The Sign of We Pay Cash - Sign 75

Monday, May 20, 2024

 We saw quite a lot of signs around our neighborhood recently.  One of them is "We Pay Cash"

Fig - Sign of we pay cash.

It reasonable to buy second hand running car for resale, but what are purposes to buy wrecked and flooded cars?  

We find "surprising" answer that wrecked and flooded cars could be exported to under developing countries. 

Sure, these cars will be repaired before putting back on the road. These countries have "less stringent regulations."

Other reasons are (after searching through internet):
vehicles often yield valuable parts that can be resold or used for repairing other vehicles.
Although a vehicle may be beyond repair, it retains value as scrap metal. The buyer can extract and sell materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum.
Certain buyers possess the skills and resources to reconstruct a wrecked vehicle, offering an opportunity to acquire a car at a significantly reduced cost.

What do you think?

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Flying and Hitting the House - Critter 74

Saturday, May 11, 2024
It was reported in the weather channel that the birds all quit singing, and it got very quiet outdoors before one of the destructive tornados touched down close by our areas.

Fig 01 - A hummingbird after fall down.

Before rain and very strong wind, we just sitting outside in the morning, we hear a thump on our roof!

Then we saw something hit the grass. Here is what we found, a little hummingbird. We believed it must have been one of its first solo flights.

Being at the right place at the right time, we picked and handled the hummingbird. It didn’t make any noise.

We put it in this container, and then put under a plant. Luckily, after about 45 minutes later it flew off! Hopefully, it will survive in the nature.

Fig 02 - A hummingbird, put on the grass.

When can you expect the humming season in your areas?

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warriors carrying offerings to the gods - Sign 74

Sunday, May 5, 2024
We found a sculpture, made of metal from an antique store recently. Since its cheap, we just bought it. 

Fig - Chacmool, a sculpture from Mexico

There are important figures and the sign in the sculpture:
1) The reclined figure with head facing 90 degrees from his front, called as Chacmool.
- The Chacmool is the figure to hold a bowl in his stomach. The bowl is used for offering to a god or gods
- It is likely the Chacmool serves to rain gods (the central Mexico rain god, Tlaloc or Mayan rain god, Chac). 

2) The circular figure looks like a copy of the Mayan calendar.
- The calendar is an ancient system to track time.

3) Chichen Itza
- A Mayan temple ruin on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Near the city of Progresso.
- We may find several Chacmool sculptures around the Chichen Itza temple.

Finally, have you ever seen a sculpture of Chacmool?

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