The Sign of We Pay Cash - Sign 75

Monday, May 20, 2024

 We saw quite a lot of signs around our neighborhood recently.  One of them is "We Pay Cash"

Fig - Sign of we pay cash.

It reasonable to buy second hand running car for resale, but what are purposes to buy wrecked and flooded cars?  

We find "surprising" answer that wrecked and flooded cars could be exported to under developing countries. 

Sure, these cars will be repaired before putting back on the road. These countries have "less stringent regulations."

Other reasons are (after searching through internet):
vehicles often yield valuable parts that can be resold or used for repairing other vehicles.
Although a vehicle may be beyond repair, it retains value as scrap metal. The buyer can extract and sell materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum.
Certain buyers possess the skills and resources to reconstruct a wrecked vehicle, offering an opportunity to acquire a car at a significantly reduced cost.

What do you think?

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Flying and Hitting the House - Critter 74

Saturday, May 11, 2024
It was reported in the weather channel that the birds all quit singing, and it got very quiet outdoors before one of the destructive tornados touched down close by our areas.

Fig 01 - A hummingbird after fall down.

Before rain and very strong wind, we just sitting outside in the morning, we hear a thump on our roof!

Then we saw something hit the grass. Here is what we found, a little hummingbird. We believed it must have been one of its first solo flights.

Being at the right place at the right time, we picked and handled the hummingbird. It didn’t make any noise.

We put it in this container, and then put under a plant. Luckily, after about 45 minutes later it flew off! Hopefully, it will survive in the nature.

Fig 02 - A hummingbird, put on the grass.

When can you expect the humming season in your areas?

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warriors carrying offerings to the gods - Sign 74

Sunday, May 5, 2024
We found a sculpture, made of metal from an antique store recently. Since its cheap, we just bought it. 

Fig - Chacmool, a sculpture from Mexico

There are important figures and the sign in the sculpture:
1) The reclined figure with head facing 90 degrees from his front, called as Chacmool.
- The Chacmool is the figure to hold a bowl in his stomach. The bowl is used for offering to a god or gods
- It is likely the Chacmool serves to rain gods (the central Mexico rain god, Tlaloc or Mayan rain god, Chac). 

2) The circular figure looks like a copy of the Mayan calendar.
- The calendar is an ancient system to track time.

3) Chichen Itza
- A Mayan temple ruin on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Near the city of Progresso.
- We may find several Chacmool sculptures around the Chichen Itza temple.

Finally, have you ever seen a sculpture of Chacmool?

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Whistling Ducks Gracing our Areas - Critter 73

Tuesday, April 30, 2024
We posted the whistling duck on the roof. You may read the previous post:
The Black-bellied Whistling Duck on the Roof - Critter 64 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Fig 01 - A whistling duck on the tree.

It seems that breeding seasons of ducks are begin in our areas this time, around in the middle of Spring. 

We have a pair of whistling ducks that just found our yard's tress. We saw them in the early morning.

We have never ever seen a duck sitting and playing on the trees as well as on the roof. We were excited and happy.

They are beautiful, just hope they will not be too messy, and hope they don’t decide to go for other places for a while.

Fig 02 - A pair of whistling ducks

A joy to look forward to every day, so every morning during breakfast and every evening for supper. Get ready for two dozen ducklings soon.

Fig 03 - They look happy around branches of trees. 

Have you seen Whistling ducks gracing your areas?

The Red Jalapeno Pepper in the Market - Sign 73

Friday, April 26, 2024
 The Red Jalapeño represents a crimson-hued variation of the Jalapeno pepper, a widely favored chili. 

Fig 01 - Sign of red Jalapeno.

Red jalapeños are a type of jalapeño pepper that has matured to a red hue. They are generally regarded as slightly less spicy than their green counterparts.

Just to let you know that degree of spiciness (heat) is measured by Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). Comparison of SHU for red jalapeños, green jalapeños, bell pepper and poblano pepper are following:
- Bell pepper: 0 SHU (no heat)
- Poblano pepper: 1,000 to 2,000 SHU (mild)
- Red and green Jalapeno are 2,500 to 8,000 SHU with red is milder.

Fig 02 - Red pepper, milder spiciness

# Important postings:

Fig 03 - Red Jalapeno, sold in the market. 

Ripe red jalapeños can be discovered in select grocery stores, particularly those with well-stocked inventories or at Latin American markets.

Fig 04 - Can be found in certain groceries.

Do you like Jalapeno pepper?

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The Mother Dove and her Two Chicks in the Nest - Critter 72

Tuesday, April 23, 2024
We saw this pretty Spring picture of a Mother Dove and her two chicks in a nest in our ligustrum recently.

Fig - A dove with her two chicks. 

In a snug nest, nestled among the tree’s branches, Mother Dove tends to her two chicks, keeping them warm and secure. Feathers colors blend perfectly with the surrounding twigs, camouflaging the nest from predators.

The mother dove tenderly brings forth a creamy substance known as crop milk; a nourishing sustenance synthesized in her throat exclusively for her offspring.

The young chicks, only a few days old, remain mostly bare, their downy fuzz providing minimal coverage. They devour their food with enthusiasm, their tiny frames gaining strength after each meal.

Have you seen any birds with nests and chicks in your areas?

