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Should We Consume Banana Everyday? - Part 1

Monday, May 29, 2023

I believe, we all eat variety of fruit every day, in case of me, banana is one of my favorite fruits, and eat it almost every day. 

Fig 01- Several organic bananas

Banana is the most favorite fruit in the world. Trade of this fruit in term of value in 2020 was US$14 billion, then slightly decrease to US$13.6 billion in 2021.

In fact, not only me, many of people consume bananas almost everyday, and even some of people, especially in the tropical countries, where bananas are plenty, have eaten banana more than one per day.

Should We Consume Banana Everyday?

Yes, many experts said.


Fig 02- Banana trees and fruit in a tropical country

The simple answers that It is because bananas have plenty benefits, some of them are:

- improve bowel movements

- maintain healthy cholesterol levels

- control blood sugar

- good for maintaining a healthy weight.

Fig 03- A type of banana, sold in an Asian grocery

# To be continued to Part 2

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Push-Ups are Good for Our Health – Part 2

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fig 01- Just for illustration, two empty chairs

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It is believed that push ups stimulate hormones production include testosterone at higher level.

This hormone is important for both men and women to maintain body health.

As suggested by Harrison Wein, Ph.D. (published in National Institute of Health, 2013), some important roles of testosterone for men:

- to regulate libido, fat distribution

- cause strength of muscle and bone

- effect on productions of sperm and red blood cells

Roles of testosterone for women may include:

- maintain growth

- repair reproductive tissues

- regulate bone mass

Fig 02- Jasmine flowers blooming

However, if your purpose to burn calories or loss weight, push-ups are not enough, actually.

Fig 03- A parking lot at night, illustration


100 push-ups burn 35 calories only.

Fig 04- Cloudy in autumn

To lose 1 pound per-week, we need to do push-ups at least 500 a day.

Thus, find other movements such as jogging or running that is among good sports to lose fat.

Fig 05- Falling leaves in the autumn

However, even it is simple movement, push up has greater positive effect on our health.

Then, the question is how many push-ups should we do everyday?

The answer is depend on the age.

It is suggested to do around 100 push-ups for people under 50, whereas more than 100 push-ups for people above 50 years old.

Why we do not do push-ups now?

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Push-Ups are Good for Our Health – Part 1

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Push-ups, credit to GMB fitness

Push-up is simple movements (exercises) that works for two arms, shoulders and chest.

This simple exercises have many benefits, some of them are:

- muscle strength

- improve cardiovascular system

- increase testosterone hormone

- and slow osteoporosis development.

When we push up, our biceps get stretching, on the opposite, our back muscles stretching when we lower to the floor.

Stretching of muscles will improve:

- our health

- flexibility

- vitality

- and even prevent injuries.


An autumn tree, illustration

In term of cardiovascular system, push-ups improve the ability of the heart to deliver blood with rich of oxygen.

Thus, this simple exercise promote heart health, and might reduce body fat.

# To be continued to part 2

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Could Consume Mushroom Reduce Cancer Risk?

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Fig 01- Simple Cooked mushroom ready to consume

Mushroom is one of luxury foods in some developing countries, because its supply depend on nature.

Yes, many of them have picked mushroom from areas such as:

- forest

- rice fields

- yards

- farming areas

Here, in America, We may find mushroom in almost groceries with reasonable price.

USA is included as one of the top world’s mushroom producers. Top 4 world producers are:

- China (5.1 million metric ton)

- Italy (785 thousand metric ton)

- USA (388 thousand metric ton)

- Netherland (307 thousand metric ton)

Fig 02- Sliced mushroom in the small plate

Fig 03- Fresh mushroom in the bowl

Fig 04- Enoki is one of mushroom variety

Good news that If you mushroom lover, then you have lower risk to get cancer diseases.

As reported by Penn State News (written by Tracy cox, April 21, 2021) that who consume mushroom daily could reduce their cancer risk by about 45%.

The conclusion is made by Pennsylvania State University, after observing the following data:

- 17 cancer studies from 1966 to 2020.

- 19,500 cancer patients.

How often do you consume mushroom?

Daily, weekly or monthly?

Beautiful and Health Benefits of Red Button Ginger Plant

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Red flower of Red button ginger plant, illustration only

Ginger is well known from Southeast Asia countries, domesticated for purposes culinary and medicine.

Flowers of ginger (Zingiber officinal) are beautiful, they have colors variations include white, yellow, red and combine of many colors.

I saw very red of flower from my neighbor garden, get my attention, because it looks unusual, eye catching flower.

My neighbor said the plant called as “Red Button Ginger Plant” with scientific name called Costus woodsonii.

This plants came from central America, they can be used in forms of:

- fresh 
- powdered
- dried
- oil

Beautiful flower, just for illustration

The ingredients are put on drinks, processed foods and even in cosmetic. Some part of plant are edible and used as recipe ingredients.

