Hawks to Control Rats at Neighborhood - Critters 1

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Hawks are seen frequently in our neighborhood, they fly low and between houses, not over the houses.

The sharped shinned hawks are common hawks in our state, Louisiana. However, we saw they visit bird feeders at backyard at certain period.

Fig 01- A hawk on fence at our neighborhood

In addition to the sharped shinned, Louisiana has other type of hawks, they include:
- cooper hawk
- red tailed hawk
- red shoulder hawk
- broad wing hawk
- Swainson's hawk
- Osprey

Fig 02- Bird feathers on the road

It seems the predators are quite adapted to our city or neighborhood life. They may find natural food easily.

Fig 03- A hawk backyard

Our friends believe that the hawks are coming to control rats at the neighborhoods.

Fig 04- A hawk at our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, these predators also attacking, preying and hurting some other small animals such as:
- songbirds that come to visit our bird feeders at backyard.
- baby squirrels
- small pets (cats and dogs)
- chickens
- rabbits
- frogs

Actually, hawks consume everything, even snakes, insects and lizards. 

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Zinnia Flower and Vincent Van Gogh – Part 2 - Art 3

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Fig 01- Vase with Zinnia, painted by Van Gogh (1886)

What interesting for me is that Zinnia flower depicted by Van Gogh. In nature, Zinnia has 13 different species.

Several popular Zinnias to grow are:

- Purple Prince

- Queen Red Lime

- Aztec Sunset

- Red Spider

- Early Wonder

- Queen Lime

Fig 02- Sky after raining, just for illustration

Zinnia flowers are native to American continent, spreading from USA to some part of Latin America.

Fig 03- Zinnia, painted by Van Gogh.

The flowers are easily found in the countries or areas such as:

- Southwestern United States

- Mexico

- and Central America

Fig 04- Poppy flowers, painted by Van Gogh

This flower of Zinnia is quite popular around the globe now days, and to be gardens flowers.

Since Zinnia riches in nectar, the flowers attract many pollinators:

- butterflies

- hummingbirds

- ladybugs

- Japanese Beetles

- wasps

It might be the reason, Zinnia flowers to be a must plant in the gardens in many countries.

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Pets must Remain on a Leash at All Time – Sign 1

Monday, January 31, 2022

We saw unusual crowd when we visit one of our city lake last week. We guessed it might relate to lower infection rate of corona virus.

People feel “less restriction” with comfortable temperature like “spring” season of 17 C (63 F) degree.

Fig 01- A sign at the park of lake side

There is a park rules sign at lake side with 9 little signs in its, what interesting sign is that pets must remain on a leash at all times and pets waste removed.

Other little signs are:

- all neighborhood parks close at dark

- use profane language and loud music is prohibited

- alcohol, drugs, fire arms, explosives and weapons are prohibited

- glasses are prohibited. Placing all trash and litter in receptacles.

- driving off park roads are prohibited

- golf practice allowed only at designed golf facilities

- picnic pavilions are first come first serve

- thank you for not smoking

Fig 02- A beagle was roaming around neighborhood.

There are many migrant birds on the lake. One of them is pelican as one of bigger birds in America.

Fig 03- White pelicans, swimming around the lake

Thess yellow beak birds come from northern part of America include:

- Alberta and Northwest Territories provinces

- Rocky Mountain’s ponds and lakes

Fig 04- A German Shepard at neighborhood

We know that the main reason the birds migrate to southern states of USA is freezing in high elevation waters of northern American.

Our city lakes provide fish as food source to draw the pelican to come. The lakes to be a kind of eating zone.

In addition to our city lake, the pelicans love to visit:

- quiet waters of the Atchafalaya Basin

- coastal lakes.

- rice fields

How many lakes or ponds your city or place have? What kind of migratory birds visit those lakes?

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The Ways in “Caching” for Speeding Up Web Server – Part 1

Friday, January 28, 2022

In database systems, the word “caching” means store something temporarily, then retrieved again for near future use.

As suggested by Price (2011: Web Performance Optimization, Part 1: Web Server Caching) that there are several goals of caching.

