Homemade Local Pecan Candy - Part 1 - Food Variety 29

Monday, February 6, 2023

I bought pecan candies from a small vendor sold at the corner of our neighborhood long time ago. He said the candies are made by himself.

Fig 01- Pecan candies on the plate

It was first time I tasted pecan candies, the special candy from Louisiana. I can not eat more than two, since they are so sweet for me, due to higher sugar content.

Based on report from SparkRecipes (2023: Calories in Pecan Pralines Candy) that calories content per serving candy (18.92 gram equal to 0.7 oz) is 131 calories. Quite higher, I think.

Bsic ingredients of pecan candy are granulated sugar, dark brown sugar, butter, salt and evaporated milk.

Fig 02- The ceramic teapot, illustration only

Pecan is a tree, native to southern parts (states) of USA such as:

- Georgia

- Texas

- Mississippi

- Alabama

- Arkansas

- Arizona

- California

- Florida

- Louisiana

Fig 03- Candies inside boxes.

Scientific name of Pecan tree is Carya illinoinensis. The trees produce nut, also called as “pecan.”

# To be continued to Part 2

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The Painting Exhibition in Our State – Sign 33

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Our state art association (Art Guild of Louisiana) is like other art organizations, has several missions in respect to art, local art off course.

Fig 01- An artist from art association

The missions include to provide opportunities to all stage (proficiency) levels of artists in terms of exhibition and education.

We love to attend painting exhibitions in public areas or buildings in near by our neighborhood through out the year.

Few venues for art or painting exhibitions are:

- restaurants, coffee shops

- libraries

- hospitals or other public venues.

Fig 02- The pelican, painted by Lisa

One of artists who show their paintings is Lisa Sanchez. She is very young and talented. Her paintings depict of beautiful birds as you may see at Fig 02 and Fig 03.

Fig 03- Painting of two birds

What do you think?

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Food Sources for Coyote in the City – Critter 30

Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Fig 01- The coyote just sitting on the grass

Yes, Coyote is the predator animal, but interestingly this predator may adapt to urban environment by changing its diet.

So many neighbors have observed that Coyotes consume following foods:

- household garbage

- small dogs

- cats

- rabbits

- and rodents

Fig 02- A cat, could be targeted by Coyotes

Strangely, Coyotes at our neighborhood have consumed fruits such as grapes, ficus (figs), fruit of palm trees and loquat.

Hence, they are always found meandering around backyards of our neighbors. It seems that the predators aren't going away and they are getting smarter by the days or times.

Fig 03. Small or medium size dogs are favorite for Coyotes

Some of neighbors hide their outdoor cats and small pets in the safe place and think to have backyards of Coyotes proof.

Fig 04- A Coyote tried to enter backyard

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Why is Low Glycemic Index Important? - Diabetes 29

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Some of you may be have good knowledge about list of foods with higher calories. If not, we just look at packaging of foods. Calories and nutrition facts are written there.

Fig 01- Fruits have Low Glycemic Index

I always observe in many groceries, even kids and teenagers have a kind of “automatic” skill for reading quickly the nutrition facts and calories written on the packaging of any foods.

In respect to calories, it is important for diabetic or pre-diabetic patients. High calories may lead to spike of blood sugar.

In addition to calories, we should know Glycemic Index. Then what is Glycemic Index? Why important?

Fig 02- Vegetable is good for Low Glycemic Index

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Fig 03- Peanuts and beans have Low Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index is index to measure affect of certain foods on level of blood sugar in our body. The scale is between 0 to 100.

Lower Glycemic Index means the body could minimize the spike of blood sugar, so the level of blood sugar in balance.

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The Differences between Pink and Regular Salts - Part 1 - Food Variety 28

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The pink salt is quite popular in our neighborhood and areas since last couple years, especially for teenagers.

Fig 01- Pink salt in the bottles

I don’t know the real reasons, for sure that the salt has attractive color (pink) and come from far away, Himalayan Mountains.

It also called as the Himalayan salt. You might be wonder: why Himalayan salt is pink?

The simple answer is that a pink color is due to concentration of iron oxide or other trace minerals in the salt.

Other trace mineral includes potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Fig 02- A corner of shopping center, illustration

Since it has higher demands in the market, the price of pink salt to be expensive than regular ones.

Fig 03- The Pink salt, sold in Walmart.

It is said that pink salt is the cleanest salt in the planet, contain less sodium, and used for variety purposes include to cook (culinary uses), preserve meat and fish, and therapeutic purposes.

# To be continued to Part 2

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What does Dogtopia Mean? - Sign 32

Friday, January 27, 2023

When we saw the word “Dogtopia” for the first time about couple days ago, we think hard: what does this word mean?

Fig 01- The word of Dogtopia

We tried to search the meaning of “Dogtopia” in an online dictionary, then the dictionary said:

- “sorry, no definitian found.”

- “sorry, no etymologies found.”

After searching with other several key words combines: Bingo! We find that Dogtopia is included in “the pet industry.”

The booming industry with worth no less than US$ 110 billion in the USA.

Fig 02- The pretty dog looks at you

Dogtopia was founded in 2002, developed to be franchised since 2005. It is estimated more than 250 franchises all over America.

Fig 03- He looks so sad and lost

In addition to USA, Dogtopia also opens 18 locations in Canada, and might be expanded to several other countries in coming future.

Fig 04- The sign of Dogtopia on the door

This franchise provides many services that relate to dogs, include daycare, spa and boarding services.

Do you know Dogtopia? And have you treat your dogs in the Dogtopia?

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Have you Tasted Tamarind Fruit or Juice? - Part 2 - Food Variety 27

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Fig 01- Tamarind fruit in the wood basket

Pulp in the fruit is edible. Taste of pulp depend on the stage development of fruits:

- green young fruit is sour in taste

- brown mature fruit is sweet and tangy in taste.

The fruit has been used for many purposes include seasoning of local cuisines in many, particularly tropical countries.

It is said that tamarind has a lot of health benefits, and advisable to eat tamarind daily, about 10 gr per day.

Fig 02- Tamarind candy, sold by Walmart

Traditionally, many people believe that Tamarind have few health benefits, one of them is to reduce weight.

Fig 03- The Tamarind tree, sold by FastGrowingTrees.

It is because Tamarind contains:

- flavonoids

- polyphenols

- fiber and no fat

Have you tasted tamarind? Juice or fruit?

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A Ruby Crowned Kinglet – Critter 29

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A beautiful little bird was seen standing on the side door of a car, then he flew away when approached.

Fig 01- A male Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Based on searching through Google image ID, the bird is a Ruby Kinglet with scientific name is a Regulus sp.

Of 6 species from genus Regulus, there are two species living in the USA (North America):

- “the ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus calendula.)”

- and “the golden-crowned kinglet (Regulus satrapa)”

Since our bird has red crown (please see above photo), hence it is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.

Fig 02- Ligularia plant, just for illustration

Crown is a sex identification, and red crown refer to males. It is said that crown is important to build communications between a male and a male or a male and a female.

Fig 03- Poinsettia’s, just illustration

Erection or flashing of red crown could be meaning that the male bird get excited, attract attention or appeal to a female.

Have you seen a Ruby crowned kinglet in nature?

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