Why We are not be Rich Persons?

Friday, December 13, 2019
Illustration for a rich person (credit to filthy poor)

After hard work with two or three jobs, some people may ask a question for themselves: “Why am I not rich yet?”

Based on many sources such Forbes, Lifehack, The Motley Fool and Kiplinger that the answer might be due to the following reasons:

1. Not have right friends (not have good networks)
- It is important to have successful friends from community (school alumni, ex boss, ex coworkers) to build a business and invest wisely.

2. Risk Avoid
- Taking risk is a part of to be a rich person. It is not mean to gamble in doing business. Off course, rich people will take any risk wisely and invest with great calculations.

3. Have no good ideas
- People can not be rich without any ideas let’s say to start own business and success need a good idea and goal.

Avoid debt in order to be rich (credit to Michaelwest)

4. Not pay attention to little things
- Many simple things always be done by rich people such as compare prices from different stores or groceries, the different might be just few cents. It could be accumulated in many transactions in years.

5. Spending too much with a lot of debt at the end
- Rich people never spend more than their earning. The balance then be invested carefully and wisely.

6. The same job
- Rich people will avoid to work at the same job with no improvement of income and career for long time.

What do you think that why you are not rich yet?

Why Ancient Egyptian Mummified Million Birds?

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
A mummified bird from ancient Egyptian
(credit to pinterest)

The bird was part of worship to a god, namely Thoth. After sacrificing to God Thoth, ancient Egyptian mummified the birds and buried them in the ancient catacombs or burial grounds.

God Thoth is a god represented by human body with Ibis bird head. Thoth was god of:
- magic
- justice
- wisdom
- the moon
- writing
- mathematics and measurement
- knowledge

Interestingly, Ibis was believed as god symbols of:
- power
- identity
- attributes

Modern African sacred ibis
(credit to Science Source)

What wonder me was the number of mummified birds: millions. However, the number was collected for about 600 years, from 665 BC to 250 AD.

Million mummified are found in two areas, they are:
- 4 millions from catacombs of Tuna el Gebel
- 1.75 millions from burial of Saqqara.

Million birds were mostly collected from wild species, and small number was from reared (farmed) population.

Based on DNA study, scientists proved recently that wild birds were the most source of mummified sacred Ibis. This finding has answered the long time question: where the bird come from.

Moreover, ancient mummified birds relate to modern species, African sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus). The birds are indigenous of Middle East and Africa.

Unfortunately, the birds had been extincted in Egypt, the last observed of bird was in 1891. The extinction was mainly due to habitat destruction and human hunting.

Luckily, African sacred Ibis is found elsewhere in Africa, and quite abundance in the sub Saharan and South Africa.

How does Insulin Work in our Body? - Diabetes 14

Monday, December 9, 2019
Insulin is a kind of key to open cells (credit to Quora)

We consume foods which contain carbohydrate every day. In the stomach, enzyme breaks down the carbohydrate into glucose.

The glucose then carried into organs through bloodstream for energy sources or store its for future purposes. The organs may include:

- muscles
- liver
- adipose tissues (fat)
- brain
- other tissue cells

To enter these above organs, we need the insulin as “a key” to open a “door” of an organ cell. Thus, all people, both diabetes patients and normal people need insulin.

It is because without insulin, glucose can’t be used as (converted into) energy and stored in the organs (such as a liver, muscles and the fat tissues).

Glucose is stored in the liver
(credit to Biology Notes for IGCSE 2014)

Since glucose can’t be used, it remains in the blood, then will contribute to higher blood sugar level.

We know that higher blood sugar level causes organs malfunction in the long term. It happen to many diabetes patients who did not control their blood glucose level with manners.

Hope, we understand Why does our Body Need Insulin, and know little bit about how it works in the body.

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What Cities are Easy to Get Mortgage?

Saturday, December 7, 2019
Minneapolis, Minnesota for illustration

For who does not have a house yet, the good news that there are many cities provide easy way to get a mortgage.

Term of “easy” refers to application rate. Rejection to loan application below 10% is categorized as “not difficult” to be approved.

Based on article written by Esther Trattner, 2019: “The US Cities Where It's Easiest to Get a Mortgage,” there are 25 cities considered easy to have a house loan.

