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The United States Import Ginger the most – Sign 30

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

We just understand that Ginger plants grow well in the USA when we saw a vendor sold Ginger plants in our city garden.

Fig 01- Ginger plants are sold by a vendor

Ginger with scientific name Zingiber officinate comes from tropical areas, especially Southeast Asia countries such as Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Then, this spicy plant was brought and domesticated to Indo- Pacific regions, include Hawaii.

Nowadays, we may find Ginger in the states such as California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana.

Fig 02- Ginger roots, sold in the Walmart

In addition to own production, America imports Ginger the most in the world. Amount of import about 80,000 tons per year, and increase year by year.

Fig 03- The pumpkin, just illustration

The Ginger in the USA market comes from countries such as:

- China

- Brazil

- and Peru.

Fig 04- Ginger plants for sale

Sure, Ginger is one of popular ingredients for many American foods, just few examples are cookies, pies (apple or pumpkins) and curry mixes.

Do you like the Ginger taste?

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The 24 Hour Emergency Service - Sign 29

Saturday, January 14, 2023

I know many companies or business provide “a 24 hour service.” What make me wonder is the word of “emergency.”

Fig 01- A sign for emergency service.

As far as I know, some businesses which provide a 24 hour service for their customers may include:

- IT companies

- Finance businesses

- Real estates

- Plumbing companies.

So, what is company relate to “The 24 Hour Emergency Service?”

Fig 02- Propane from AmeriGas

AmeriGas sold 15 LBS (6.8 kg) propane or Liquefie Petroleum Gas (LPG) with following price:

- refill for US$ 19.92

- LPG + a tank for US$ 54.00

Fig 03- Refill cost for propane

The company opens their self-serve small “retails” or “automatic vendors” for 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7).

The customers, mainly college students may call for emergency services in case no supply due to “natural disasters” such as hurricanes or tropical storms.

Do you have this kind of service in your place?

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The Yaupon Holly Plants Produce Attractive Berries – Sign 28

Saturday, January 7, 2023

We always see the attractive red berries when we walk in the city garden. We saw the sign “Yaupon” under the plants.

Fig 01- Sign of Yaupon Holly Plants.

After searching through internet, we understand the name of plant is “The Yaupon Holly Plant.”

This plant includes in evergreen shrubs that why we found the plant produces a lot of fruit even in the winters.

The berries attract to several types of birds and wildlife. However, the berries are “dangerous” to children and pets.

Fig 02- Red fruits are hanging on the branches

As reported by naturallysavvy (2020: Yaupon Leaves Are Safe, but Don’t Eat the Berries) that Yaupon Holly berries dangerous to human, especially kids.

Fig 03- Berries look very attractive

Kids who consume 6 berries may vomit. If children consume up to 30 berries, they will get fatalities, in respect to their “central nervous system.”

In case of pets such as dogs and cats, the berries may cause vomit, diarrhea, and pain on their mouth.

Do you know this Yaupon Holly Plant? Have you seen in nature?

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Storing Firearms Securely to Prevent Suicide – Sign 27

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Suicide rate at alarming rate in the USA, and it occurs to all ethnics, sexes and age groups.

Fig 01- Storing your firearms

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In fact, more people death due to suicide by using gun in the USA. In percentage, about 54% of US gun relate death was due to suicide in 2020 (please see Fig 02 at below).

Fig 02- More people death due to suicide in 2020
(credit to Pew Research Center)

Rate of suicide increases year by year due to multiple factors. Sadly, there is no end in sight yet.

The sign that I saw (please see Fig 01) to ask people to store their gun securely in order to help prevent suicide.

Fig 03- Fruit of a Pine tree

This is one of important strategies to limit access to firearms, especially to who has higher risk to perform suicide, such as:

- individuals in mental crisis

- teenagers

- and even gun owner who has personal history of suicide risk.

What do you think?

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A Small Vendor for Christmas Gifts – Sign 26

Monday, December 19, 2022

Small vendors start selling or offering services relate to Christmas celebration several weeks before January, every year in our city.

Fig 01- Sign of D’s Wreath Designs

Customers search “specific” items, hence small vendors will provide the market demands.

I think, these four items are favorite for Christmas celebration:

- Christmas tree

- Christmas light

- Wreath decorations

- and Christmas crackers

Fig 02- Several wreaths, hang on

Fig 03- Middle size wreaths

Fig 04- Plenty wreath on display

In addition to above four items, we saw some vendors sell “gift cards” as well, it locates at around our neighborhood.

We found one vendor called as “D’s Wreath Design” both sell wreaths and provide services for wreath designs. A design service could take several days, depend on “difficulty” of designs. Sure, with affordable prices.

What items do you buy for Christmas celebration?

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Public Education from the Rose Society – Sign 25

Thursday, December 8, 2022

We have talked about herb society in our city at previous post:

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Fig 01- Rose society of our city

Like other societies, not surprising that Rose society has public education about anything relate to this flower.

However, what special for me that this society opens consultation to whoever interest in roses.

Common people may consult about growing rose and the problems they may face with having roses. Even-thought consultation is a kind of simple matters only, but free of cost and helpful for beginners.

Fig 02- Plants show, illustration

As you may know that roses have no more than 10 different colors in nature, but industries have developed at least 60 colors and its combines.

Fig 03- Roses in the garden

There are many favorite colors in the market, few of them:

- pink and red

- orange and yellow

- lavender

- white cream

- coral and peach

We love red, pink, yellow and white roses. Do you love roses? What color do you prefer?

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Do you Know Cardio Kickboxing? - Sign 24

Friday, November 11, 2022

The words “Cardio Kickboxing” is new for me. I saw a sign from an organization to give a class in the public park

Fig 01- A sign of Cardio Kickboxing

I don’t know the words of Cardio Kickboxing. After searching through internet, I found interesting things.

In fact Cardio Kickboxing is created by Frank Thiboutot in 1992, about 30 years ago. Thiboutot was from Maine, and living in Kansas now.

Cardio Kickboxing is workout that mix between fast moving cardio and martial arts, hence this is a kind of high energy exercises.

Then, is Cardio Kickboxing popular?

Fig 02- Painting by local artist

Yes, Cardio Kickboxing is popular workout in the USA recently.

Data from Statista (2017) showed the participants was 6.7 million people across America in 2017. The number fluctuates year by year.

Fig 03- Two kids, just for illustration

Comparing to “martial arts,” the number is not bad. From the same source (Statista, 2021), there are about 6.3 million participants.

Fig 04- Two dogs, illustration only

As you know, the martial arts include:

- Karate

- Taekwondo

- Judo

- Ju Jitsu

- and others

Do you familiar with Cardio Kickboxing?

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The Fiber Art in Our Community – Sign 23

Friday, October 28, 2022

When I saw the sign in the one of our community activities, immediately, I asked myself:”what is fiber art?” I just heard for the first time.

Fig 01- Sign of fiber art

Then, I understand that it is a kind of fine art. The art that involve fiber, yarn or fabric. Either natural or synthetic.

The art that involve of significant works in the form of:

- crocheting, knitting, felting and quilting

- embroidery

- weaving and basket weaving

- needle point and many more

Fig 02- Artists are doing fiber art

Fig 03- Examples of fiber art

I know, but not really familiar with crocheting, knitting and quilting. I think many people love to work or have skills with at least one of these 3 words (crocheting, knitting or quilting)

However, some artists suggested to start with crocheting than knitting, especially for beginners.

It is because Crochet to use one hook, hence minimize techniques. Doing crocheting is easier than knitting.

Do you familiar with crocheting, knitting and quilting?

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