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Can We Find Flesh Eating Bacteria in Swimming Pool? - Microorganisms 2

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Pond and fountain, just for illustration

Flesh eating bacteria caused infection called as Necrotizing fasciitis, infection on tissues under our skin.

Infections of bacteria may lead to:

- partly tissues are died

- amputations

- death in very rare cases

The bacteria are included in group of Streptococcus, and they are found in a quite wide range environment of:

- freshwater

- brackish water

- marine water

The Streptococcus bacteria are well known to cause diseases relate to:

- soft tissue infections

- skin diseases

- strep throat

A backyard, illustration only

The question, then: Can We Find Flesh Eating Bacteria in Swimming Pool?

The answer is YES.

It is because swimming pool generally use freshwater. One of common places for flesh eating bacteria.

Thus, bacteria can live in many freshwater environments such as:

- a lake

- a river

- water parks

- might be in the hot tubs

How to avoid flesh eating bacteria?

Simple answer is that just avoid to swim if we have scrapes or open cut on our skin. Using waterproof bandages might be helpful.

Take care! 

What is the Meaning of no Antibiotics Rotisserie Chicken? - Microorganisms 1

Monday, December 14, 2020

The sign of no antibiotic product

I just aware that there are following signs in groceries recently:

- antibiotics free meat

- no steroids or hormone

- no artificial ingredients

- antibiotic free eggs, chicken or pork

- no antibiotics ever

In case of “antibiotics free,” the simple meaning that animals are raised without injected with antibiotics in the farm.

Then, what is important of antibiotics free animals for consumers?

Yes, antibiotics are injected into animals body to treat them from illness, especially microorganisms relate diseases.

Unfortunately, these antibiotics settle in the tissues of animals. Humans who consume meats will ingest the drugs accidentally.

Antibiotics Free Rotisserie Chicken in the groceries

The effect is harmful to consumers health, could cause antibiotic resistances. If one day we need antibiotics to treat illness due to such as bacteria, our body may not respond to the antibiotics.

Bacteria may evolve to survive against antibiotics, make our suffer from illness, and diseases spreading easily.

Examples of bacteria and antibiotics relationship, just to have an idea:

- Staphylococcus aureus bacteria resists to antibiotic called methicillin.

- Enterococcus sp survives against antibiotic, vancomycin.

- Enterococcus bacteria resist to antibiotic called vancomycin.

- Mycobacterium tuberculosis fight to multi antibiotics.

Hope, we are aware that our foods may contain antibiotics, and we should avoid to consume it.