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The Crape Myrtle Growing from Seeds - Gardening and Hobby 43

Tuesday, September 26, 2023
We may collect Crape myrtle seeds when the seed pods have turned from green to brown, and this happen in the Fall season.

Fig 01- Flowers of Crape Myrtle blooming.

The seeds are stored in the cool and dry places, then be used (planted) in the Spring season. 

In our case, this seedling was germinated in the baggy. and then put it in the "specific" pot after it sprouted.

After about six months in the pot, the Crape Myrtle plants have reached about 17 inches (43 cm) tall.

It’s already got flowerheads on every single seed sprout the yellow centers turn to seed pods and we have many of those on there as well.

Fig 02- Beautiful flowers of Crape Myrtle.

This plant comes from Asia, and very popular in the warm climate like our areas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The flowers have variety of colors such as white, red, pink and purple.

Fig 03- The big myrtle in the garden.

Do you familiar with Crape Myrtle flowers?

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The Lightscape Design - Gardening and Hobby 42

Monday, August 28, 2023
I am not so familiar with the words of "The Lightscape Design," then try to find out from several resources.

Fig 01- Light around trees as part of the lightscape design

It is kind of art in using of lighting to enhance the landscape in terms of the beauty and functionality.

Lightscape design can be used to highlight such inviting space, sense of atmosphere and architectural features.

As inviting space, lighting may highlight patios, walkways and other areas like area people together.

An example of a sense of atmosphere that soft and diffused light can create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. 

Fig 02- Lightscape in the architecture.

By highlighting arches, columns, arches and other architectural elements with spotlights, then we use light to highlight features of architectures.

Fig 03- Lightscape of the architecture and yard.

Do you like to play with lights?

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Mexican Petunia is a Beautiful Flower Tolerates to Heat - Gardening and Hobby 41

Tuesday, August 22, 2023
In addition to heat, Mexican Petunia tolerates to drought and poor soil. This plant is ornamental perennial, commonly grown in the corner of yards or gardens. Ruellia simplex is its scientific name.

Fig 01- Th beautiful flowers of Mexican Petunia

The flowers come from Latin America then spread to all over the world. It is good to attract pollinators, that are hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

Mexican Petunia has several colors, just examples are pink, white, purple and blue. We saw purple is the dominant color in our areas.

Blooming is quite long, from Spring to Fall, so we may observe the Mexican Petunia flowers in the hot summer. They make gardens look beautiful.

Interestingly, the flowers are much prettier in the morning. However, they are hardy plants and spread like wildfire. They could be all over in our backyard.

Fig 02- The plant looks like weed.

Yes, the Mexican Petunia plants are very invasive. It is suggested to keep them in a pot, if we find the plats in our yards.

Fig 03- The Mexican Petunia grows in the pot.

In many countries, the Mexican Petunia outcompete local (native) plants, then disrupt ecosystem. We should aware the risk to plant them in our areas.

Fig 04- The plant grows in the corner of garden.

Do you know about the Mexican Petunia plant?

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Drought Tolerant Plants that Survive of Heat Waves - Gardening and Hobby 40

Tuesday, August 15, 2023
 As of previous post, the dead of birds is common during higher temperatures, especially in Southern states of America:
Dead of Bird during Higher Temperature - Critter 49 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Fig 01- The Yaupon Holy Plant during spring times

Like animals, many plants can't tolerate to heat waves too, just for examples are ferns, roses, hostas and azalea. 

Some reasons plants dead of higher temperatures:
1) If temperatures higher, plants will experience temperature stress. The heat stress could damage cells and tissues, then lead to die.

2) Thin leaves plants such as yucca, snake plants, spider plants and Aloe vera in which their leaves could be sunburned in hot summer days. Then, their leaves would turn brown. Eventually, the plants could die.

Fig 02- Yaupon in the summer times, drought tolerant

3) During hot temperatures, plants tend to lose much more water than they able to replace, then this could cause to dehydration, and highly possibly lead to death.

Fig 03- Gaura, a drought tolerant plant

Sure, there are plenty of Drought Tolerant Plants that Survive of Heat Waves. We observed at least three of them; the Yaupon Holy Plant, Gaura and the American beauty berries.

Fig 04- The American beauty berries, drought tolerant

Do you now the drought tolerant plants that survive higher temperature in your areas?

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Some Flowers on the Corner - Gardening and Hobby 39

Saturday, August 12, 2023
The Fuchsia is one of my favorite flowers. Because of its beauty and easy to take care, this flower to be popular choice for small gardens or be placed on the corner.

