Slow Cat Crossing in Neighborhood – Sign 13

Sunday, June 19, 2022

We have pretty a lot of signs across the city. Few signs concern with serious matters, others just for simple things.

Uniquely, some signs are made by common citizens for whatever reasons

Fig 01- Sign for slow cat crossing

I guess that the sign “Slow Cat Crossing” (please see Fig 01 above) is created by a cat lover.

In my opinion, the sign is quite “confuse” and little bit funny, because it has at least three meaning:

- is cat moving slow?

- or just slow cat crossing?

- or ask car drivers to “please slow down?”

Fig 02- Just for illustration

Fig 03- A cat, sitting in the room

I think many animals (especially pets) are considered “slow,” because they are randomly run across the street without looking.

Based on reported from Repairer Driven News (RDN, 2022) that it is estimated about 2 million animals hit by cars annually in the USA.

This figure increased by 7.2% during pandemic years.

The collision is not only dangerous to human being but also to animal safety. Speeding is believed to be main factor in animal collisions.

Moreover, in fact, drivers speed through our neighborhood. Cats and other pets deserve a long life. What do you think?

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Ornamental Fish for Pond in the Garden – Critter 9

Friday, June 17, 2022

Having a small pond with ornamental fish at the corner of garden is trending now days, not only in the USA, but also in many part of the world.

Since a lot of people stay home, more attractive during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Fig 01- Colorful of fish in the pond at the garden corner

People love to have Koi as a pet in the pond with multiple reasons. In some society, a Koi is believed to have:

- myth

- and art value.

Fish brings good luck, many spiritual advantages, tolerant to water quality and very friendly.

If we have good interaction in quite longer time, Koi may feed on our hands.

Fig 02- Red Gladiolus blooming

Fig 03- Just illustration, at the corner

There are many kinds of ornamental fish, and could survive in outdoor during cold temperature in winter.

The species of fish may include:

- Goldfish

- Archerfish

- Pumpkinseeds

- Crappie

- Pumpkinseeds fish

Do you like ornamental fish for pond in the garden?

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Finnish Nightmare in the Eyes of Far Eastern Countries - Part 2

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Image 1- Matti decided to buy than take a free sample
(credit to Karoliina Korhonen).

The comic got hit in China, especially to millennial generations, because they “dream” of privacy as one of reasons.

Finland has huge space compare to crowd cities in China. However, Matti, male Finnish in the cartoon respects:

- peace

- quiet

- personal space

Young Chinese who was born as a kid under China’s single child policy identified themselves as Finnish nightmare.

Image 2- Flowers in the garden

Image 3- A street in the morning

Image 4- A corner of the park

They believe that their characters similar to Matti in many terms, some of them are:

- avoids talking to others

- live alone happily

- hide from neighbors

- inconvenient to work in pairs

- do not like to be single out

- a kind of social phobia.

Do you know about Finnish Nightmare? What do you think?

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Land Snail in the Garden – Critter 8

Sunday, June 12, 2022

We often saw snails crawling in our garden. They are found on the surface of leaves or flowers to search for foods.

Fig 01- A snail crawling

This snail could damage plant’s leaves in our yards. Since herbivores, they also feed on:

- algae and fungi

- lichens

- and decaying vegetation

As reported by Russell L Minton and Kathryn E Perez (2015: systematic checklist of the land snail of Louisiana) that there are 141 species of land snails in our state, Louisiana.

Fig 02- Hibiscus flower in the garden

However, there are two important snails which believe responsible to “destruction” of our garden.

Fig 03- A snail is moving on

The two species are:

- Helix aspersa aspersa

- Helix aspersa maxima

They are common snails in the garden. Luckily, they are not poinous, and even not dangerous to touch or hold them. Some people in certain countries eat them as “escargot de bourgogne.”

Other species of brown garden snail such as Cornu aspersum also edible. This species spreads all over the world.

Do you know that garden snails are edible?

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Database in Everyday Aspects of Life - Part 1

Thursday, June 9, 2022

We live in an information-rich society; thus our society relies on the availability of a huge amount of information:

- everywhere

- and at any time.

Fig 01- Database world illustration 
(credit to slideplayer/slide/10964329/)

Information means data.

These data then manipulated by computer science to produce what we call as database.

These systems are virtually everywhere, from such as:

- cell phone to TV

- vending machine in train station

- barcode scanners in super-market.

Fig 02- Flowers in the garden

As suggested by AJ Graham (2016: How Are Databases Used in the Real World?) that using of database is date back in 1960s.

Fig 03- A dog in neighborhood, illustration

It is because many companies believed that use of computers became a more cost-effective option.

However, database models not that many on that time, few of them are a network model called CODASYL and a hierarchical model called IMS.

In CODASYL, data are organized into record and set at different types. Both record and set have names.

IMS model makes people organize data (business data) using program and device independently.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Firearms Free Zone – Sign 12

Monday, June 6, 2022

I never interest to own guns or any dangerous weapons for whatever reasons, hence, I don’t know about licenses or rules to have one.

Fig 01- Firearms free zone sign.

Just few weeks ago, I saw the sign at University lake of our city:

- Firearm free campus zone

I search through internet: what is it mean?

Louisiana State legislature imposed restriction to carry a firearm or a dangerous weapon.

The restrictions apply to three main areas:

1) Schools

2) Specific design areas

3) a firearm-free zone

Fig 02- Yellow daylily in the garden

In respect to schools or campus, the restrictions include in areas school property, school transportation, at school-sponsored functions (athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities) and within one thousand feet of any school campus.

Fig 03- Afternoon sky in our city

A firearm-free zone usually apply to areas near by schools or a campus. It is  reasonable that I found “a sign at University lake of our city.”

Fig 04- One of old buildings in our city

Who violated this rule, both students and non-students will face quite harsh sentences:

- shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars

- or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not less than one year nor more than five years, or both.

This rule makes me more and more discourage to have firearms or dangerous weapons.

I don’t understand why “so easy” to access guns or dangerous weapons in the America!

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Rattan End Products Sold in the USA Market

Friday, June 3, 2022

We saw plenty of rattan end products sold in the supermarkets at our city, Baton Rouge, LA recently.

Fig 01- End product of rattan

As you might know that rattan is like a bamboo, but solid material. Its can be twisted or model for many purposes.

After certain processing, rattan canes which is more durable and strength be used as material in a wicker weave.

Rattan plant is a vine like plant which grow well in tropical forests. There are about 600 species of rattan worldwide.

South East Asian countries are well known as rattan producers and play an important role in global trade.

Fig 02- Rattan table lamp, sold in Walmart

Fig 03- Rattan basket

Those South East countries include:

- Indonesia

- Philippine

- Myanmar

- Vietnam

- Malaysia.

The global trade of rattan and bamboo is estimated US$ 60 billion per year. The trade is between producers in South East Asia, and mainly to buyers in Europe.

Quite surprising to find plenty of rattan products in the USA Markets nowdays.

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