Dead of Bird during Higher Temperature - Critter 49

Thursday, August 10, 2023
We saw two dead birds; one on the grass, and another one on the asphalt at our neighborhood when we were jogging several days ago. We believed that the birds are the Mississippi Kites. 

Fig 01- The dead bird on the grass.

The Mississippi kite with scientific name, (Ictinia mississippiensis), has declined of its population in the last few decades.

It is because its habitats include savannahs, rangelands and woodlands have been converted to development and agriculture.

In case of heat wave, our local newspaper, The Advocate just reported that more than 200 birds were dead in our city, Baton Rouge, August 9, 2023.

The variety of birds includes warblers and sparrows were found dead in the parking lots, driveways and city parks.

Fig 02- The dead bird on the asphalt

The bird's death is caused by heat wave in the city during the summertime. Birds got heatstroke because their body has difficulty to regulate higher temperature and higher humidity.

Fig 03- Two birds, on the grass and asphalt

Did your city experience with heat wave during summertime?

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A Simple Fairy Garden - Gardening and Hobby 38

Monday, August 7, 2023

 As you know, the concept of fairy garden is to decorate a mini garden with flowers, plants, little statues and mini accessories in order to bring fairies world at our yards.

Fig 01- A little fairy world

There is no rule to design a fairy garden, just need to be creative and  have fun with wild imagination.

The plants or flowers should be low maintenance and small size, some of them are miniature roses, succulents and air plants. Then, the natural materials will have realistic impact on the fairy world.

Some materials which are used by my neighbors are: A small container or pot with drainage holes, miniature decorations (a fairy house, mini table and chairs, and a fence) and pebbles or glass marbles.

Fig 02- Flowers in the small pot

My neighbors place their fairy garden in the spot where they can enjoy it, either outdoors or indoors. It is just needing a little attention or care to joy it for years.

Fig 03- A fairy garden in the corner

Have you designed a fairy garden?

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Pigeons in the Urban Areas – Critter 48

Friday, August 4, 2023
 We saw a couple of pigeons visited our neighborhood recently. We don't know whether they are wild or pets.

Fig 01- A pigeon on the roof

Actually pigeons have adapted to urban areas, hence normal to see them in the city. Urban areas provide foods and shelters to this critter. 

They consume variety of foods such as grains (corns and other seeds), insect and even household's garbage.

Not surprise to see them around food carts, parks, dumpsters and trash cans to find something to consume.

We might see pigeon roosting on the sidewalks, gardens and buildings. They look like to be relatively safe from predators by hiding on the rooftops.

Fig 02- Myrtle flowers, illustration only

Some predators that pigeons have to contend with are owls, hawks, falcons, raccoons, snakes and even cats.

Fig 03- A pigeon at the corner, an urban area

Do you see pigeons in your neighborhood?

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Even Pharaoh Died due to Virus – Part 2 - Virus 41

Saturday, July 29, 2023

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Fig 01- The book, written by Ismail Kadare

In modern time or at least since 16th century, smallpox lead to million dead per year. It was estimated about 500 millions dead in the 20th century alone.

Smallpox dead toll was very very much higher compared to many wars included World War I and II combined.

Thank you to doctor Edward Jenner for his great work to find smallpox vaccine in England in 1796.

Since then, infection rate and mortality rate decreased dramatically in many countries, especially in Europe and America.

Fig 02- A mask, just illustration

WHO has started the program to vaccine world population since 1950. The organization declared that smallpox eradicated in the world in 1980.

Success history to contain virus though vaccines in the world.

Fig 03- A giant hibiscus, illustration

I really don’t understand why some people still doubt with vaccines. Do you?

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The Butterfly Visit Zinnia Flowers – Critter 47

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

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Fig 01- A Swallowtail butterfly on Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are attractive for many pollinators include butterfly, hummingbird and bees.

However, we always see swallowtail butterfly around Zinnia flowers than other pollinators during late Spring to Summer seasons.

The swallowtail butterfly have 560 species worldwide, but seven only in our state, Louisiana, they are: Black Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Polydamas Swallowtail, Pipevine Swallowtail, Spicebush Swallowtail, Giant Swallowtail and Zebra Swallowtail.

Fig 02- Zinnia flowers in the garden

The reasons that Swallowtail butterflies love zinnia flowers are:

1) Butterfly easy to spot Zinnias due to their large and bright colors.

2) The flowers have a lot of nectar

3) Zinnias have a long tube-shaped corolla that is excellent for butterflies proboscises.

Fig 03- A butterfly, a visitor to Zinnia

What do you think about Zinnia and butterfly?

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Cold Drinks Vendors in the Corners during Summer – Sign 48

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The world temperature increase by 1.47* C (2.64* F) in the summer this year. I believe, everybody feels very hot summer.

Fig 01- Italian ice sold by small vendors.

In our state, Louisiana, typical summer is very hot and humid. Humidity makes many uncomfortable.

We may feel hotter, it is because sweat getting harder to evaporate, then our body quite hard to cool down. We will feel hotter than the actual temperature.

In the high humidity, our hair and skin will greasy, it is because humidity prevents the natural oils from evaporating.

It is problems for people with asthma or allergies, because moisture in the air can cause difficulty for breath in.

Fig 02- A vendor selling drinks with ice

We may find cold drinks vendors in the corners during summer, especially in suburban area in our state, Louisiana.

They sold many type of cold drinks include fruit drinks, ice tea, smoothies and many others.

Fig 03- Another vendor (food truck)

Other popular sweet treats during hot summer sold by vendors are shaved ice, snow cones and many other frozen treats.

Fig 04- The sign of lemonade drinks

How about summer in your city or area?

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Barred Owls in our Neighborhoods – Critter 46

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Owl is one of predators that visit our neighborhood frequently. It seems that their population is fluctuating. We noticed their number are increasing recently, after almost disappear about 5 years ago.

Fig 01- A barred owl on the roof

Our state, Louisiana hosts for 8 species of owls. At least two species are observed in our neighborhoods, they are: Barred owl, Strix varia and Barnes owl,Tyto alba

The main reason these owls reappear in our areas could be due to re-growing of large and mature trees which provide shelter for them. They love maples, oaks and pines.

Another factor that they attract with plenty of rodents, which are their main prey. Other sources of foods are birds, amphibians, squirrels, rabbits and bats.

Fig 02- A corner of neighborhood

Fig 03- Two barred owls sitting on the line.

How many owls species in your areas?

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