100% of Gibraltar Adult Population had been Vaccinated – Virus 38

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fig 01- Mountain and sky view. Illustration only

Yes, Gibraltar is a small territory in respect to size and population. But, there are about 10 million tourist visit this British Overseas Territory per year.

In addition to tourism industry, Gibraltar economics depends very much on resources of:

- bank and finance
- ship repairing
- online gaming
- tobacco

Hence, even single cases of Covid 19 in tourist destinations, they will hesitate to visit to those areas.

Indeed, tourism and service industries almost collapse in Gibraltar during pandemic:

- declining visitors
- empty duty free shops, restaurants and hotels

What a Gibraltar government did?   

Fig 02- Crowd without face masks recently 
(credit to SLATE/ Getty Images)

Fig 03- White magnolia flower

Gibraltar government vaccinated the cititizens, since small population just about 35,000 and no “anti-vaccine (anti vaxxer)” movement:
- all adult population had been vaccinated quickly.

The results?

Zero new cases and death of Covid 19.

People start to socialize without masks anymore, like before pandemic:

- crowd in the streets
- shop and market are visited by many people.
- economics seem move on, even not in full speed yet.

The most important thing that it is proven fact:
- higher rate of vaccinated population, then will lead to lower cases of infection and death.

May an Organism has both Female and Male Sexes?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fig 01- A bee collects flower’s nectar

At previous posts, we have talk about possible sex traits in organisms such as birds and turtles:
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As reported by Jason Bittel in National Geographic (August 5, 2020) that a beekeeper spotted “a bee” which has both female and male sex organs.


Gynandromorph is a scientific term refers to this kind of organisms (own both male and female traits).

As you might know that there are 3 types of bees in nature:

- queen
- workers
- drones

Fig 02- One of favorite flowers to bees

Fig 03- Source of foods for bees

Queen bee is the same with worker bees in respect to sex traits that all are females.

Drones are male bees, another different with a worker bee that drones have:

- larger compound eyes
- no stings.

All bees: queen, workers and drones have similar eyes:

- normal size of eyes.
- black eyes

A bee which has both male and female sexes has:

- abnormal size of eyes
- creamy yellow peepers eyes

Why could this happen?

The answer is: a genetic mutation!

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