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The Reasons Your Dogs have Eaten Grass – Part 1

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

We might wonder why a dog eating grass, is it just natural or habit? The answer, actually is yes and no. Yes, it is just a dog habit or its natural behaviors, happen to every dogs, if dogs just eat here and there while they are going out.

Fig 01- A dog is eating grasslands.

As suggested by Jaime Milan (2022: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Is This Normal?) that if a dog eats grass a lot, then it is signs of nutrients deficiency and even medical problems.

There are several reasons why dogs eat grass, they are:

- stressed, bored, sick

- nutritional deficiency such as fiber.

- treating intestinal worms

- improve digestion

Fig 02- Magnolia, illustration only

How about if dogs eat grass and sometimes followed by vomiting?

PetCheck (2020: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass and Vomit?) recommend:”If she vomits a lot—more than just once after eating grass—or she is having watery, frequent diarrhea, it’s time to schedule a vet visit.”

Fig 03- A nice dog on the street

Since eating grass is bad signs for dogs, it is suggested to find good ways to avoid dog from eating grass. Then, how?

# To be continued to Part 2

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Do People Keep a Pig as a Pet? - Part 1

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I saw someone brought a pig to the public park a long time ago, I was not so curious, just feel odd.

In recent days, I saw a pig wanders around neighborhood, my first guessed that a pig might be from nearby “pig farming.”

Fig 01- Lost pig in neighborhood

No, no said my neighbor. It was a pet. A pet pig owned by one of our neighbors. Considered as a lost pig.

There are at least 70 breeds of pigs, domestics or wilds world wide, about 4 well known breeds for pet:

- Yucatan

- African pygmy pigs

- Vietnamese potbellied

- teacup pigs

Fig 02- Cute, just for illustration

Fig 03- Autumn’s trees in our city, illustration

Fig 04- Pig and piglets, Illustration only

1) Yucatan breed

- size is 22 inches tall and 43 inches length

- very docile

- quite easy to controlled

- tolerate to restraint.

2) African pygmy pigs

- 20 inches tall, and reach 40 pounds in weight

- gentle temperament, hence easy to handle

- friendly, active and intelligent

# To be continued to Part 2

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America is Top Importer of Ornamental Fish – Part 2

Monday, November 1, 2021

Freshwater ornamental fish

You may read previous post (Part 1):

Singapore is fourth position as importer, but the top as exporter, and known as “the ornamental fish capital of the world.”

The list of 5 top exporters is following:

1.Singapore with exports valued at US$69.32 million.
2. Japan with value at US$41.34 million.
3. Czech Republic with worth at US$32.0 million
4. Thailand with value at US$23.31 million
5. Malaysia with worth at US$22.62 million.

Gravel or small stones, in addition for accessories or decors functions, they have the biological cycle roles in the aquarium.

The Gravel or small stones may grow bacteria for breaking down waste products.

Small stones for aquarium accessories.

This process made water fresh and fish healthier.

In respect to business, the gravel or small stones involves million of dollars values.

Together with drugs (control fish diseases), feeds and plants are very important aspects in the ornamental fish industries in the coming future.

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America is Top Importer of Ornamental Fish – Part 1

Saturday, October 23, 2021

One of ornamental tropical fishes.

The international trade for ornamental fish involved billion dollars of money. The industry is worth more than US$20 billion.

The ornamental fish industry covers:

- drug

- feeds

- plants

- accessories

- glass

- and “plastic" aquarium

The industry is quite reasonable big enough, especially for small business (exporters) in developing countries.

There are around 125 countries trade ornamental fish, and it is believed will be expanded in term of volumes and values in the coming future. The exporters are commonly from developing countries, and importers are coming from industries countries.

Aquarium accessories.

Some countries such as Singapore and Japan are both as exporter and importer. Especially, Singapore imports aquarium fish from neighbor countries, then re-export to world market with higher bid.

The top five importers of ornament fish are following:

1.United State of America (USA) with values at US$42. 9 million

2. United Kingdom (UK) with values at US$29.5 million

3. Germany with values at US$23.4 million

4. Singapore with values at US$21.3 million

5. Japan with values at US$19.5 million

# To be continued to Part 2

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Attracting Hummingbirds by Suitable Feeder at Backyard

Friday, September 11, 2020


A hummingbird feeds on sweet water, just for illustration

The hummingbird is one of beautiful and unique birds, many people love and have tried to attract it to come to their own yards.

It is estimated that there are about 340 species hummingbirds in the nature. Unfortunately, no hummingbirds are found in these following regions:

- Europe

- Africa

- Asia

- Antartica

Yes, the birds are found in America continent only, from South to Alaska. They are living in very wide variety areas:

- Desert

- Forest

- Below sea level areas

- Higher mountains with more than 16,000 feet (5,000 m) height.

Pictures of hummingbirds, illustration only

We have plenty of hummingbirds living in our neighborhood. It is reported at least there are 12 kinds.

Some of well known species are:

- Rufous hummingbird

- Ruby throated hummingbirds

- Spot Anna

- Black chinned hummingbirds

- Broad tailed hummingbirds

There are plenty ways to attract hummingbirds to visit our gardens. However, we use bird feeder as other people do.

