Is Cyber Monday better Deal than Black Friday?

Sunday, December 1, 2019
Sales in one of retailers

The fact is quite surprising me that Cyber Monday was started long time ago, 2005. I just know about it this week. Poor me.

I remembered, my first online ordered was in 2007. I bought several used books from Amazon if I am not mistaken.

I think I just ordered online deal (Cyber Monday) few times during my staying in the USA. I ordered laptop and few gadgets.

So, what is different between “black Friday” and “Cyber Monday?”

I think the typical black Friday are:
- get in touch with items in the real stores
- discount items are new
- bigger items such as TV set, Furniture or gifts

Illustration for black Friday in Walmart

What we call as “Cyber Monday” is online shop for items such as:
- technology relate items
- smaller gifts

Have you shopped on black Friday and Cyber Monday? What items did you buy?

Are Micro plastics in the Tea Bags Dangerous for Our Health?

Friday, November 29, 2019
Tea bags in the box

Tea in the tea bags have been long time around in the market, more than two decades may be. It is a reasonable question that what made of tea bags?

It is generally believed, the tea bags made from:
- hemp (fibers from specific plants)
- bio plastics made from corn (it is biodegradable plastics)
- nylon
- Polyethylene Terephthalate

Some sources said that tea bags are mainly made of natural fibers, friendly materials, but using plastic as seal.

Other sources reported about using of plastic is more common than biodegradable fibers to make tea bags sold in the groceries.

Then, Are Micro plastics in the Teabag Dangerous for our Health?

Floating tea in the mug

Scientists mentioned that the tea bags could release “tiny” plastics into hot waters. Number of plastics per bag:
- 11.6 billion micro plastics
- 3.1 billion nanoplastics (smaller than micro plastics)

No prove that there is health risk to drink tea from tea bags as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

To confirm the WHO reported, then researchers observed whether micro plastic came out from tea bags is toxic or not.

The researchers found that water fleas have survived from exposing of contaminated micro plastics. Thus, tea bags plastic is safe for human health.

However, I myself did not drink tea from tea bags recently for my own convenient. How about you? Do you drink tea from tea bags? 

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Can Blood Sugar Hold at Normal Level Without Medication? - Diabetes 12

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Blood control of Diabetes patient, just for illustration
(credit to Diet Doctor).

Some may have a question: can we cure diabetes? The answer is no, but patients may manage or maintain blood sugar to normal level.

Normal or near normal level of blood sugar may be hold without medication by such as:
- healthy or low caloric diet
- weight loss

It is reported that low calorie diets, less than 850 calories per day affects on blood sugar level.

The level could be normal in certain period. If diet is done for 5 months, the normal range would be for 1 year.

In addition to normal or near normal blood sugar level, low calorie diet could control blood pressure as well.

Weight loss is important too. Few pounds loss able to manage blood sugar level, and even diabetes free in some cases.

Weight loss (credit to Medical Xpress)

Possible diabetes free if diagnosed early, and taken action to loss weight as soon as possible.

Lost about 30 pounds (14 kg) for type 2 diabetes patients have positive effects in terms of:
- cells to control blood sugar will work well
- lower fat in liver and pancreas help beta cells to release insulin to manage blood sugar.

It is believed that to control blood glucose by lower calorie diets consumption and weight loss program is better than by medications (insulin injection or drugs) at early stage of diabetes type 2 patients.

Some American Customs are not Apply in Other Countries – part 1

Monday, November 25, 2019
Free refill in many coffee shops in America

Every countries have their own customs, some not apply to other countries as of America.

Some American customs are considered not normal, pretty bad and even cruel to other countries. Just for few examples:

- Free refill
- Arrival on scheduled
- Left hand
- Open the gift
- Finishing the food
- Shoes inside rooms
- Older money
- Imperial system

No free refill for drinks in many countries. Refill means pay another drink. Drinking water not free as well.

Writing with left hand, illustration purpose.

In America or other industry countries that we “require” to arrive on time. My experienced in Japan that Japanese arrived 15 or 30 minutes before schedule.

But not in developing countries such as in many Asian and South American countries. If we come on time, it means we arrive too early, could be 1 hour before schedule in the USA.

It is traditional or religious or even practical values to use right hand in many Asian countries.

