Injured Hawk on the Yard – Critter 24

Thursday, December 1, 2022

We found an injured hawk on the ground of our yard recently. We did not know why this “young” bird injured.

Fig 01- A hawk on the ground

We believed the hawk might be attacked by big birds (predators), then we tried to contact anyone who could help.

While finding some helps, we aware that injures might be due to several factors, the most significant causes relate to predators.

Interestingly, the bigger hawks attack smaller and medium size hawks for unknown reasons.

Then, what other possible predators to attack hawk?

Fig 02- Pitcher, illustration

From Googling, we may find some predators which may attacks and even consume hawk.

Fig 03- Missed hawk’s feathers

The predators include crows, eagles and owls.

Little weak hawks or hawk’s eggs could be targeted by several other animals such as foxes, raccoon and snakes.

By the way, we finally find a foundation (institute) which could help injured hawk. The foundation is close by our neighborhood.

Wings of Hope, a Wildlife Sanctuary promised to take care injured hawk, and please to contact it in the future.

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  1. Biedny jastrząb. Może kot na niego zapolował ?

  2. I hope the injury is not serious.

  3. I cannot believe ravens are that daring to attack hawks too

  4. I hope that hawk recovers fully. :)

  5. Great that you got it help. Interesting.

  6. Wow, that would have been a shock to see.

  7. It's a beautiful animal.
    I hope that it heals.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. We have hawks in the area and they do go after the smaller ones. I'm glad you found a place to take it for rehabilitation.

  9. Poor hawk. I'm always so sad when I saw injured animal. I hope so that he will be fine.

  10. Great that you helped.
    Hope he recovers soon.

  11. Hello,
    It is a beautiful bird, I hope the bird recovered and could be released into the wild.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  12. I'm glad you found help for this beautiful bird!

  13. I have seen visiting Marsh Harriers attacking other hawks. Hope the injured hawk recovers.

    1. Thanks to visit my blog-
      Injured Hawk on the Yard – Critter 24
      We found an injured hawk on the ground of our yard recently. We did not know why this “young” bird injured.