Why are these Foods Stolen? - Part 2 – Food Variety 23

Monday, November 7, 2022

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Fig 01- Chocolates sold in a grocery

How about the food lost in the world?

Sure, much more compared to America in terms of percentage and total economic value.

What quite surprising me that food loss is due to stolen by customers, not only from groceries and retailers, but also from restaurants.

However, main thefts of restaurants are their own employee, very rare done by customers!

Fig 02- Iced tea, just for illustration

Fig 03- Candies, one of favorite foods

Fig 04- Fresh meat in the market.

There is long list of foods stolen worldwide, some of most shoplift items are:

- cheese and chocolate

- fresh meat

- alcohol

- seafood

- infant formula

The question then: Why are these foods stolen by people?

Quick and simple answer is that they are “lucrative goods,” especially in developing countries where not all people can afford them.

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  1. ..a few years ago I was on a Federal Grand Jury and organized thief was a huge problem.

    1. Thanks to visit my blog-
      Why are these Foods Stolen? - Part 2 – Food Variety 23
      You may read previous post (Part 1):

  2. Meat is so expensive these days. Once in high school a friend invited me to a cookout. Little did I know his friends that worked at the fast food place had stolen from the freezer the meat patties and buns for this cookout. Naturally, we are chocolate lovers so yeah, I can see that happening too.

  3. Hunger and finding food is a problem on many levels these days. MacDonald's is selling Krispy Kreme. A local coffee place buys day old stuff from Panera. It is hard to get the supply food chain regulated. And some places do have leftovers which go to senior centers and homeless places too. Unfortunately, random acts of kindness are getting rarer. Even in our food bank barrel where I work, people are dropping in sleeves of saltines among the canned goods. It's like they are hoping for things to get messy.

  4. Inflation has risen so much in Turkey that baby foods have been alarmed lately ... I think it's caused by economic factors.

  5. I agree with Camdandusler's point of view (comment just above). Inflaction rate has been rising sharply since early 2021, manly energy (oil & gas) and food (fruits & veggies). Seafood prices have also been rising due to the fact that fishermen's boats need oil, which has become more expensive.

    In the early 1970s a British progressive rock band (Genesis, that's their name) made a question in one of their songs. Their question was: "what's the supper?". The following year, in another song, the British group gave the answer: "it's scrambled eggs!".
    Nowaday the price of one egg is € 0.50 ... scrambled eggs is still one of the less expensive dinner.

  6. It's terrible ... I think even people who have the money to buy something commit thefts ...

  7. People steal because they can and security is lacking in some places. I think it will get worse as time goes on,

  8. Maybe because people think "They will trow away that food, maybe is better if I took it and cook it".

  9. Inflation is going to get worst before it gets better and the shortage of diesel fuel will make the situation worst.