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May an Insect Kill Human with Their Stings? - Part 2

Friday, June 9, 2023

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Fig 01- An insect, just illustration

One individual hornet may kill about 40 bees in a minute, causes devastating of bees colony.

May an Insect, Asian giant hornets Kill Human with Stings?


The hornets killed 50 people in Japan per year with their stings. Approximately, 1 per million people died in the world due to stinging of this insect.

It is because their stings contain poison called neurotoxin. Painful and severe to human.

Fig 02- A wild flower, just for illustration

The sting is quite longer compared to other insects, about 6 mm (0.25 inches). Single sting may contain 28 times more poison than honey bees sting.

Fig 03- Blooming, just illustration

Have you ever seen murder insects in nature? Do you know any dangerous insects?

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Possibility Crab Shells to Replace Lithium

Monday, May 15, 2023

I believe all of us familiar with, and even use Lithium battery in our daily life. Just few examples of products which are using Lithium Ion battery are Tablets, Cell phones, Laptops and Portable drills.

Fig 01- Crabs, sold at a grocery store

At least, there are three advantages of Lithium Ion batteries compared to traditional ones:

- last longer

- higher power densities

- and charge faster.

However, Lithium batteries contain toxic metals (nickel, manganese, cobalt), hence, have negative impact on environments. Even worse compared to fossil fuels in terms of productions or mining.

Fig 02- Lithium battery, sold in Walmart

As reported by Prachi Patel in Daily Science (2022: New biodegradable, recyclable battery is made of crab shells) that scientists have created new material from crab shells and combines with zinc to replace Lithium.

The advantages of batteries from this new material are:

- lower cost

- live longer

- environmental friendly due to recyclable or biodegradable

Fig 03- Source of shells for Lithium

What do you think?

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Can Mosquitoes be Exterminated on the Earth? - Part 1

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Human killed by Mosquitoes is estimated about no less than 1 million per year worldwide, especially in the tropical areas (Asia and Africa continents).

Fig 01- A mosquito for illustration (credit to Google).

Almost a half million death due to malaria only, transmitted by the mosquito species of Anopheles mosquito.

Malaria is transmitted by the infected female Anopheles sp to people after biting those people for blood meal.

WHO (World Health Organization) reported that mosquitoes affect on billion of people with diseases spread by them.

There are 3500 species of mosquitoes, but not all risk to human health, and even not all mosquitoes bite human.

Fig 02- White Azalea flowers, illustration.

Some well known deadly diseases that caused by mosquitoes are:

- malaria

- Yellow Fever

- Zika Virus

- West Nile Virus

- Encephalitis

- Chikungunya Virus

- Dengue Fever

Fig 03- Yellow flowers, illustration only

The question: Can Mosquitoes be exterminated on the earth? The answer is YES. Then, how?

# To be continued to Part 2

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May Insects Kill Human with Their Stings? - Part 1

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Murder insects were spotted first time in Washington state, USA in May 2020. The insect is called as “Asian giant hornets” with scientific name, Vespa mandarinia.

Fig 01- A bee feeds nectar and pollen of a flower

The insect, actually native to several “warmer” and temperate regions which are far away from the USA.

The warmer and temperate areas include:

- East Asia

- South Asia

- Southeast Asia

- the Russian Far East

Fig 02- Flowers, just illustration

The Asian giant hornets have no natural enemies in the nature, hence they are the apex predator of insects in their environments.

In nature, this biggest size hornet in the world consumes many smaller insects, just few examples are beetles, wasps, bees, hornworms and other smaller hornets.

Fig 03- The Asian giant hornet (credit to Newsweek)

Moreover, the giant hornet may affect bee population, because:

- they attack honey bee hives

- hornets kill adult bees

- they are devouring larvae and pupae.

Fig 04- Flowers are blooming

# To be continued to Part 2

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Could Scientists Develop Unhackable Computers? - Part 2

Saturday, February 25, 2023

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Fig 01- The red flower in the garden.

Several American agencies are developing what they called as quantum computer, and then quantum internet.

The agencies such as universities, national laboratories and federal institutions are trying to connect their computers across the USA with what they call as “the quantum concept.”

Some advantages of quantum computers are:

- using qubit (quantum bit)

- faster and excellent in decryption and encryption works

Fig 02- The painting by a local artist, illustration

Connection among computers and cryptography capabilities cause hackers illigal activities highly possibly be intercepted, hence, there is prospect to get online protection and to prevent hacking.

Fig 03- Unique forms of pumpkins, illustration

However, quantum computer is in the early stages so far. Moreover, hopefully, we will avoid online hackers in the near future soon.

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Could Scientists Develop Un-hackable Computers? - Part 1

Sunday, January 22, 2023

We may be hearing, watching or reading about hacking or data stolen by hackers almost every day.

Fig 01- Laptop computer, just for illustration.

As you know, the bad things that hackers not only access to our computer to steal whatever inside our computer, but they could also control our computer networks and then prevent us to access our own computer systems.

Strangely, the hackers have specific targets, and changed over the years. Just recent weeks, hackers targeted public infrastructures.

The reasons that infrastructure companies to be targeted it is because hackers have political and even security motivated.

Fig 02- The watch on the street, illustration

In addition, infrastructures are easy target because they have outdated computer systems.

Fig 03- Coneflower, illustration

Moreover, the most sectors to be targeted in recent years are following:

- Banking and financial institutions

- Healthcare organizations

- IT and Telecom

- Government and Military

- Retails

- Education and research institutes

Fig 04- Computers sold in Walmart, illustration

The legitimate question then, Could Scientists Develop Unhackable Computers in the coming future?

# To be continued to Part 2

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