Fig 01- A beautiful Fuchsia on the corner

There are about 100 species with 12,000 varieties of Fuchsia in the world. They mainly come from or native to Latin America.

Fuchsia could be basic colors, bicolored and tricolored. The basic colors are purple, pink, red, white, blue, orange and yellow.

Just for examples of Fuchsia with bicolor and tricolors are Butterfly Kisses, Candy Cane, Lady Thumbelina, Pink Delight and Blue Angel.

In our state, Louisiana, we have some popular Fuchsia such as Fuchsia hybrida, Fuchsia riccartonii and Fuchsia magellanica.

Fig 02- A Common daisy, illustration

We love to have Fuchsia hybrida because it has plenty of colors include red, white, yellow, purple and pink.

Fig 03- Tagetes erecta, illustration only

Interestingly. Fuchsia flowers have long blooming time. In our city, Baton Rouge, the blooming season could be 5 to 6 months, from Spring to Fall.

Fig 04- Lantana flowers, illustration only

 Do you recognize Fuchsia flowers?

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A Simple Fairy Garden - Gardening and Hobby 38

Monday, August 7, 2023

 As you know, the concept of fairy garden is to decorate a mini garden with flowers, plants, little statues and mini accessories in order to bring fairies world at our yards.

Fig 01- A little fairy world

There is no rule to design a fairy garden, just need to be creative and  have fun with wild imagination.

The plants or flowers should be low maintenance and small size, some of them are miniature roses, succulents and air plants. Then, the natural materials will have realistic impact on the fairy world.

Some materials which are used by my neighbors are: A small container or pot with drainage holes, miniature decorations (a fairy house, mini table and chairs, and a fence) and pebbles or glass marbles.

Fig 02- Flowers in the small pot

My neighbors place their fairy garden in the spot where they can enjoy it, either outdoors or indoors. It is just needing a little attention or care to joy it for years.

Fig 03- A fairy garden in the corner

Have you designed a fairy garden?

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Dianthus Flowers are Blooming in Our Areas - Gardening and Hobby 37

Thursday, June 29, 2023

I just aware that Dianthus flowers have about 340 different species worldwide. Unfortunately, there are no information about number of Dianthus species in the USA.

Fig 01- Blooming of Dianthus flowers

However, there is one native species live in the North America, arctic region, state of Alaska, called with common name as Boreal Carnation. Its scientific name is Dianthus repens.

Based on GoogleID, the above flower (Fig 01) was idintified as China pink (Dianthus chinensis), also known with common name as Rainbow pink. This flower natives to China, Southern Russia, Korea and Mongolia.

China pink blooms from Summer to early Fall seasons, about end May to September in our areas. Some neighbors have this beautiful flower.

Fig 02- Another species of Dianthus

Fig 03- A variety of Dianthus flowers at neighborhood

When are Dianthus flowers blooming in your areas?

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A Simple Set of Container Gardens - Gardening and Hobby 36

Friday, June 16, 2023

Some of our neighbors have designed a simple set of container gardens can bring so much joy to our community.

Fig 01- Plants display around birdbath

They discovered a fast and easy way to display cut flowers in their container garden during this season.

One of a simple container garden is a set up one around a birdbath for a beautiful display at one of houses in the neighborhood. it looks stunning with the stem immersed in the birdbath

It's such an easy way to landscape without preparing a garden bed. Just grab some colorful coleus, begonias, or other plants in pots and arrange them around an object of interest.

Fig 02- Arrangement of plant and flowers

We love how a simple idea. Moreover, like other gardens, don't forget to water and fertilize regularly for a thriving little garden.

Fig 03- Several plants and blooming of Magnolia

Have any of you tried this before? Share your experiences and thoughts below!

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Flowers at the Walking Path side - Gardening and Hobby 35

Friday, June 2, 2023

We saw several flowers at the walking path side about sometimes ago. Quite pretty flowers.

Fig 01- A purple Daylily.

First, we didn't know who take care or do they just grow “volunteer” like our tomatoes and watermelon?:

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Other days, after looking in details, we saw a sign on the flowers (close to bottom) which are ready for blooming.

Fig 02- A yellow Daylily

It means our assumption was wrong, the true is that someone take cares the flowers, they are not wild flowers.

Fig 03- We saw a sign on the flower, ready for blooming

We believe the flowers are “Daylily,” then confirmed by GoogleID, yes, they are Daylily.

Fig 04- A blooming one, Daylily.

Have a wonderful summer.

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