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What is Negative Interest Rate Mean? - Part 2

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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Fig 01- Chocolate covered strawberry

Moreover, the Bank of England, the British central bank was planning to have negative interest rate, then the rate was negative few years ago or by February, 2021.

We may wonder: what are the purposes of negative interest rate?

The main purposes that banks (the central bank) want or encourage people to:

- spending their money instead of saving in the banks

- investing more into the markets

- borrow money from the banks for any purposes, include consumption.

Fig 02- The Monte Carlo Aster Purple flower

These encouragements will boost the economy, the fact is based on economic experiences in Japan, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden.

Fig 03- The Yellow Rose, taken from garden

Have you experienced with negative or close to zero interest rate in your places?

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What is Negative Interest Rate Mean? - Part 1

Friday, February 17, 2023

At previous postings, we have talked about negative price such as negative oil price, it was happened around April 2020 few years ago. That was the first time in American history.

Fig 01- Negative interest rate (credit to Money for the rest of Us).

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How about with negative interest rate?

It means that if we save (deposit) our money, then the bank will charge it. Some banks have specific limit, the charge is applied only to excess cash.

Another meaning that you will get some “amount of money or credit” if you get loan from banks.

Fig 02- A corner at neighborhood, just for illustration.

What countries experienced with negative interest rates?

Here are some:

- Switzerland, interest rate sits at -0.75% (minus 0.75%).

- Denmark has interest rate at -0.60% (minus 0.60%).

- Sweden with interest rate at -0.10% (minus 0.10%).

- Japan has interest rate of -0.10% (minus 0.10%).

Fig 03- Empty Street, just illustration

Have your countries experienced negative interest rate?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Why does Oil Price Go Negative in the Market? - Part 2

Friday, December 30, 2022

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Fig 01- One of gasoline stations at neighborhood

However, NYMEX was opened in 1872 for commodities trade only, the stocks included:

- copper

- platinum

- gold

- silver

The negative price happened when sellers can not find the buyers for future contract, usually near term contract.

Fig 02- Early morning, illustration only

The oil future price should be higher than today price (the spot price). In fact, the price is often higher in the short and long terms.

Fig 03- A Pom Pom flower, illustration

Near term contract refer to price contract in days, weeks or a month, not in years (long term).

It is a sign of bad economy in which negative price “could be” meaning there is no demands, thus less industry activities (productions).

Then, lead to unemployment, and then hurt economic. On and on.

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Hay Stacks in the Small Farmer Market – Part 2

Thursday, December 22, 2022

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Fig 01- Sold in-front of the farmer market

I saw in the small farmer market not in great number of hay stacks, may be not sold for farmers or ranchers, but for individuals for decoration purposes only during any special days.

Another reason that hay sold in the “small amount” for who feed their pets such as:

- rabbit

- deer

- other “small size” pets

Fig 02- Frosty grass on the yard, illustration

Fig 03- Lighter hay, I think

In the market, I found square hay only, no round bales. The size might be 40 pounds (20 kg), not that big and heavy.

It is might be due to storage capacity of market or no storage at all.

But, I just get new knowledge that other function of hay stacks is for erosion control or for landscaping called as a straw hay.

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Why does Oil Price Go Negative in the Market? - Part 1

Monday, December 5, 2022

In case you did not know or forgot, just to remind that we experienced negative price of crude oil in the market in 2020.

Fig 01- Oil reached negative price (-US$ 37.63).
Credit to Google.

Surprisingly, crude oil price plummet sharply below zero or in the negative trading zone.

The price reached negative value (- US$ 37.63) for the first time at least in American history. The trading of future contract price was for West Texas Intermediate or WTI crude oil.

Negative price means that if we are consumers, then the producers will pay us to take their oil from their hands.

Fig 02- Hot chocolate, illustration

Fig 03- Late Autumn in our area.

We might ask the question, Why Oil Price Goes Negative? The multiple possible answers could be:

- oil supply more than market demand.

- oil stores are overflow or no spaces to store over supply of oil

In term of stock market, oil was traded in New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) since 1983.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Hay Stacks in the Small Farmer Market – Part 1

Saturday, November 19, 2022

I know and you might understand as well that hay is “a good food” for different type of livestock.

Image 1- Hay stacks for sale

The livestock which eat hay in the winter or during long drought may include like:

- cows

- horses

- and sheep

Hay for food has two types: lighter and heavier, but both fairly cheap in respect for price.

Image 2- Outdoor, Illustration only

The heavier ones contain higher protein. It is said that “alfalfa hay” may contain protein up to 21%, higher compared to grass hay.

The grass hay may contain protein about 10% only, or even less than 10%, depend on many factors.

Image 3- Stacks of hay in the corner

In addition to nutritious value, people look for dryness of hay. We might wonder: Why?

It is because dryness relates to quality, since wet hay means easy to be destroyed or rotten by mold.

To be easy to be dried and stored, many people choose round than square bales. Round bales also easier to wrap with plastic.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Is America still Nation Producing Cotton?

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

You might be knowing the song title “Cotton Field” written by Huddie Ledbetter in 1940 to “depict” life in the states that produce cotton.

Fig 01- Cotton field in Mississippi

The USA is a prominent country to produce white cotton in the world around 1800’s., but now, India and China are the most to produce cotton.

If we travel to southern states such as Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama or Tennessee nowadays, then we will see cotton fields along the roads.

It seems “cotton is back!”

In 2021, America has produced 17.8 million bales cotton, equal to 4.3 million metric tons.

Fig 02- Pitcher, just for illustration

Fig 03- Stalks with white cotton

Two top cotton production countries in the world as of 2022:

- China, 6.4 million tons

- India, 6.2 million tons

My understanding, cotton is used for textile industries extensively to produce many things from clothes to bed sheets to towel to jackets and many more.

Interestingly, cotton is also used for other purposes: cotton seeds for animal food, plastics, oil, rubber and human cosmetics.

Have you ever seen cotton field?

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Cutting the Tree Before Hurricane Coming – Part 2

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Fig 01- Special truck ready to cut the trees

In addition to strong wind, hurricane could cause surge along coastline up to 3.4 m (11 feet).

Then, followed by long rainfall which could be days. Sure, the result might be flooding everywhere.

We wonder whether our trees could stand up by this kind of hurricane, thus we call a tree removal, pruning or trimming company in our city.

Fig 02- A fallen tree after hurricane, illustration

Fig 03- A squirrel loves to play under trees

Fig 04- Cutting into pieces.

The company sent a truck with special equipment. It was take several hours only (less than a day):

- to cut trees down

- chopping the trunk (log) into pieces

- clean all debris

- haul the woods away

- or store the pieces for using in cold winter

Hopefully, we could replace the removal trees to new ones (baby trees) in the next near future.

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Small Business at Nearby Neighborhood – Part 2

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Fig 01- Donuts sold in the shop

We love to eat in our favorite restaurants before covid 19 pandemic. Some provided international or certain ethnic menus.

For breakfast, we bought donuts sometimes. Sure, we consume local ones, not well famous brands such as “Dunkin Donuts.”

The price ranges from US$ 1.66 to US$ 15.99 for a dozen donuts, reasonable price, we guess.

Fig 02- One of my favorite donuts

Fig 03- Local product of Doughnut shop

Some of our Doughnut favorites are:

- Glaze

- Chocolate

- Apple fritter

- Cinnamon role

- Donuts holes

Doughnut's shops could sell coffee, juice, bottle water, soft drinks and other goods for additional profits

How about with local business in your neighborhood?

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