The Colorful of Male Painted Bunting - Critter 60

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Early autumn, we got another bunting as a visitor of our neighborhood. Sure, this is male bunting, since its colorful.

Fig 01- A painted bunting

Based on GoogleID, the scientific name for this painted bunting is a Passerina ciris, and its included as one of small songbirds in our areas with length size of about 4 inches (10 cm).

The combine colors for males of this species are green, yellow, blue and red. Very attractive plumage.

The birds are native to South and North America, hence should be common birds in our state, Louisiana. However, we don't know why we have seen rarely this bird, especially in recent years.

Fig 02- A painted bunting on feeder

The birds should be founding in their natural habitats such as parks, woodlands and brushy areas.

Fig 03 - Forests, sea and a boat, illustration.

In nature, diet of the birds is insects, they consume in the bushes and on the grounds. 

Fig 04- A countryside, just illustration

On the feeders, they love to eat seeds (sunflower seeds) and even fruit. They might need to adjust their diet in addition to insects. 

Fig 05 - A male Painted bunting

Have you ever seen this species of painted bunting in nature?

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The Silly Name, but Serious Pizza - Sign 59

Friday, November 24, 2023
 You might not familiar or not know a pizza called "Schlitz & Giggles, silly name serious pizza" which is sold in our city.

Image 1 - Schlittz & Giggles, a pizzeria in our city.

Schlittz refers to "schlitz," a German word which means cut or a pizza slice. The giggles, as you know, refer to laughter. 

So, Schlitz & Giggles could be mean the way of eating a slice of pizza with playful and enjoying.

Schlitz & Giggles serve for 15 years in our city, Baton Rouge, sure they are serious about pizza in term of freshness of their ingredients and dough.

The special of this pizza is its crispy crust and flavor because it is cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Fig 02 - Slices of pizza, ready to consume.

Fig 03- A window, just illustration.

Fig 04- The crispy crust pizza.

Do you like pizza? what brands?

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The Blue Jay Babies in the Nature - Critter 59

Tuesday, November 21, 2023
Last summer, we saw "something" over the tree at our backyard. When we approach, there was a nest. A bird nest. 

Fig 01- The little bird in the nest

In the early morning, mama bird was flying around squawking like crazy. We wish it had been brighter outside so I could have gotten a good look at her. We still do not know what kind of bird she is.

We stayed outside, sitting on the ground about 30 feet (9.1 m) away from the tree, for about an hour, then came back inside.

Another morning we tried again to take a look at the nest, but it was upsetting mama bird so much we just backed away. We couldn't even get close enough to pull the SD card from our Stealth Cam.

Fig 02- The weak little bird in the nest.

We had to leave for a while, then we'll be checking the nest as soon as possible. Also, we hope mama bird will allow us to get to our Stealth Cam.

Fig 03- Trees at our neighborhood

We don't mind being dive bombed but We don't want to stress mama bird out any more than she already is.

Fig 04- The trees, just illustration

We saw mama bird, we believe that it is a blue jay, since it has the body shape as we know with the longish tail feathers.

Fig 05 - Hiding nest on the tree.

This is the best description we could get with her moving around so quickly and dive bombing my head.

Fig 06- Several babies bird on the tree.

Have you seen this kind of babies' bird in the nature?

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The Pink Silk Tulip - Gardening and Hobby 46

Friday, November 17, 2023
 The pink silk tulip is believed come from Netherland, breeding by about 17th century. Quite long time ago. 

Fig 01- The vase of pink silk tulip

Pink silk tulips were known to be cultivated in the USA by around the 18th century. It is one of the popular flowers for bouquets or arrangements in certain seasons, especially Spring.

In addition to bouquets and arrangements, many people enjoy the pink silk tulips in many different manners such as admiring flowers in a simple vase and planting them in the indoor or outdoor gardens.

Sure, the pink silk tulip is beautiful and versatile flowers. The simple cares could make flowers last for weeks.