Fig 01- Painting by David Hockney, illustration only

The purposes of caching are following:

- Increasing the speed of content delivery.

- Reducing the amount of redundant work

- and putting a file in memory to re-use to save millions of drive accesses.

At the end, caching is supposed to improve server performance.

Moreover, three Ways for “Caching” to speed up Web server performance that are:

1. Via (meta) tags (<meta http-equiv="Expires"...>)

2. Programmatically setting HTTP headers (CGI scripts etc.)

3. Through web server configuration files (httpd.conf)

Fig 02- Public safety, illustration only

Fig 03- Flowers at the garden

First, Kyrnin (2015: Force Your Page to Always Load from the Server Not the Web Cach) mentioned that a meta tag could control browser “caching,” then Web server could be speeding up.

Search engine optimization (SEO) often apply meta tag. The simple reason is to attract people to click our sites. Thus it will affect on traffic and your site ranking.

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Zinnia Flower and Vincent Van Gogh – Part 1 - Art 3

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The sunflower is one of well known flowers painted by a Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

The cost almost reached US$ 40 million in 1987 auction. It is estimated for about US$ 98 million today.

Fig 01- Zinnia elegans with butterfly

There are two series of Van Gogh’s sunflowers (Tournesols in French) :

- Paris series, 1887

- Arles series, 1888

Paris series was characterized by sunflower lying, while the Arles series was painting of sunflowers in the vase.

There are five well known paintings of sunflowers in the vase which are belong to museums around the globe now days.

Actually, the painter has other flowers as painting objects as reported by Teresa Bernard, 2015: The Flower Paintings of Vincent van Gogh).

Fig 02- Zinia flowers, painted by Van Gogh

Fig 03- Irises flowers, painted by Van Gogh

Fig 04- Sunflowers, painted by Van Gogh

The flowers include:

- irises

- roses

- poppies

- corn flowers

- myosotys

- chrysanthemums and almond blossom

- red poppies and daisies

- pink roses

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Could Microchips Detect Covid 19 Virus in the Blood? - Part 2 - Virus 39

Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Fig 01- Empty garden in the early morning

In fact, a vaccine such as Biontech - Pfizer contains the following ingredients (What are Ingredients in the Biontech-Pfizer Vaccine? – Virus 33):

- Active ingredient called mRNA

- Lipid

- Sugar

- Salts

Moreover, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have developed a microchip to detect the present of Covid 19 virus in our blood.

Fig 02- Red chili, just for illustration

Fig 03- Mug, just illustration.

By implanting the Microchip under the skin, it will give a signal if virus enter our body.

This is a kind of early warning, make the patients could get further examinations and even early treatments.

Yes, this method might end the pandemic soon.

The question then: will people or army accept it?

What do you think?

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## Some source of readings:

- Daily Mail, April 12, 2021

- Independent, April 12, 2021

- Money Control, April 13, 2021

Do you Favor to Certain Chicken Egg Colors? - Part 1

Thursday, January 20, 2022

I know that chicken eggs have many colors in nature, but 3 colors are stick in my “head” only:

- brown

- green

- white

Fig 01- Several colors of eggs.

What factors determine eggs colors?

Michigan State University Extension (December 29, 2013) said that genetics which relate to breeds are primary factor to decide eggs colors.

Nutritional foods which are consumed by hen may affect on egg colors such as (just few examples):

- water quality

- non-starch polysaccharides

- enzymes

- calcium

- phosphorus

- vitamins

Fig 02- Chicken playing on the yard

Other factors are believed to contribute to colors of chicken eggs:

- general stress

- heat stress

- disease

- production system

- hen’s age

Fig 03- Just for illustration

It is facts that 60 breeds are recorded in the USA, and chicken breeds are estimated hundreds, at least 500 breeds in the world.

Fig 04- Eggs without shells

There are more than 10 common chicken breeds in the USA, some of them are:

- California Gray Chicken

- Brahma Chicken

- Buckeye Chicken

- Holland Chicken

- Delaware Chicken

Hence, not surprising that we might find many different egg’s colors either in the groceries or in the community farmings.

# To be continued to Part 2

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