Traditionally, this plant has health benefits, some of them:

- improve digestion
- improve flu
- help to fight common cold
- decrease nausea

Have you seen Red Button Ginger Plant?

Walking to Encircle the City Lakes at the Weekend

Thursday, March 5, 2020
People walking by side the lake

As previous posts, we were walking under the trees nearby park and garden about 35 minutes at least 3 times a week:

We changed the route, tried to a new spot that is to encircle the lakes at the last weekend. The lakes about 45 minutes by driving from our house.

We found babies to seniors and residents pedaling to jogging around the lake’s edges. It is spring likely with temperature F 63 (C 17) degree. Comfortable temperature for residents.

The 4 lakes are called “campus lakes” or university lakes which administrated by City Park and Recreation. 

Houses in one side of the lake

The sizes are varied from small like a pond to medium size lakes for small city with 250.000 population.

Ducks swim circle to the big tress

Wind stir over the lake, and we watched a couple of ducks. In some seasons or from fall to winter, we might watch pink flamingos and white pelicans.

Two migrant birds to avoid freeze northern part of America. They feast on abundance of lake fish. 

One of lake interesting sides

Walking besides lake more interesting than under the trees in isolated areas in terms of “crowd.” I do not know which one is better or healthier.

What I understand that walking or jogging regularly are good for health.

How many are the lakes in your city? 

What are Health Benefits to Walk under the Trees?

Saturday, February 1, 2020
Walking or jogging path under the tree

We walk outdoor not everyday, but at least 3 times a week, about 35 minutes each walking.

Felt fresh after walking, especially when we walked under the trees or between plants and flowers.

What are Health Benefits to Walk under the Trees or between plants? Many experts said about some of benefits that are:

- reduce inflammations (may relate to bowel diseases and cancer)
- improve eyesight,
- reduce risk of myopia (nearsightedness)
- lower blood pressure
- may help to prevent cancer
- improve immune system

Plants and flowers in the garden

In respect to immune system, it is associated with natural killer cells in the human immune system.

These killer cells make our immune system effective to contain many diseases relate to such as virus, bacteria and even cancer.

So, what is relationship between trees and immune system?

Trees or plants emits oily chemical, namely phytocides to control insects and germs. By walking nearby the trees, we inhales phytocides, then boosting “killer cells in the immune system.”

Are you walking or jogging? How many times a week? How long in term of time and distance (km or miles)?

How to Find Prescription Drugs for Cost Free? - part 1

Monday, January 20, 2020
Drugs, just for illustration

We know that prescription drugs are expensive in many countries, especially in the USA. Great number of people can not afford to have them.

Governments and charities (religious, community or private) provide help to certain groups, especially for lower income families to access to prescription medications for free of cost.

The problems are to who neither rich nor poor. Unfortunately, these groups may have no or less chance to have even lower cost of prescription drugs.

All of us might know that switch from brand name drugs to generic ones could cost less from 50% to 85%. But, we still pay and very expensive sometimes.

Then, How to Find Free Prescription Drugs or at least some help?

Through internet, we may find many institutions (private, government or non profit) to provide free medications or discount for drugs or even free health care cost.

One of drug companies provide assistance for diabetes patients
(credit to NPR Illinois)

Many programs limit to certain criteria such as for low and medium incomes of families, but other criteria such as age and chronic diseases might good for you.

Few examples of institutions are following:

1) Non profit organizations. Just few are:
- Help for cancer patients for free drugs
- “Partnership for Prescription drugs” to help people with insurance, but not cover for prescription drugs
- NeedyMeds, provide databases to who can’t afford prescription drugs and health care costs

# Continue to part 2

Are Micro plastics in the Tea Bags Dangerous for Our Health?

Friday, November 29, 2019
Tea bags in the box

Tea in the tea bags have been long time around in the market, more than two decades may be. It is a reasonable question that what made of tea bags?

It is generally believed, the tea bags made from:
- hemp (fibers from specific plants)
- bio plastics made from corn (it is biodegradable plastics)
- nylon
- Polyethylene Terephthalate

Some sources said that tea bags are mainly made of natural fibers, friendly materials, but using plastic as seal.

Other sources reported about using of plastic is more common than biodegradable fibers to make tea bags sold in the groceries.

Then, Are Micro plastics in the Teabag Dangerous for our Health?

Floating tea in the mug

Scientists mentioned that the tea bags could release “tiny” plastics into hot waters. Number of plastics per bag:
- 11.6 billion micro plastics
- 3.1 billion nanoplastics (smaller than micro plastics)

No prove that there is health risk to drink tea from tea bags as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

To confirm the WHO reported, then researchers observed whether micro plastic came out from tea bags is toxic or not.

The researchers found that water fleas have survived from exposing of contaminated micro plastics. Thus, tea bags plastic is safe for human health.

However, I myself did not drink tea from tea bags recently for my own convenient. How about you? Do you drink tea from tea bags? 

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