Fig 02- Another variety of tulip flowers.

Just to let you know that there are about 3,000 variety of tulips in the world. Several popular tulips, just for examples are Triumph tulips, Lily flower tulips, Fringed tulips and Parrot tulips.

Fig 03- In the corner of the garden

Do you love tulips? 

what variety?

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The Hummingbird in the Autumn- Critter 58

Monday, November 13, 2023

Fig 01- A hummingbird on the feeder

This year, our yard has been visited by hummingbird even temperatures getting colder, Autum already.

Based on the GoogleID, the bird is identified as a rufous hummingbird with scientific name, Selasphorus rufus.

This hummingbird should immigrate to further southern to the country such as Mexico or Central America regions.

This little critter love to consume nectar from colorful flowers some of them are scarlet gilia, penstemon, mints, lilies, fireweeds and larkspurs.

Fig 2- Lantana flowers, illustration only.

Fig 03- Flowers at the corner, illustration only

Did hummingbirds visit your areas?

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The Fresh Cut Jars Full of Flowers - Sign 58

Saturday, November 11, 2023
When walking in the morning as usual, we saw a small vendor selling of fresh cut flowers. We saw this kind of vendor for first time in our areas. 

Fig 1- A street cut flowers vendor

The vendor's name is "Yaya’s Blooms," a unique name. Even though we never seen in our areas, this kind of vendor could be seen in several parts of our city in some important moments.

Just to let you know that revenue of cut flower in our city about US$ 10 million in a year. The participants involve in this business include wholesale florists, grocery stores, event planners and off course small vendors.

This revenue is estimated to grow in the near future due to several factors such as demand for cut flowers as decorations and gifts.

Fig 02- A jar with cut flower

Some favorite cut flowers in our city are zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, chamomile and basil.

Fig 03- Sunflowers on the Table.

How about cut flowers in your areas? What do you think?

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Day Lily in the Our City Garden – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 45

Wednesday, November 8, 2023
We saw the sign of kids lying on the grass when we enter the public garden in our city. Quite long time, we did not visit this little garden.

Fig 01- Painting in front of garden

There are plenty of blooming, one of them was a flower called a Day Lily. The word “Day Lily” refers to the flower which “blossom” under sunrise and then die at night.

Since its stem has plenty flower buds, so, blooming could take several weeks then. Color combinations may be more than hundreds in the world, but we saw several dominant colors in our city garden:

- orange, rose, burgundy, purple

- pink, cream and lavender

Fig 02 – A yellow Day Lily

Flowering occurs in the Spring until early Summer in our place. Other places could be till Fall season. We don’t know the number of varieties in our area, but around 80,000 varieties in the world.

Fig 03 – A Dominic Day Lily

When Day Lily blooming in your area?

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The Secretive Bird Called as Sora Rail - Critter 57

Friday, November 3, 2023
We are lucky enough to see this bird in the nature, because it runs away quickly and then hiding under the bushes.

Fig 01- The bird called as a Sora Rail

Based on GoogleID, the bird is identified as Sora Rail (Porzana carolina). Other common names are Sora Crake or just Sora.

Yes, Sora Rail is secretive bird, and difficult to observe it. We may find this bird in the wetland areas, and the birds love to be hiding around the plants (emergent vegetations) such as sedges, rushes and cattails.

The bird is migratory bird, hence we see this bird in the southern states include our state around Fall to Winter seasons. The bird returns to Canada or America in the spring or summer for breeding season.

Fig 02- Cats, just for illustration

The bird is important to the wetland ecosystem, since it could control insect populations. The Sora consumes seeds and other small animals as well.

Fig 03- Halloween decoration, illustration

The birds have plenty predators, they are including owls, foxes and hawks. Some people hunt the birds as game birds.

Fig 04- Sora Rail, lonely bird

Have you seen Sora Rail birds?

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