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Ripening Wild Tomatoes from Yards - Gardening and Hobby 34

Saturday, May 6, 2023

We talked about volunteer (rough) plants in the backyards during warmer seasons. In our case, we have an unexpected watermelon plant which produced sweet fruit.

Fig 01– Some wild tomatoes

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Recently, we have other volunteer plants, tomatoes. We believe “certain birds donated several plants this year from stealing tomatoes from our backyard garden last year or somewhere else recently.”

Love when that happens repeatedly. Is this exciting or what? We have about three tomato plants that are volunteers this year so far.

Fig 02- A Rose-breasted grosbeck

Based on internet searching, we may find there are plenty species of birds consume tomatoes.

Fig 03- A bluebird, sitting at the corner

We have noticed some of these birds visiting our yard. Just few examples are Rose-breasted grosbeck, Bluebird, Cardinal, Mockingbird and Robin.

Fig 04- The volunteer tomatoes

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Fig 05- Tomatoes start to ripe

Have you planted tomatoes?

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Wild Mushrooms on the Yards - Gardening and Hobby 33

Monday, April 24, 2023

We talked about edible mushroom at previous post:

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Fig 01- A mushroom on the yard

We may wonder why are mushrooms either poison or edible ones growing “very happy” in our lawns.

Is mushroom on yards as indication of good or bad?

In fact, it is because our yard’s soil rich in organic material, just few examples are wood barks, age manure, multiple debris, wood chips, hay, yard debris and rotten leaves.

Then, Mushrooms will break down these organic material, hence make lawn’s soil more fertile.

Fig 02- A single mushroom

Another meaning that by breaking down process, mushrooms will improve plant’s production.

Fig 03- Mushrooms on the stump

So, mushroom is not harmful, but a good sign that our yard is healthy. Our plants will grow well.

Fig 04- A mushroom on the grass

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Blooming of Zinnia Flowers - Gardening and Hobby 32

Saturday, April 15, 2023

We failed to grow Zinnia from seeds to flowers last year due to several reasons, one of them was unstable weather condition.

Fig 01- Blooming of Zinnia.

Another reason that we have no experience, just try and fail. We start to grow again Zinnia in the small pots this year, and luckily we success to have beautiful blooming of Zinnia flowers.

There are bout 20 species Zinnias in the world. The flowers native to Mexico, Central America region, and the USA.

Many Zinnia flowers are found in the wild, just few species with hundred of hybrids are grown in the gardens or recreational parks in several countries around the globe.   

Fig 02- A kind of hybrid flower

We grew Zinnia where there were plenty of sun rays. Seeds just few inches below soil in the small pots, it is because light will stimulate seeds to germinate.

After several months, flowers grow and blooming. In our state, Zinnias are blooming around April to May.

Fig 03- Bright color of Zinnia flower

Have you experienced to grow Zinnia flowers?

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The Butterfly Milkweed Plants - Gardening and Hobby 31

Saturday, April 1, 2023

The milkweed plants belong to the genus of Asclepias which have plenty species, about 140 kind of plants.

Fig 01- Butterfly milkweed plants.

The 140 species of milkweed plants are found mainly in the areas of North America, Africa and South America.

I have known just two species grow beautifully in our neighborhood, Baton Rouge, LA: Common butterfly milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) and Mexican, also well known as Tropical butterfly milkweed (Asclepias curassivica)

As reported by USDA (2023: Which Milkweeds Do Monarch Butterflies Prefer?) that the Common butterfly milkweed plant is preferred by Monarch butterfly to lay their eggs.

Fig 02- Unidentified butterfly, illustration

However, we always find Monarch butterfly drinking nectar of Mexican (tropical) milkweed flowers in our neighborhood areas during Spring times.

Wisconsin Horticulture (2023: Tropical Milkweed, Asclepias currasavica) suggested that Monarch butterfly prefer Mexican Milkweed than other Milkweed plants in Wisconsin state areas.

