What does Dogtopia Mean? - Sign 32

Friday, January 27, 2023

When we saw the word “Dogtopia” for the first time about couple days ago, we think hard: what does this word mean?

Fig 01- The word of Dogtopia

We tried to search the meaning of “Dogtopia” in an online dictionary, then the dictionary said:

- “sorry, no definitian found.”

- “sorry, no etymologies found.”

After searching with other several key words combines: Bingo! We find that Dogtopia is included in “the pet industry.”

The booming industry with worth no less than US$ 110 billion in the USA.

Fig 02- The pretty dog looks at you

Dogtopia was founded in 2002, developed to be franchised since 2005. It is estimated more than 250 franchises all over America.

Fig 03- He looks so sad and lost

In addition to USA, Dogtopia also opens 18 locations in Canada, and might be expanded to several other countries in coming future.

Fig 04- The sign of Dogtopia on the door

This franchise provides many services that relate to dogs, include daycare, spa and boarding services.

Do you know Dogtopia? And have you treat your dogs in the Dogtopia?

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  1. ...the extent of the pet business is amazing.

  2. It is so hard to find a dog care in Australia these days

  3. Doggie Day Care is big here. Lots are leaving their pups in their care.

  4. This is a big industry. I am sure many who felt they may have wasted their money about a decade ago taking classes to work as vet assistances and could only get work a day or two a week are now getting a lot more opportunities with industries like this. Though, I'm sure they had to go back to school to do so...because that's business for you and the government.

  5. Ohhhh
    Cute dogs *-*
    I love animals ♥
    Thanks for sharing your amazing post!

  6. It seems Dogtopia is able to offer many useful services for our four-legged family members.

  7. The first association with "dogtopia" was dogotherapy.
    But I see it's something completely different.

  8. Dogtopia is new to me. I have seen the Doggie daycares here. Love the cute doggies. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  9. How interesting. I've never heard of it but I don't have a dog at the time. Love your photos.

  10. Sounds great for the dogs. I bet its like a spa for them.

    1. true....

      Thanks to visit my post-
      What does Dogtopia Mean? - Sign 32
      When we saw the word “Dogtopia” for the first time about couple days ago, we think hard: what does this word mean?