First, we make solution of nectar (likely nectar) with mix of:

- 1 part of solution is sugar.

- 4 part of solution is water

Then, find the perfect spot. The location of feeder is eye-catching spot for birds. Usually in the bright place with little bit shades.

Do you love hummingbirds or any birds? 

Why Box Turtles Come in My Backyard?

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Small size of box turtle

Box turtle is not ocean turtle, but considered as a pond turtle. The turtle might be found in areas such as:

- shrubby grasslands

- woodlands

- forest edges

- rainfall or watery areas

- stream or small river

We may distinguish sex different in box turtles by see their eye and size. Red eyes for males, and yellow brown eyes for females.

Males larger than females. These turtles could reach 5 inches (13 cm) long, and 2 pounds (1 kg) weight. You may easily handle this turtle with your hand. I mean with one hand only. 

Shell of right up a box turtle

Why Box Turtles Come in My Backyard? There are many reasons, one of them that my backyard is close to their habitat.

It is common to box turtle to roaming around, especially in summer season. However, they will travel no more than 1 mile (1.6 km) from their home.

Bottom (upside down) shell of a box turtle

Summer is the peak time to lay eggs. Box turtle may lay eggs about 5, but could be 11 eggs in one season.

A box turtle crawl on the grass of backyard

Incubating period for eggs to hatch is 60 days, about the same incubating periods with sea turtles.

Unfortunately, there are many predators for both eggs and new hatch-ling box turtles, some of predators:

- skunks,

- snakes

- owls

- coyotes

- foxes

- raccoon

- chipmunks

Have you seen box turtles? Where? 

Stray Cats in Our Neighborhood

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


A stray cat on the bushes

I always see many pets stray around our neighborhood. Many of them are dogs and cats.

In case of cats, there are plenty of breeds walking around neighborhood. Some popular breeds are:

- American shorthair

- Himalayan

- Birman

- Abyssian

- Bengal

- Persian

- Siamese

Our house often visited by cats, but we did not considered as “stray” cats since they came a while then disappeared. They may come back near future. They are guests.

Cat’s position ready to “attack?”

The stray pets are hanging around in the certain spots of neighborhood for several days, even weeks.

Photo from behind cat

Pets are believed very difficult to survive in the wild habitat, since they are dependent to their adopt parents (owners).

It is said that we should report about stray pets or animals to the following institutions:

- animal control

- a local shelter or rehabilitation

What are you doing when you saw stray pets in your neighborhood?

Orange Speckle Canna is a Summer Flower

Thursday, August 13, 2020

 Pretty orange Canna flowers

I saw Canna flowers have many colors in my city garden, some of them:

- blood red or bright red

- pale yellow

- bright yellow

- orange

- red

- combinations of pink, salmon and apricot

Canna usually blooming in the Summer until Fall. It is reasonable why this flower growing well under full sun and moisture conditions.

We can see Canna bloom for many times in a year, depend on weather conditions. Fading flowers might be replaced by new ones, thus stalks live two seasons long.

Since flowers look bold, and one of flamboyant summer, it is good to have the Canna in our garden.

Flowers of Canna look bold and beautiful.

It is said to grow and care Canna is easy, from bulb to produce bright and pretty flowers.

This flower is found in the North and South America. The flower abundant in some parts of:

- Argentine

- South Carolina

- Florida

- Caribbean Islands

Petal of Canna flowers

In some developing countries, in addition as a gift for certain special days such as father’s day, this plant also used as a source of foods.

We find starch, called as achira in the bulb and rhizomes of Canna plant. The starch be processed as noodles. A very high quality noodle.

Have you seen Canna flowers? What color do you like?

Tame Ducks are Walking on City Lake Sides

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

 Fig-1. Three young ducks

We found many ducks, especially young ones play around at the one side of city lake peacefully, no predators and no hunters for sure.

In the wild nature, these ducks live in the quite variety areas, include in the:

- coastal marshes

- bays and bayous

- beaver ponds

- rice fields

- flooding parts of woodland or forest

At least, there are 3 common ducks living in the nature of Louisiana:

1) Mallard

The males are characterized by green heads as you may see two ducks at above photo (Fig-1). Actually, Mallard is migratory ducks, millions from North to South in Mississippi rivers during winters.

Fig-2. Two ducks, male and female

2) Mottled

Bills of Mottled is yellow for male, while olive green for female. The ducks are non migratory, usually stay in coastal marshes all seasons.

Fig-3. Male of Mallard duck.

3) Wood ducks

The habitat of these ducks is in the swamp areas of forests. Since timbers have been harvested almost completely, the ducks may be found in many places include in the Mississippi rivers. 

Fig-4. Lonely duck

Interestingly, ducks watching and hunting are part of important activities in many parts of America. About 11.6 million ducks are harvested per year in the USA.

Some best states to watch and hunt ducks are:

- Louisiana

- Mississippi

- Nebraska

- Minnesota

- North Dakota

Have you watch or hunt duck in nature? Where? Did you taste duck meat?