Have you Tasted Tamarind Fruit or Juice? - Part 2 - Food Variety 27

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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Fig 01- Tamarind fruit in the wood basket

Pulp in the fruit is edible. Taste of pulp depend on the stage development of fruits:

- green young fruit is sour in taste

- brown mature fruit is sweet and tangy in taste.

The fruit has been used for many purposes include seasoning of local cuisines in many, particularly tropical countries.

It is said that tamarind has a lot of health benefits, and advisable to eat tamarind daily, about 10 gr per day.

Fig 02- Tamarind candy, sold by Walmart

Traditionally, many people believe that Tamarind have few health benefits, one of them is to reduce weight.

Fig 03- The Tamarind tree, sold by FastGrowingTrees.

It is because Tamarind contains:

- flavonoids

- polyphenols

- fiber and no fat

Have you tasted tamarind? Juice or fruit?

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  1. I love tamarind used in fish cooking

  2. Hola! he probado alguna bebida y dulces con el sabor de tamarindo y la verdad es que no me gusto mucho. Besos

  3. It reminds me of mesquite beans. Which makes awesome jelly. My grandma used to pick them from the trees in the hill country of Texas (well, Mesquite trees are all over the place in west Texas too). The wood makes good barbecue too!

  4. I don't see these around in the Heartland. Good to know.

  5. I like tamarind more in cooking now

  6. Yes, Tanza. I've seen this fruit at a local supermarket. It's quite expensive here in EU.

  7. I haven't tasted it yet.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Interesting post on Tamarind. It is so sour. I have tamarind in my kitchen and use for different curries to add bit sour.