What is a Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Donald Trump? - Virus 22

Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Covid 19 Antibody (credit to BioPharma reporter)

As all of us know that Donald Trump infected by corona virus, Sars Cov 2 last Friday, might be even early.

After brought to army medical center, Walter Reed hospital, president got two treatments with:

- a dose of Remdesiver

- a monoclonal antibody

We talked about drug called Remdesiver at previous post. You may read the article:

Is Remdesivir a Potential Drug Against Covid-19? - Virus 11 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Then, we might wonder: What is a Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Donald Trump?

A monoclonal Antibody is a synthetic antibody which able to mimic human (natural) antibody to fight infection.

A supplement for increase immunity, just for illustration.

In case of virus, synthetic antibody manufactured by company called Regeneron, proved to reduce Corona virus from Covid 19 patients.

Based on trials (very first trial) to 275 patients, the monoclonal antibody killed the virus which attached body systems in certain degree, and improve the health condition of patients.

Moreover, Trump was injected with a 8 gram dose of “experimental” antibody. It is said higher dose, since dose used in the trials is 2.4 gram. Lower dose shown good result (please read Science, October 2, 2020).

In addition to Remdesiver drug and Monoclonal antibody, Trump was given supplement as well. They are:

- zinc

- vitamin D

- vitamin C

- an acid reducer

- melatonin

- aspirin.

We will know whether the treatments for Donald Trump are success or fail in the next coming days or at least next 48 hours.

Just wait and see!!

Are All Sanitizer Brands Good for You? – Virus 21

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fig -01- One of well known brands sold in supermarket

Hand sanitizer is one of items which are empty from stores at the early and peak of Covid 19 pandemic.

It seems that we may find it easily in many stores now. I noticed the price quite higher compared to before pandemic.

Some well known brands in the market are:

- Purell

- Equate

- Casey Jones

- Hoosier hand sanitizer

- MCMC hand sanitizing

- New Holland hand sanitizer

- Scully’s hand sanity

- Dr Brite hand sanitizer

Fig – 02 - Equate is one of made in USA brands

What are hand sanitizer brands good for you?

My own opinion that the brand is not important, the most crucial is whether the brands follow the recommendation and guidelines from two prominent agencies:

- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

- Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Fig – 03 - Active ingredient, disposable wipe for germs

CDC recommend to use either soap or hand sanitizer. The sanitizer should contain certain amount of ethanol or isopropanol:

- 60% ethanol

- 70% isopropanol

FDA guidelines for using of ethanol or isopropanol are quite higher, between 75% to 95%.

The agency also recommend using of active ingredients such as:

- hydrogen peroxide

- glycerine

Be careful with wood alcohol called as methanol. This alcohol is poison to skin, and could be fatal if consumed by kids.

There are about 75 brand names have been recalled, because they are toxic sanitizers and misled consumers.

If you wonder, please go to FDA website to get full list of dangerous brands of hand sanitizers.

Finally, what brands of your hand sanitizer?

Have you Tasted Red Pear? - Food Variety 1

Monday, September 28, 2020

Two red pears in the bowl, ready to consume.

We just visited farmer market last week, and we noticed red pears on the shelf. Honestly, our first time to see the red pears.

By Googling, we know there are three varieties of this red pear:

- Starkrimson

- Red bartlett

- Red s’Anjou

Unfortunately, we did not know the variety of red pear which we bought. However, one of variety called as Red s’Anjou was from Oregon, USA.

By searching through internet, no red pear in Europe. The above 3 varieties could be found in Canada. Other varieties are:

- Red sensation

- Reimer red

Red pears sold in the farmer market

It is reported that there are at least two varieties of red pear in Australia:

- Red s’Anjou

- Red Sensation

Moreover, the red pears come to the market between August and December in the USA, especially in our neighborhood farmer market.

I don’t know the harvest seasons in the Canada and Australia. I guess from late August to late fall.

In respect to taste, I think, after ripe that red pears have soft texture, juicy and sweet compared to green pears.

Do you know the red pear? Have you tasted it? What do you think?

Should We Use Pepper Seed to Feed Wild Birds? - Gardening and hobby 5

Friday, September 25, 2020

Fig 01- Green peppers have seeds for birds

We may try to attract wild bird by bird feeders to come to our backyard. In fact, we are able to invite hummingbirds with sugary solution.

Please read previous post:

Attracting Hummingbirds by Suitable Feeder at Backyard 

Our neighborhoods use mainly commercial bird foods bought in groceries (pet shops).

