Our City in the Late Spring of 2021 - Gardening and Hobby 19

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Fig 01- Colorful flowers at corner.

Our city, as other southern states is in the late spring now, some flowers are drying and dropping. But, many are blooming until summer.

Quite great number of flowers are well grow in our place, just few examples of them:
- Phlox.
- Scarlet Sage.
- Guara.
- Iris.
- Luna Hibiscus
- Virginia Willow
- Spicebush
- Azalea
- Southern Magnolia
- Silver Bell
- Daylily.

Fig 02- Look like the “real sun.”

Fig 03- Pink Azaleas in the garden

Fig 04- White Magnolia

Fig 05- The purple Iris flower

Our state, Louisiana has own local flowers. In addition, we have import and intrusive flowers from other states or countries around the globe.

Five species of Iris are uniquely as our own local flowers. These 5 species have following scientific name:
- Iris brevicaulis
- Iris fulva
- Iris giganticaerulea
- Iris hexagona
- Iris nelsonii

Some invasive plant in our city are:
- European roseau cane
- Elephant ear
- Chinese privet
- Alligator weed
- Giant salvinia
- Chinese tallow
- Water hyacinth

How about with your cities? What flowers are blooming now?

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Honey as a Local Product - Food Variety 12

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fig 01- Local honey in the grocery.

I believe all of us have ever consumed honey, but, some may not love it. However, demand for honey is increasing year by year.

Based on report from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2020, honey production increase by 2%, make total production to be 157 million pounds.

The states with higher honey productions are following:
- North Dakota
- South Dakota
- California
- Montana
- Florida
- Texas
- Minnesota
- Michigan
- Louisiana 

Fig 02- Colorful flowers as a source of food for honey bees

Interestingly, not only honey, but live bees also be traded, locally and internationally.

Fig 03- Bees visit roses to collect pollen.

Several countries have exported live bees include:
- Egypt
- Slovakia
- Belgium
- United States of America (USA)
- Canada

In term of pollination, bees have vital roles in many economic plants for human consumption.

Quite amazing that a bee could pollinate 5,000 flowers a day. They pollinated many our daily foods such as:
- apples
- cranberries
- melons
- broccoli
- cherry
- almond

Hope, bees will continue their job!!

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