They could be Buddhism, Confucianism or Shintoism countries (China, South Korea or Japan); Hinduism countries (India or Nepal); and Muslim countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia or middle east).

Never use left hand for any purposes (shake hand, writing, eating) in those countries.

# To be continued to part 2

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Why Many Big Cities are Sinking? | Tanza Erlambang Update

What is the Meaning of Cheaper Cities in the USA?

Thursday, November 21, 2019
A corner of Gainesville, Georgia

People have many reasons to live or move in the cities. For some Americans, the considerations could be:
- total population
- population growth, include migration
- cost of living
- housing values
- household income.

The most decision factor is “living cost.” Then, What is the Meaning of Cheaper Cities in the USA?

Cheaper cities mean that the average cost of living in those cities is below national averages.

It is estimated that average cost of living in the USA is US$ 11,000 per person per year. Family of 4 could reach US$ 44,000 per year.

Sebring city, Florida

In term of cheaper place, these 10 cities are below average of national living cost:
- Gainesville, Georgia
- Spartanburg, South Carolina
- Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, South Carolina
- Huntsville, Alabama,
- Bowling Green, Kentucky
- Burlington, North Carolina
- Salisbury, MD-DE
- Sebring, Florida
- Auburn-Opelika, Alabama
- Homosassa Springs, Florida

Above 10 cities are favorite places to live in America currently. Two of them in Florida quite surprise me, because I thought Florida was expensive state due to its famous for tourist destination.

However, they are not big cities like Los Angeles or New York.

I live in the current community due to its moderate in terms of population (250,000 people), cost of living (lower than national average), good public facilities and good education system.

What are the main reasons for you to live in your current town

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What Effect of Diversity Patrons on the Arts in the 15th-18th centuries? - part 2

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Ludovico Sforza, duke of Milan

We talked little bit about Isabella D'este, one of important figures in “renaissance period (15th-18th centuries).” Please read: What Effect of Diversity Patrons on the Arts in the 15th-18th centuries? - part 1 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Ludovico Sforza is another crucial figures in the period, patron of Leonardo da Vinci for 17 years.

Leonardo da vinci, a genius of many areas, including:
- paintings
- sculpture
- science
- music
- mathematics
- literature
- astronamy
- engineering
- architect

The Last supper, work of art by Leonardo da Vinci

Ludovico Sforza commissioned one of the monumental art woks, the Last Supper.

The work started in 1495 and completed in 1498. This is part of renovation series for mausoleum of Storza family.

As duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza sponsored extensive works such as:
- designed canals
- developed streets with gardens
- improved university
- built cathedral
- sponsored murals

In my opinion that the renaissance began in Italy, and then shared by great nations in Europe.

New patrons not only stimulate development of art, but also in scholarship and in science in Europe and even beyond.

These patrons had organized various elements of modern spirit, where other nations should learn to have better live in the future.

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Extinction of Rhinoceros in Borneo Island Indonesia

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Rhino in the jungle of Sumatra

It is called Sumatra rhino, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis, had been lived in three places:
- Malaysia peninsula, Malaysia
- Borneo, belong to both Malaysia and Indonesian
- Sumatra, Indonesia bigger Island

Rhino was declared extinct in Malaysia Borneo in 2015, and the last Rhino founded died in Malaysia peninsula in 2016.

People had seen few rhinos in Indonesian Borneo, and estimated no more than 80 rhinos live in Sumatra rain forest.

Why rhinos population depleted and even extinction in some areas? The reasons:
- hunting for pleasure
- poaching for rhino horns
- habitat loss due to palm plantations and other purposes
- forest burning every year for industry purposes.

The rhino horn is believed to have specif values, hence trade illegally. Demand for horns are increasing dramatically since 2007.

A female rhino with her a newborn baby.

Super natural beliefs of rhino horns are:
- good for traditional medicine such as Chinese medicines
- tonic of rhino horns could de-toxify body, especially after drinking alcohol.
- symbol for wealth and success.

Forest burning not only affect on rhino population, but also caused endangered for many animals. They are included:
- Clouded leopard
- Sun bear
- Elephant
- Tiger
- Orangutan

Burning produces carbon dioxide in great number compared to industries producing. This is a man made catastrophe where the smokes spread to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

This intentionally forest burning need to be stopped by international community soon.