Crisis of Chicken’s meat and Eggs – Sign 31

Friday, January 20, 2023

Our neighborhood’s little groceries sell both chicken meat and eggs with unbelievable price tag.

Fig 01- A sign of arriving of little chicks for raising

I believe the price increases by 500% for eggs and 200% for chicken meat compared to last year.

The fact that the availability stock of these two items is uncertain in recent days even in the big groceries.

We just visit the big grocery, Walmart, and found almost empty chicken meat. Out of stock for eggs.

Fig 02- Chicken eggs at a grocery

In case of eggs, there are at least three reasons:

- millions of hens are slaughtered due to bird flu.

- increasing cost of chicken’s feed

- slowing egg production due to fall and winter seasons

Fig 03- Price extremely expensive, reaches US$ 11.09 for 18 eggs

To solve this temporary problem some of my neighbors try to raise chickens

for eggs and meat at their backyard.

Fig 04- A white rooster for meat

They ordered the variety of chickens through neighborhood groceries, the chicks will arrive by next week.

The breeders include white leghorns, Rhode Island red and Buff Orphingtons (please see sign at Fig 01 above).

How about the price of eggs and chicken meat at your place?

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  1. Costco I just bought 5 dozen for $15.99.

  2. Hello,
    Cute chicken photos. The price of eggs now is crazy, my hubby loves eggs for breakfast. No matter what they cost. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  3. Still good compared to tremendous inflation in Türkiye....

  4. Yes, we are thinking of getting 3 chickens (which are allowed in our city) from what I hear they can survive the cold winter here too.

  5. I think of my grandmother's chicken coop. It was a fond farm memory.

  6. Prices have gone up for everything but the eggs weren't as expensive so we bought some this week. $5 for organic brown eggs. Love those pretty white chickens!

  7. Nice looking chickens. The eggs here cost us €1.70 for 6 brown eggs.

  8. wooo
    This is a interesting post
    Here, every prices gone up
    Kisses ♥

  9. Egga are so high here now too!!

  10. Good shot of the chicken. I am glad eggs cost less than a dollar for a dozen here.

  11. Eggs are rocketing in price here in the UK too. Customers are limited to two boxes each due to the lack of eggs on sale now too.

    1. Thanks to visit my blog-
      Crisis of Chicken’s meat and Eggs – Sign 31
      Our neighborhood’s little groceries sell both chicken meat and eggs with unbelievable price tag.