

Fig 03- Young raccoon on the branches.

A fat raccoon has entered to our house few years ago by chewing through our roofing shingles, then got access into attic:

- she looks at me crazy

- she didn’t move

- she didn't shew

- she was not scared.

Have you ever faced with raccoon?

What do you think?

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What are Tempe Health Benefits? - Part 1 – Food Variety 16

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Tempe or Tempeh is fermented cooked soybean, one of Indonesia traditional foods.

Now days, Tempeh easily found at commercial markets in America and some European countries.

Fig 01- Sliced of Tempe

It is believed Tempe has many health benefits as suggested by Keri Wiginton (2021: The Health Benefits of Tempeh).

Some of Tempeh health benefits are:

1. Help to reduce cholesterol

2. Maintain blood sugar

3. Improve bone health

4. Reduce heart diseases risk

5. Improve metabolism

Fig 02- Tempe sold in the USA market

Fig 03- a kind of bean, just for illustration

Fig 04- Tempeh was made from these soybeans 
(credit to Subagja Hamara).

Since Tempe contains niacin, omega 3 and 6, and polyunsaturated fat thus able to lower heart diseases risk include heart attacks.

Vitamin B-12 in Tempe has functions which are relating to red blood cell in our body:

- the vitamin could improve metabolism of red blood

- and essential for production of red blood.

# To be continued to Part 2

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