Fig 03- A Monarch butterfly landing on the Milkweed flower

Do you recognize both Common butterfly milkweed and Mexican (Tropical) butterfly milkweed? What do you think?

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Wild White Flowers in the Spring - Gardening and Hobby 30

Monday, February 27, 2023

Temperature in our place reaches above 70* F (21* C) degree since last week, hence, we may say that Spring is coming. Another sign of Spring is plenty of wild flowers around.

Fig 01- White wild flowers, snowflake

One of wild flowers is white color flowers. After searching and identifying through Google ID, we found the flower includes in the family of Amarylidaceae with genus of Leucojum.

This genus has two species:

1) Leucojum vernum.

- the species also called as Spring snowflake.

2) Leucojum aestivum.

- known as the summer snowflake, or also called as Loddon lily.

Fig 02- Snowflake starts blooming

This Spring snowflake is growing well in our neighborhood and the city garden. Since its perennial, the blooming is observed in the Spring time every year.

I don’t know about summer snowflake (Leucojum aestivum). I’ll wait for summer to look for this Loddon lily.

Fig 03- Lovely Spring snowflake

Have you seen wild Spring snowflake in your areas in this time around?

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Blooming of Starfish Cactus - Gardening and Hobby 29

Monday, February 13, 2023

The cactus with scientific name Stapelia hirsuta, strarts blooming after July, during summer months in Northern America every year. Since we live in the southern state, some of flowers blooming in February.

Fig 01- The Starfish flower

Flower looks like “a starfish,” and quite bigger compared to the plant size. In our case, the flower may reach 36 cm (14 inches).

I think, our flower is mixed of flesh and yellow colors. Other blooming colors may different from species to species.

Some of other flower’s colors are:

- gray

- yellowish

- reddish and purple

Fig 02- No single flower yet

In term of odors, we smell quite offensive aromas such as foul odors, stink smell, rotten meat or dead animals.

Fig 03- Close up of starfish flower

The smell to invite pollinators like flies and other insects to come and pollinate the cactus flowers.

Have you seen Starfish cactus?

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Bell-Shaped Flowers of Alligator Plants - Gardening and Hobby 28

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

We have an interesting plant with bell-shaped flowers. Since our areas have big swing temperatures, so does with flowers blooming.

Fig 01- Bell-shaped flowers

We talked about temperature that may increase up to 28* C (F 82*) even in the winter seasons in our state, then cause the flower blooming:

- Hibiscus Blooming in December - Gardening and Hobby 27 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Our plant called as Alligator Plants got bloom as well, almost the same time with Hibiscus flowers.

No surprising, Alligator plants origin from Madagascar, Africa, hence temperature affect on the plant.

Fig 02- Temperature getting down

The flowers start to die and fall down when temperature backs to winter temperature.

Fig 03- When temperature drops, some flowers start to die

We saw temperature reached below zero about -7* C (19.4 F) degree. Quite freezing for our areas.

Moreover, the scientific name of this plant is Kalanchoe daigremontiana, formerly identified as Bryophyllum daigremontianum.

Have you seen this alligator plants?

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A Flower Called Cat’s Ear Dandelion – Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 26

Monday, December 26, 2022

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Fig 01- Two wildflowers on the yard

In some places, Dandelion is an edible plant, and good for salad. However, I really do not know whether Americans consume this plant or not now days.

In addition to source of nutrients, Dandelion contain antioxidants. The plant is used commonly as traditional medicines for:

- liver infections

- rheumatism

- constipation

Fig 02- A little kitten in the room

Fig 03- She looks at you, cat plays at the yard

Fig 04- Dandelion flowers among other wild plants.

Cat’s Ear Dandelion was well known by the first settlers in North America as a traditional (herbal) remedy to treat:

- a diuretic for kidney problems

- gallstones

- and treating urinary infection

Do you recognize this kind of flower in the nature?

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