Caroline Wren Babies in the Mailbox - Critter 75

Saturday, June 15, 2024
Surprisingly, we saw the bird made a nest in our mailbox. We have been watching the progress from eggs to these sweet babies for the last few weeks.

Fig - The babies' bird in the mailbox

The bird's mom won’t stay still for a good picture. We personally think it's a very heartwarming image.

After searching through Google, it is highly probably that the bird's species are Carolina wrens. It is because the birds are notorious for making nests in inconvenient places such as above doors or mailboxes.

Caroline wren nests are built from a combination of:
- leaves
- moss
- twigs
- and other debris.

The inside of the nest is then lined with soft materials, some of them are feathers and fur.

Have you enjoyed with this kind of experience?

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