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Bell-Shaped Flowers of Alligator Plants - Gardening and Hobby 28

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

We have an interesting plant with bell-shaped flowers. Since our areas have big swing temperatures, so does with flowers blooming.

Fig 01- Bell-shaped flowers

We talked about temperature that may increase up to 28* C (F 82*) even in the winter seasons in our state, then cause the flower blooming:

- Hibiscus Blooming in December - Gardening and Hobby 27 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Our plant called as Alligator Plants got bloom as well, almost the same time with Hibiscus flowers.

No surprising, Alligator plants origin from Madagascar, Africa, hence temperature affect on the plant.

Fig 02- Temperature getting down

The flowers start to die and fall down when temperature backs to winter temperature.

Fig 03- When temperature drops, some flowers start to die

We saw temperature reached below zero about -7* C (19.4 F) degree. Quite freezing for our areas.

Moreover, the scientific name of this plant is Kalanchoe daigremontiana, formerly identified as Bryophyllum daigremontianum.

Have you seen this alligator plants?

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A Flower Called Cat’s Ear Dandelion – Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 26

Monday, December 26, 2022

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Fig 01- Two wildflowers on the yard

In some places, Dandelion is an edible plant, and good for salad. However, I really do not know whether Americans consume this plant or not now days.

In addition to source of nutrients, Dandelion contain antioxidants. The plant is used commonly as traditional medicines for:

- liver infections

- rheumatism

- constipation

Fig 02- A little kitten in the room

Fig 03- She looks at you, cat plays at the yard

Fig 04- Dandelion flowers among other wild plants.

Cat’s Ear Dandelion was well known by the first settlers in North America as a traditional (herbal) remedy to treat:

- a diuretic for kidney problems

- gallstones

- and treating urinary infection

Do you recognize this kind of flower in the nature?

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Hibiscus Blooming in December - Gardening and Hobby 27

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Weather was quite “good” in the last couple weeks, temperature was around F 73 (C 23), and could reach peak at F 82 (C 28) degree in our state, Louisiana.

Fig 01- Red Hibiscus blooming

I think this “warmer” temperature is not typical December or “winter” in our city and state. I don’t know why.

Hibiscus and some other flowers are blooming in our Neighborhood. This month should be the “winter” season: “no flowers blooming.”

In case of Hibiscus, the time of this flower to bloom start from Early Summer to early Fall every year.

Fig 02- Two Hibiscus flowers

Fig 03- “A pink” Hibiscus

Fig 04- Yellow flower

Fig 05- A bunny, belongs to my neighbor

In term of months, this flower comes in May until September, but no later than October. Moreover, as you know that Hibiscus has plenty colors, some of them are white, lavender, orange and combine colors. Blue is a rare color.

We have few colors that are red, pink, orange and yellow. All flowers used to bloom in the summer season.

Finally, how about with temperature during winter in your areas?

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A Flower Called Cat’s Ear Dandelion – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 26

Friday, November 25, 2022

A Common dandelion and Cat’s ear dandelion are two different flowers, but both of them looks very similar for me.

Fig 01- Cat’s Ear Dandelion

From a source in internet, It is said the different between a Common dandelion and Cat’s ear dandelion are following:

1) Hairs on leaves

- Cat’s ear Dandelion has dense hairs on leaves, but the Common Dandelion has no hairs at all.

2) Notched

- Notched is less deep in Cat’s ear Dandelion than in the Common Dandelion.

Fig 02- Butterfly and flower, illustration

Fig 03- Just like Dandelion

In respect to scientific name, both are not only different in species but also in genus:

- Taraxacum officinale for Common Dandelion

- Hypochaeris radicata for Cat’s Ear Dandelion

Actually, Cat’s Ear Dandelion is weed, not flower or fake flower

Both Cat’s ear Dandelion and Common Dandelion are perennial flowers, means that they are blooming in Summer to early Fall. Died in the colder seasons, then grow back in hot seasons

# To be continued to Part 2

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Blooming of Freesia Flowers – Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 25

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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Fig 01- Flowers in shaded areas

In addition to common colors such as red, yellow, white and purple, we may find other colors that are:

- blue

- pink

- white

- cream

- lavender

- orange

Fig 02- A plant, just illustration

The flowers are blooming during summer in the USA, and many varieties are used for cut flowers.

Fig 03- Blooming of Freesia

Live duration for cut flower is depended on colors, they could reach more than 3 weeks in vases for certain colors such as: blue, white and yellow. It is said that white and yellow is longer life span than other Freesia colors.

Just for comparison that flower called Laceleaf (Anthurium) may reach 42 days (6 weeks) in the vases.

Chrysanthemum flowers may reach 28 days (4 weeks) as a cut flower. Other flowers just less 28 days life span in the vases.

What color of Freesia flowers do you like?

What kind of smell do you love?

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Blooming of Freesia Flowers – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 25

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

We love Freesia flowers because of their colors. Attractive colors. Unfortunately, we have red flowers only so far.

Fig 01- Blooming of our red Freesia flowers

Freesia is fragrance flowers, then based on what people said on Flowers's sscent, they are following:

- sweet smelling

- strawberry (strawberry reminiscent)

- summer fruit

- like honey smell

- mild smell of mint

Fig 02- Freesia flowers grow easily

The smell is said different between one to other colors. I believe that red flower similar to lemon fragrance (lemony sweet fragrance).

Fig 03- A cat in the yard, illustration

We don’t know the smell of other colors, but some of our neighbors said that white and yellow Freesia flowers have the strongest fragrance.

Moreover, common colors of Freesia flowers are:

- red

- yellow

- white

- and purple

# To be continued to Part 2

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When is Spring Coming in your Place? - Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 24

Saturday, April 16, 2022

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Fig 01- Yellow Canna at a corner

Season of Spring in the American northern states is happening about from March to the end of May.

Quite late compared to Southern states

I myself feel spring when temperature reaches above F 55 degree or above C 13 degree.

Off course, other people have their own convenient to call as spring temperature or spring weather condition.

Fig 02- Dogwood flowers

Fig 03- A small tree of magnolia

Fig 04- White dogwood flowers at parking lot.

In our area, especially in our neighborhood, the sign of spring relate to flowers blooming, two of them are:

- magnolia with scientific name, Magnolia grandiflora.

- dogwood flowers, Cornus florida.

When both Magnolia and Dogwood flowers are blooming mean spring is coming.

It is around early or middle of February every year. Strangely, flowers are blooming almost on March.

What is a sign of spring in your country or state?

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When is Spring Coming in your Place? - Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 24

Monday, April 4, 2022

In northern hemisphere, the starting of spring is based on astronomical calendar at the third week of March.

How about in Southern hemisphere?

Fig 01- Magnolia blossom in the park

While in Southern hemisphere, starting of spring depended on meteorological time, it is happened around September.

The countries in the Southern hemisphere include such as:

- Australia

- New Zealand

- and Argentine

In the USA very much varies among states; called as northern Vs southern states.

Fig 02- Beautiful spring at yard

Alaska which closes to north pole is huge different with southern states, just for an example.

Spring in American southern usually as early February every year, but quite late for this year. I don’t know why.

Fig 03- Just for illustration, beautiful red in the spring

The American southern states are following:

- Florida

- Alabama

- Louisiana

- Mississippi

- Texas

Temperature during spring time usually around 50 degree F or 10 degree C in my area.

Quite convenient for me.

# To be continued to Part 2

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