Here the rank (top 10) of cities across America with more than 90% of approval loan application:
- Minneapolis, Minnesota: approval application 95.4%
- Salt Lake City, Utah: approval application 95.1%
- Kansas City, Missouri: approval application 95.1%
- Virginia Beach, Virginia: approval application 94.8%
- Portland, Oregon: approval application 94.5%
- Washington, D.C.: approval application 94.3%
- St. Louis, Mississippi: approval application 94.3%
- Boston, Massachusetts: approval application 94.2%
- Richmond, Virginia: approval application 94.2%
- Raleigh, North Carolina: approval application 94.2%

A corner of Salt Lake City, Utah

Approval mainly based on debt ratio, how much debt compared to monthly or yearly income.

As my previous posted, it is important to have good credit scores to get approval of mortgage (How Important Credit Score to Mortgage Rate?).

Then, followed by “loose” regulations and other factors such as property “booming” and population growth in each states or cities.

This is a kind of “good news” for who moves in to those cities and need a house.

What is the Irregular Heartbeats? - Heart 1

Thursday, December 5, 2019
Illustration for heartbeat
(credit to cayuga medical associates)

Normal heartbeat is from 60 to 100 beats per minute for adults between 18 to 40 years old.

Medical term for “Irregular Heartbeat” also called as “atrial fibrillation” (A Fib) is developed to people in the age 40 or over.

It is because heart of older people reduces pumping efficiency up to 30%. In longer time, this condition could cause some diseases or abnormality:
- angina (pain in chest)
- heart failure
- stroke
- blood clots
- heart palpitations

In addition to less efficiency of heart pumping, other factors could affect on “A Fib” are:
- coronary artery disease
- high blood pressure
- thickening of the heart wall
- too much alcohol consumption
- intense emotional turmoil.

Normal and irregular heartbeats
(credit to mature living)

There are around 4.4 million people affected by “atrial fibrillation” in the America. It is estimated to increase year by year due to increasing of life expectancy.

The best way to manage “irregular heartbeats” is visit medical doctors or cardiologists. They may design the best therapy case by case or just give prescription drugs.

However, there are simple ways to control “A FB.” Based on several sources, People do the following methods:
- reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure
- healthy diets (no smoke and less alcohol)
- doing daily exercises

Hope, we could manage our heartbeats in the normal range.

What Cities Have the Highest Dog Parks Per Capita?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Dogs are playing in a park

Tel Aviv, Israel is the city with the highest both dogs and dog parks per capita in the world.

The capital city of Israel has 430,000 population with 30,000 dogs. In addition to 70 dog parks, the city has 4 dog beaches as well.

It is said that Tel Aviv is dog friendly city in which dogs are welcome everywhere:
- in the most restaurants
- most hotels
- cafes
- stores

Passengers are allowed to bring their dogs or other pets into buses, trains and taxis.

In the USA, dog parks are growing in many cities, even faster compared to any kinds of parks.

Two nice dogs in the park

In term of per capita (per 100,000 residents), the cities with highest dog parks ranking in the USA are following:
- Las Vegas, Nevada, 3.9 dog parks per 100,000 people
- Madison, Wisconsin, 3.9 dog parks per 100,000 people
- Oakland, California, 3.7 dog parks per 100,000 people
- Arlington, Virginia, 3.5 dog parks per 100,000 people.

In respect to quantity, the city of Las Vegas is recorded as city with the most number of parks with 25 dog parks.

Are there dog parks in your city? How many dog parks in your city?

Is Cyber Monday better Deal than Black Friday?

Sunday, December 1, 2019
Sales in one of retailers

The fact is quite surprising me that Cyber Monday was started long time ago, 2005. I just know about it this week. Poor me.

I remembered, my first online ordered was in 2007. I bought several used books from Amazon if I am not mistaken.

I think I just ordered online deal (Cyber Monday) few times during my staying in the USA. I ordered laptop and few gadgets.

So, what is different between “black Friday” and “Cyber Monday?”

I think the typical black Friday are:
- get in touch with items in the real stores
- discount items are new
- bigger items such as TV set, Furniture or gifts

Illustration for black Friday in Walmart

What we call as “Cyber Monday” is online shop for items such as:
- technology relate items
- smaller gifts

Have you shopped on black Friday and Cyber Monday? What items did you buy?