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The Bougainvillea Flowers with Wicked Thorns - Gardening and Hobby 54

Friday, April 19, 2024
The Bougainvillea, a flowering vine in our areas is originates from South America. It is renowned for its vividly hued blossoms.

Fig - Bougainvillea flowers climb the pole.

The flowers have a variety of colors, including:
- magenta
- purple
- red
- yellow
- pink
- orange
- and white

Bougainvillea possesses small, sharp thorns that can catch on skin and clothing, but they lack the size and strength to cause significant harm.

Flowers adorned with thorns serve as effective deterrents for both people and animals who may attempt to climb the plant. Nevertheless, there are also thornless bougainvillea varieties in existence.

Bougainvillea, a favored landscaping plant in warm climates, thrives as a vine, shrub, or tree. Its relatively straightforward care makes it a highly rewarding choice for cultivation.

Have you observed this kind of Bougainvillea in your areas?

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Wild Ducks Don't Eat Bread - Sign 72

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
We always see people feeding wild animals include ducks in the lakes, man made lakes in our city, Baton Rouge, LA.

Fig 01 - Not to feed duck with bread.

Feeding ducks with bread seem "great" treat but could be bad for them and lake (environments). 

Some reasons are following:
1) Water pollution:
-  When bread remains uneaten, it can sink and develop mold, leading to water pollution and harm to the ecosystem. 
- Additionally, this uneaten bread can attract unwanted pests such as rats, cockroaches, ants and flies

Fig 02 - A corner of the city lake

2) Low Nutrition
Bread primarily consists of carbohydrates and provides minimal vitamins, minerals, and protein. These essential nutrients that ducks require for their well-being. In essence, it’s akin to junk food for our feathered friends.

Fig 03 - A duck with several chicks. 

3) Overcrowding
Convenient food availability can result in increased duck congregations within a specific area, leading to resource competition and disease transmission.

Fig 04 - A mother and chicks, ready for swimming.

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The Amaryllis belladonna on the Yard - Gardening and Hobby 53

Saturday, April 13, 2024
 Amaryllis belladonna is native to South Africa, and It is popular as an ornamental plant in many places.

Fig - The Amaryllis, pretty colors combination.

The plant is a bulbous perennial, flowering plant with multiple common names such as:
- Belladonna Lily
- Jersey Lily
- Hippeastrum
- and the Naked Lady

Colors of flowers are quite wide range including pink, white, darker central stripes, red with central stripes, reddish pink and many more.

Amaryllis Belladonna thrives in regions with warm climates. Hence our state, Louisiana is suitable for this flower.

How many colors of Amaryllis flowers are occurring in your areas?

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The Fresh Yard Eggs - Sign 71

Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Since Covid 19 pandemic, then followed by "skyrocket," we familiar with signs such as "yard eggs, farm fresh eggs or organic eggs."

Fig 01 - The sign of Farm Fresh Eggs

The farm fresh eggs, fresh yard eggs or backyard fresh eggs are laid by chickens raised in a backyard environment.

These chickens got several advantages such as:
- enjoying outdoor access
- allowing them to forage for food 
- and engaging in exercise. 

As a result, backyard-fresh eggs are often praised for their robust flavor and vibrant yolk color, in contrast to commercially produced eggs.

Fig 02 - Fresh eggs, sold by farmers

# Important posts:

Fig 03 - A lost chicken on our deck. 

We saw a chicken in our yard for a while this afternoon and has now settled in for the night on our deck. I think she got lost.

Fig 04 - Fresh Yard Eggs sold by "a small" farmer.

Fresh yard eggs could cost more than US$ 5 for a dozen. Quite expensive compared commercial eggs sold by groceries.

Fig 05 - A hen playing on the yard.

Do you like the fresh yard eggs?

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The Red Powder Puff Flower - Gardening and Hobby 52

Friday, April 5, 2024
We just saw a unique and beautiful flower when we are doing exercises around neighborhood recently. 

Image - A red powder puff flower.

The flower called as “the Red Powder puff flower" with scientific name the Calliandra haematocephala, is a captivating and distinctive blossom. This flower native to South America.

Its striking feature is its vibrant, bright red pom-pom-like flowers, which bear a delightful resemblance to fluffy powder puffs. 

The blooming is not only visually appealing but also serve as a magnet for pollinators such as:
- hummingbirds
- butterflies
- and bees

In our neighborhood, the plant could reach 6 feet (1.83 m), but from internet sources the the Red Powder puff plants could reach 10 feet (3.1 meter).

Have you seen this flower?

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Blue Heron Hanging around on the Roof - Critter 71

Tuesday, April 2, 2024
At the previous post, we know the Blue Heron lives the waterside:

Fig 01 - Blue Heron seen on the roof.

Recently we saw the Blue Heron was seen on the roof. Then, we wonder: why would a Blue Heron be on the roof?

The birds aren't restricted to the waterside for finding food. They often venture onto land to chase after prey. As you might know, their prey are:
- insects
- frogs
- small rodents
- and even reptiles.

Fig 02 - A snake, just illustration.

# Important postings:

Fig 03 - Blooming at neighborhood

Since Blue Herons are "crafty predators," hence their skill could work on the lands (grasslands and open fields). 

It i not surprise if we see Blue Herons far away from water. It is possible to see them in the yards or on the roof.

Fig 04 - A heron, enjoy on the roof.

Have you seen a Blue Heron in the yard or on the roof?

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