The problem with the commercial bird foods is a good meal for other wild animals such as:

- squirrels

- raccoon

- rats

Some friends told that wildlife may ride the feeders without giving a chance to birds to consume a single bite.

Fig 02 - A wild bird crossed the neighborhood street

Other animals include deer and bears are interesting with feeders as well. And, even bears able to breaking the feeders to deplete all foods.

Fig 03 - Bell pepper, just for illustration

Few neighbors suggested to use pepper seed to feed wild birds. Most birds love these seeds.

They observed that other animals did not touch the pepper seed. The following animals are avoiding the seed:

- rodent

- squirrels

- raccoon

Should We use Pepper seed to feed wild birds? Yes, I will try this kind of bird food by next spring.

Do you have any special foods to invite wild bird?

Can Dogs Detect Infected Patients with Covid 19? – Virus 20

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A dog in the middle of street, just for illustration only.

As we might all know that dogs are “excellent” to use their sense. It is fact that dogs have smell capability 10,000 times more than human to detect crucial substances include:

- blood

- illegal electronic devices

- explosive devices

- illegal drugs

In medical world, dogs are trained to diagnosed diseases such as cancer. They success to recognize cancer types such as:

- skin cancer

- bladder cancer

- breast cancer.

By understanding that diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and even malaria may cause specific odors, thus dogs may help to detect the diseases.

Dogs are standing under the tree in our neighborhood.

Scientists have trained dogs to help them to detect patients infected with corona virus (Sars Cov 2).

Dogs are projected to be able to detect the Covid 19, even the patients have no symptoms.

Researchers from University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany have good primary result:

- dogs can be trained to sniff out virus (Sars Cov 2) infection

- dogs may determine who got infected by virus or virus free persons through smelling the saliva

- the accuracy (success rate) is 94%

Just for comparisons, the available tests and methods have accuracy ranging from 84% to 100%.

Hence, 94% accuracy of detection by using dogs is “not bad,” at least for early warning purposes.

Then, suspect infected patients may be examined by more accurate devices furthermore.

What do you think?

Roses in the Late Summer - Gardening and hobby 4

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Fig – 01. Red and light pink roses

Roses disappeared from our garden now, they are blooming quite longer, could be months (more than 20 weeks), from mid Spring to to late Summer or early Fall.

In nature, roses have less than 10 colors, but breeders develop more than 60 colors or combined colors recently.

Our backyard has 4 different colors only, they are:

- pink

- red

- white

- yellow

It is said that colors respect to certain symbols. Pink symbols of joyful, Red refers to love, White to pure and Yellow symbols of friendship.

Fig – 02. Yellow rose, lonely flower

In case you may not know, the price of rose is between US$ 1.5 to US$ 8 per flower, depend on where we buy.

Fig – 03. White flower symbol of purity

Wholesale price is quite cheaper compared to retail price. Wholesale at least 20% cheaper.

The price depends very much on the:

- supply and demand

- quality

Fig – 04. Pink rose, quite popular color

We think that it is easy to take care the Roses. We do the following:

- growing under the sun

- using good (organic) fertilizer

- watering regularly

- using organic mulch

Organic mulch is mixed of material include grass clippings, shredded bark, pine needles, sawdust and wood chips. The functions mulch are:

- improve quality of soil

- discourage weed growing around our flower plants

Do you have or love Rose flowers? What color?

Can Fish in the Tank Improve Your Health? - Gardening and hobby 3

Friday, September 18, 2020

Fish in the tank

Million Americans, and their number are growing well year by year to have fish in the tank as a pet.

There are many list of most popular freshwater fish, I just quote 10 fish (my source is: 19 Most Popular Freshwater Fish for Your Aquarium):

- Beta fish

- Fancy guppy fish

- Mollies

- Angelfish

- Rasboras

- Rainbow fish

- Plecostomus

- Swordtail platy

- Corydoras catfish

- Neon tetra

Koi, ornamental fish in the small pond

In case of Neon tetra, this is a good fish for aquarium. We may finds this fish at almost aquarium shops (please see my previous post: Why Neon Tetra Fish is Good For Aquarium? | Tanza Erlambang Update) with advantages:

- reasonable price.

- easy to handle

- beautiful

- lively and peaceful fish

Moreover, Can Fish in the Tank Improve Your Health?

Yes, our health may improve by looking aquarium fish. It is said that some health advantages:

- lower stress

- make more sleep

- feel better

- lower heart rate

- lower blood pressure

- body will function better

Do you have fish as a pet? What is aquarium size do you have?