Possibility Crab Shells to Replace Lithium

Monday, May 15, 2023

I believe all of us familiar with, and even use Lithium battery in our daily life. Just few examples of products which are using Lithium Ion battery are Tablets, Cell phones, Laptops and Portable drills.

Fig 01- Crabs, sold at a grocery store

At least, there are three advantages of Lithium Ion batteries compared to traditional ones:

- last longer

- higher power densities

- and charge faster.

However, Lithium batteries contain toxic metals (nickel, manganese, cobalt), hence, have negative impact on environments. Even worse compared to fossil fuels in terms of productions or mining.

Fig 02- Lithium battery, sold in Walmart

As reported by Prachi Patel in Daily Science (2022: New biodegradable, recyclable battery is made of crab shells) that scientists have created new material from crab shells and combines with zinc to replace Lithium.

The advantages of batteries from this new material are:

- lower cost

- live longer

- environmental friendly due to recyclable or biodegradable

Fig 03- Source of shells for Lithium

What do you think?

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The Tamale is a Typical Mexican Dish – Part 1 – Food Variety 34

Saturday, May 13, 2023

We “wrongly” called “Mexican foods” for traditional Mesoamericans or Latin American dishes. The reason, may be just for “simplicity.”

Fig 01- The Tamales, wrapped in banana leaves.

There are plenty of Mexican foods sold commercially in the USA. You probably know or ever consume some of them:

- Tamale

- Tacos

- Tostadas

- Chiles en nogada

- Enchiladas


Fig 02- A little building, Just for illustration

One of my favorites is a Tamale. The way its cook is interesting for me, it is steamed with wrapping.

The “material” for wrapping is taken from nature, it could be one of these natural materials:

- banana leaf

- corn husk

Fig 03 – Another type of Tamale, wrapped with corn husk

# To be continued to Part 2

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Irradiated Mangoes in the USA – Sign 45

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

We saw for the first time the word “Irradiated” was stuck on a mango, sold at the Mexican store recently. Then, we try to find out what the meaning is, and who put the sticker.

Fig 01- An irradiate mango from Mexico

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Moreover, all mangoes must be “irradiated” if they want to be exported to the USA markets. The main purpose is to make sure that pests such as fruit flies not cross to American border.

Fig 02- Irradiated mangoes at the Mexican store

Two methods of treatments to get rid of pest from mangoes:

1) Using hot water

2) Using irradiation treatments

Fig 03- Mango Criollo (Creole)

Co-60 gamma rays are used to irradiate mangoes. Larvae are prevented to be further develop as adults.

As reported by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2023: Food Irradiation) that “food irradiation is safe.”

Fig 04- Mangoes, ready to consume

Have you tasted irradiated mangoes?

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Egret at the Neighborhood Park – Critter 39

Monday, May 8, 2023

We have a kind of forest park, a pond and a dog park at our neighborhood. Sure, plenty of birds flying over the park and many critters swimming in and on the pond.

Fig 01- An egret at a quite distance.

A couple day ago, the weather was beautiful, the sunny days with temperature at F 73* (C 23*) degree.

It was such a great way to start the day. We had such a pleasant walk at the Forest Park, dog park and Pond.

We saw a lot of people were walking, playing with balls (tennis), and a few at the dog park.

An egret was sitting on the rail, and plenty of them on the other side of pond. More far away.

Fig 02- One of corners at neighborhood

We don’t think it is fishing pond, but some people do fishing. We have no idea the species of fish in its.

Unfortunately, we saw dead fish in the pond, and other side of pond were Egrets. They may consume these dead fish.

Fig 03- Dead fish on the pond

Do you know a kind of foods consumed by Egret?

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Ripening Wild Tomatoes from Yards - Gardening and Hobby 34

Saturday, May 6, 2023

We talked about volunteer (rough) plants in the backyards during warmer seasons. In our case, we have an unexpected watermelon plant which produced sweet fruit.

Fig 01– Some wild tomatoes

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Recently, we have other volunteer plants, tomatoes. We believe “certain birds donated several plants this year from stealing tomatoes from our backyard garden last year or somewhere else recently.”

Love when that happens repeatedly. Is this exciting or what? We have about three tomato plants that are volunteers this year so far.

Fig 02- A Rose-breasted grosbeck

Based on internet searching, we may find there are plenty species of birds consume tomatoes.

Fig 03- A bluebird, sitting at the corner

We have noticed some of these birds visiting our yard. Just few examples are Rose-breasted grosbeck, Bluebird, Cardinal, Mockingbird and Robin.

Fig 04- The volunteer tomatoes

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Fig 05- Tomatoes start to ripe

Have you planted tomatoes?

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A Pollinator of the Black Jack flower – Critter 38

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

A couple years ago, I saw blooming of Black Jack flower on the river banks of our neighborhood.

Image 1- A common pollinator of the Black Jack flower

In addition to Black Jack, the flower with scientific name Bidens pilosa, has many common names such as cobblers pegs, hitch hikers, farmer's friends, Spanish needle and Beggarticks.

Unfortunately, It seems the flowers disappeared from the river banks for this year, luckily, we have observed in our neighborhood. They are planted as a home garden flower.

Interestingly, we may find this flower blooming in many tropical and subtropical countries around the world, spreading from its origin areas of South America.

Image 2- Wild Black Jack flowers

There are plenty of pollinators for Black Jack flowers, some of major pollinators Bees, Butterflies, Moth and Syrphid (Diptera).

Based on GoogleID, The pollinator on image 1 and image 3 is Bumbblebee. It is powerful pollinator for many plants.

Image 3- A pollinator on the Black Jack flower

Have you seen Black Jack flowers in your areas?

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The Food Trucks at the Market of a Countryside – Sign 44

Monday, May 1, 2023

We stop by at a market of a countryside when lunchtime. We saw several food trucks sell variety of foods, local and international flavors.

Fig 01- The food truck at the market of a countryside

There was a big sign “Big J’s, Country Cajun Cooking” at one of trucks. Since there is a word “Cajun.” hence we assumes that the trucks sell local Louisiana foods.

Some of favorite traditional Cajun dishes are:

- Jambalaya

- Gumbo

- Baudin Sausage

- Wild duck, Alligator, Boiled crawfish and Pecan pie

Fig 02- One of food sold by Food Truck, Nachos

We love to consume Jambalaya and Gumbo. In case you don’t know, Jambalaya is a rice base dish, sure, with specific Louisiana taste. Gumbo is a kind of soup with a little portion of rice in its.

Fig 03- A food truck and residents

Yes, Louisiana people consume rice, and Louisiana is one of states produce rice in America.

Unfortunately, we can’t find “cajun dishes” instead of other foods such as Nachos and burgers.

Fig 04- Consumers waiting their orders

Do you like food trucks?

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