Cutting the Tree Before Hurricane Coming – Part 2

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Fig 01- Special truck ready to cut the trees

In addition to strong wind, hurricane could cause surge along coastline up to 3.4 m (11 feet).

Then, followed by long rainfall which could be days. Sure, the result might be flooding everywhere.

We wonder whether our trees could stand up by this kind of hurricane, thus we call a tree removal, pruning or trimming company in our city.

Fig 02- A fallen tree after hurricane, illustration

Fig 03- A squirrel loves to play under trees

Fig 04- Cutting into pieces.

The company sent a truck with special equipment. It was take several hours only (less than a day):

- to cut trees down

- chopping the trunk (log) into pieces

- clean all debris

- haul the woods away

- or store the pieces for using in cold winter

Hopefully, we could replace the removal trees to new ones (baby trees) in the next near future.

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Peanuts in the Farmer Market – Part 1 – Food Variety 20

Saturday, August 6, 2022

We always buy peanuts, raw or green every summer (around July to August) at our neighborhood’s farmer market.

Fig 01- Green peanut at Sign of farmer market
close by our neighborhood

Peanut is a summer crop, but we may find plenty of boiled peanuts in many places in our city, year rounds.

I think it is a “good” business, because a boiled peanut is one of our state traditional food favorites.

In fact, Louisiana farmers together with other states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi have produced peanuts in specific locations since more than 50 years ago.

Fig 02- A wild plant in the garden, just for illustration

Fig 03- Canned boiled peanuts sold in Walmart

Some places sell boiled peanuts include:

- food mart

- gas station

- sea food markets

- restaurants, Kitchen and bar

- grill and sea foods restaurants

Canned boiled peanuts may be found in many groceries. We bought its in addition to green peanuts sometimes

# To be continued to Part 2

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Pug was a Breeding Dog for Royal Families – Critter 13

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

I have seen quite number of people “dog walking” with pugs at city parks recently. This breeding is a kind of “strange” dog breeding for me.

Fig 01- A little pug

I thought a pug was “a manipulated breeding” for a certain purpose in modern time or in our era.

After doing little research through internet, I found interesting facts of pug:

- pugs are breeding dogs from ancient China more than 2,000 years ago

- pure breeding, not mixing of other breeding

- breeding dog for royal families and wealthy people

Then, how much its cost to have a pug nowadays?

Fig 02- French bulldog, just comparison

Fig 03- A pug stares at you

Commercial cost to have a pug is about US$ 1,100, and even much higher if breeding was championship or show dogs bloodlines.

However, I knew as low as US$100 for a pug puppy from family pets bloodlines, sold by some neighbors.

Some reasons people love to have pugs are:

- pugs love and playful with kids

- pug doesn’t bite aggressively, hence safe for children

- they are smart and good learners

- observant

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Less Books in the Box – Sign 17

Friday, July 29, 2022

I believe that you know about swap books program, where books are stored in the little box or little library.

Fig 01- Sign to return book

This little box is attached on the corner of our community or neighborhood or put at any location that easy to be accessed.

The code that if we first time in the system, then we may take one, then we must put one.

The swap books program will success if all concern community follow the rule (agreements).

Fig 02- Books in the little box

Fig 03- Just few books

Fig 04- A paper notice on the window

Unfortunately, the sign to “please return a book” is appearing in glass window of little library one day.

It is mean that some people just take one without swap, or she or he forgets to return for a while.

I noticed that the number of books looks less and less day by day in the last several months.

Since this swap program has been work very well more than 5 years in our neighborhood. Hope, and I believe that this “little” problem could be solved soon.

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The Attractive Flower to Butterflies and Bees

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Duranta or Duranto repen is a shrub with blue, light blue and light purple colors. The flowers look like orchid flowers.

Fig 01- Duranta repen flowers

In addition to Duranta repen, this flower has several common names based on its characteristics, they are:

- Sky Flower

- Golden Dewdrop

- Pigeon Berry

- Geisah girl (Japan’s breed)

Why Duranta repen is one of attractive flower to butterflies and bees?

Fig 02- Lovely color of Duranta repen

One reason is that Duranta repen included in shrubs. The shrubs usually provide:

- succession blooming throughout growing seasons. In case of Duranta repen, the flower has long blooming, from spring to frost.

- good quality nectar

- pollen

This flower is easily found in many countries around the world as an ornamental plant in the gardens, especially in tropical and subtropical regions.

Fig 03- Duranta repen as a shrub

Even thought Duranta repen has been naturalized in many areas, the origin of flower from:

- Mexico

- other South American countries

- the Caribbean

Fig 04- A Butterfly flying

In the USA, this flower grow well in the states such as:

- California

- Arizona

- Texas

- Louisiana

- Mississippi

- Alabama

- Florida

Do you know about Duranta repen? Is there this flower in your place?

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Small Business at Nearby Neighborhood – Part 2

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Fig 01- Donuts sold in the shop

We love to eat in our favorite restaurants before covid 19 pandemic. Some provided international or certain ethnic menus.

For breakfast, we bought donuts sometimes. Sure, we consume local ones, not well famous brands such as “Dunkin Donuts.”

The price ranges from US$ 1.66 to US$ 15.99 for a dozen donuts, reasonable price, we guess.

Fig 02- One of my favorite donuts

Fig 03- Local product of Doughnut shop

Some of our Doughnut favorites are:

- Glaze

- Chocolate

- Apple fritter

- Cinnamon role

- Donuts holes

Doughnut's shops could sell coffee, juice, bottle water, soft drinks and other goods for additional profits

How about with local business in your neighborhood?

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Declining Population of Mammals with Cube Feces

Saturday, July 16, 2022

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Fig 01- A décor bear, illustration

From searching through Google that there are 3 species of wombat living across the Australia continent:

- the common wombat

- the northern hairy-nosed wombat

- the southern hairy-nosed

Not surprise that wombats are enlisted as endangered species with population continue to decline since 1980s.

Fig 02- A wombat with a baby (credit to YouTube)

Fig 03- One of wombat cube poop (credit to Imgur)

Sadly, one species called as northern hairy-nosed wombat with scientific name Lasiorhinus krefftii is assumed extinct in the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia.

The facts about wombat feces (sources from internet):

- feces was formed at the last part of intestines

- feces is dry, contain 60% water compared to human feces with 80% water

- cube shape is advantage than round feces to communicate, if placed on top of objects.

Finally, have you seen wombats and their feces in any places include zoos?

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