Using Woods for Fireplace in the Winter – Part 2

Thursday, January 13, 2022

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- Using Woods for Fireplace in the Winter – Part 1

In certain level, the poisonous substance from woods burning may be life threatening

Fig 01- Woods with discount price

The poisonous substances that may come from woods, including:

- Poison Ivy

- Poison Sumac

- Poison Oak

So, what are good woods for burning purposes?.

Some suggested the following:

- birch

- maple

- oak

- ash

- most fruit trees

Fig 02- Illustration only

Fig 03- Oak rocker antique, illustration

These woods are believed to have several advantages:

- giving us a quite longer burning hours, and hotter

- least pitch and sap

- generally cleaner to handle.

In our neighborhood, the price of 1 chord woods (4 feet x 8 feet size) is US$ 150, plus delivery cost for US 50.

Do you know someone who uses woods for heating in the winter or for any purposes?

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Women Equality as Conflict Paradigm Example – Part 2

Monday, January 10, 2022

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- Women Equality as Conflict Paradigm Example – Part 1

Fig 01- Two women (painted by Vincent van Gogh).

As we know that workforce diversity include:

- race

- ethnicity

- national origin

- religion

However, the equality also reaches to LGBT employee, since gender identity and sexual orientations are part of diversity in today workforce.

Harmony among employee is important in workplace, thus every gender must feel comfortable at workplace.

Fig 02- Empty parking lot

McIntyre (2011: The Practical Skeptic: Core Concepts in Sociology 5th ed., New York: McGraw-Hill. p.43 – 44) described three kinds of paradigm.

Fig 03- Chocolate, illustration

The three paradigms are:

- Functionalist

- Conflict

- and Symbolic interaction paradigms.

In the conflict paradigm, there is antagonistic which has deep-rooted in many social groups.

The groups against other groups to get social advantages. Then, the groups, eventually changing society to fit their own desires and goals.

# To be continued to Part 3

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Bee Swarm Removing Cost – Part 2- Gardening and Hobby 23

Friday, January 7, 2022

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Moreover, we need to remove the bee swarms to prevent further damages of our house.

Fig 01- Local honey’s bees

How much the cost to remove bee swarms from properties?

Depend very much on where the bees infested whether on:

- the trees

- outside houses.

- indoor

- hose walls or ceilings

The cost varies from US$ 45 to US$ 1,500. The different is quite extreme, but average is about US$ 175.

Fig 02- One of wild flowers which is favorite to bee

Yes, there are several organizations that could help to remove the bees, one of them is university agriculture center.

Unfortunately, the center has a lot of work in the moment, so it will take longer time to help us.

Fig 03- Flowers in the garden.

Just to let you know that there are 20,000 species of bees in the world. Some important species are:

- Apis andreniformis

- Apis cerana

- Apis dorsata

- Apis florea

Have you ever faced with swarm of bees?

Have bee swarms infested your properties?

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Could Available Drugs Regenerate beta Cells? – Part 2 - Diabetes 28

Thursday, January 6, 2022

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Fig 01- Some drugs at pharmacy store

In addition to treat diabetes, GLP-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 Ras) have other several advantages:

- heart health

- and kidney function

Researchers from Icahn medical school, Mount Sinai, New York combined both DYRK1A inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists to see their effect on beta cell replication on human with diabetes.

The result is quite surprising!

Fig 02- A nice pet

Fig 03- Mermaid tail, illustration.

Finding of research may be summarized as following:

1) It is possible to replicate beta cells in diabetes patients

- previous research was fail.

2) Combine drugs able to produce beta cells in quite numbers

- about 5% to 6% after four days treatment.

- while using GLP-1 receptor agonist alone produce 2% beta cells only

3) Further developments

- Scientists believe that combines with other inhibitor drugs could increase cells replications significantly.

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Using Woods for Fireplace in the Winter – Part 1

Monday, January 3, 2022

I don’t know how many households using woods for heating in the winter in my neighborhood.

We ourselves never used wood for heating purposes.

Fig 01- Pile of woods for sale

As reported by Ortman and Raglin (2018, published in US Census Bureu) that at least 30% of houses heated by woods in America.

Using of woods is varied from one states to others. Some states, especially in rural areas that more than 30% households rely on woods for heating.

Plenty of reasons to use woods both in cities and rural areas:

- ready available or accessible

- free in many rural areas, and affordable in cities or other places.

- could reduce emissions of greenhouse gas (far below from other fuels).

Fig 02- Fallen tree at neighborhood

Fig 03- Early winter season

In case of power failure due to natural disasters in the cold seasons, woods deliver heating security.

It is reported that average Americans use wood products 3 times than average world population per day:

- using two pound woods for average people in the world

- six pound woods for average Americans

However, not all woods are good for fireplaces due to its release smoke which contains “urushiol,” dangerous substances.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Women Equality as Conflict Paradigm Example – Part 1

Friday, December 31, 2021

Women still face problems in term of equality in the USA society until recently.

In the work place, especially in high technology industry environments, women are not encouraged to get higher position (leadership role) compared to the men.

Fig 01- A woman sitting in the grass (painted by Vincent Van Gogh)

The reason is that women biologically have no drive for higher rank in management.

It is fact, a survey conducted by “SurveyMonkey” showed around 60% of women admitted that there are many obstacles for women in the workplace across the states.

However, it is surprisingly, the gender equality is important for:

- both sexes, men and women,

- and even extend to LGBT

Fig 02- Flowers in the garden

Hence, equality is one of important issues in the society.

Huhman (2017: 3 Reasons Why Gender Equality is an 'Everyone' Issue. Published in Entrepreneur) explained why gender equality is an everyone issues.

Fig 03- Sky at corner of city

There are 3 important reasons:

1. Gender diverse proved to make companies to perform better. Companies with diversity employee have 15% better perform than non-diversity one.

2. Men benefit, as well. In this case, men and women get the same parental benefit. Men can get parental leave as women received when they have children.

3. Gender fluidity matters, too.

# To be continued to part 2

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Bee Swarm Removing Cost – Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 23

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

We start to see swarm of bees at our neighborhood around spring or March every year.

They may or may not enter our own yard.

Fig 01- The swarm of bee in the backyard of neighborhood

I believe and many people told me that bees have caused no damages to properties if they make nests on the nearby trees at backyards.

They may go away in days or months until summer is over.

Uniquely that the same bees usually not return to the same spots in the near coming years.

Bees will not attack us if we don’t provoke them. They sting us in case to defend themselves or their colony.

Fig 02- Flowers blooming

Fig 03- Magnolia flowers

If honeybees out of their hives, they will not attack anyone, it is because they are just flying to find foods (nectar or pollen).

The bees don’t want to have problems with people.

In case, and very rare that bees attach to house, then may lead to:

- making a hole in the Sheetrock

- annoying occupants

- leaking of honey through ceilings

# To be continued to Part 2

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