Algae and Weed on the City Park Lake

Saturday, June 6, 2020
Algae cover the lake surface

We visited city lake close to our former university several times a year. In recent visit, we found:
- Algae covers almost entire lake surface
- Weed seems decrease in number compared to previous visit.

In case of algae, it is said the algae is include in blue green algae species which contain dangerous poison called “microcystin.”

Blooming of Blue green algae due to several factors:
- excessive nutrient inflow to the lake
- temperature increase due to season
- shallowness of lake makes water warm easily.

Uncontrolled blooming has impacted on environment in general, at least to lower the aesthetic values of the lake. 

Blue green algae produces poison

Abundance of weed and algae not only affect on aesthetic value, but also have direct effect on:
- fish population due to present of dangerous poison, microcystin.
- swimming movement of people
- boating recreations
- other types of visitors and recreational activities.

Government and local communities have planning to clean up the lake as soon as possible. Project cost is estimated about US$ 50 million.

Hope, the lake back to its previous, natural condition sooner than later!