What is Painting Stylistic of Rococo?

Thursday, March 7, 2019
Sample of Rococo painting, Vladimir Hozatski
Rococo is style of late Baroque which emerged in Paris, France in 18th century. The Rococo style was result of responding to grandeur, symmetry, and strict regulations of Baroque art.
The word Rococo came from word “rocaille” of French to do decoration by “shell-covered rock.” The Rococo was characterized by curving lines and lightness. It always depicts love, nature and youth.
Then, Rococo influenced other arts such as interior design, decoration, literature, music, theater, painting, sculpture and architecture. The style was spreading from France to Germany, Austria and all over the Europe.

La Surprise,” painted by Jean Antoine Watteau (Source: Trapasso, 2013)
As suggested by Trapasso (2013) that the father of Rococo style in painting was Jean Antoine Watteau (French, 1684–1721). His painting depicted the daily life of Flanders and the Netherlands. His painting called “La Surprise” could be seen at above Figure.
The style emerged due to many factors, they are including corrections to former restricted styles; respond to another religious reform; challenge to backdrop of social and political stabilities; and follow to development in science and technology.
The three prominent styles that had been emerged in art history, namely Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. These styles had their own uniqueness and characters. Many well-known artists come from this period whom contributed to world painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, design interior, theater and philosophy.
Trapasso, E. 2013. A Brief History of Rococo Art. Retrieved from

Is Bitter Melon Good for Health?

Monday, March 4, 2019
Bitter melon on the plate

Bitter melon is quite abundant in South East Asian countries, It is believed from India originally. The melons also grow well in regions of:
- Africa
- South America
- some parts of Asia
- South East Asia
- The Caribbeans.

The shape and green color look like a cucumber:
- slender
- a little bit long.

Actually, cucumber and bitter melon are the same family, Cucurbitaceae. But, the scientific name for bitter melon is Momordica charantia

Bitter melons are sold in the market

The color will change to orange or yellow when ripen. One of bitter, and might be even most bitter vegetable eaten by human.

The ripen the melon the bitter it taste. It is harvested a year round.

Some ethnic shops such as Asian shops and Mexican shops sell the bitter melon in the USA market

Cuts of a bitter melon

The melon was eaten (cook) as vegetable and sometimes drink as juice. Nutritional values are good for health.

Just for comparison, bitter melon contains:
- more calcium than spinach
- more potassium than banana
- more beta-carotene than broccoli.

Ready to cook

In addition that bitter melon also rich of:
- vitamin
- magnesium
- iron.

Some people in Asia and other developing country are using bitter melon as traditional medicines for:

- fever
- cough
- improve skin health
- prevent malaria
- chicken fox
- measles.

Moreover, researchers from industry countries are studying possibility to extract bitter melon to preven growing and spreading of breast cancer cells.

But be careful, since bitter taste, thus might problem for some people stomachs. After a while, their stomach might be adjust to bitterness of this vegetable.

Have you tried it?

Why do People Want to Go to College?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
UC Berkeley, California
Many reasons for people to go to the college, some of them are advantage chances to enter job market, cutting edge know how, and even to involve in community engagement at any levels (local, national or international). Thus, study in college could open door widely for people to get many advantages than just study at high school level.
Researches from several countries shown that income with university degree are slightly higher than those with high school diploma only. Education is one of decisive factors to have good financial edges.
For me myself, as I mentioned in many discussion forums that I enroll at a University due to eagerness to be able to write many topics in English. English is my second language, and my proficiency is not good enough.
Then, I have taken more than 60 credit hours in computer sciences, it is because I feel that there are big gap between my knowledge in computer science to what readers expected. I wish my study in computer science will fill the gap.
Recently, I tried to write several articles in computer sciences, publishes them in a popular digital media. The articles were hit by readers from less than 100 to couple thousands. Not so many, but it made me happy.
What is your purpose to register or decided not going to university?

What Kinds of Spring Wild Flowers in Your Backyard?

Friday, February 22, 2019
Wood sorrel (Oxalis sp)
We call spring when temperature is stable above 20-degree celcius (20 C) at around late February or first week. It is typical spring temperature in the Southern USA. A lot of wild flowers invades our backyard. They are appearing in very short period, from late February or March to around May, but few until late August.
Four common species found are: Wood sorrel, Coneflower, Easter daisy fleabane and wild weed. The colors are wonderful.
Flowers called wild sorrel are said to be source of food for wild animals. They eat everything from seed to bulb, from leaves to plant. Some wild animals consume wood sorrel are dove, sparrow, deer and rabbit. 

Coneflower (Helianthella uniflora)
I think the Coneflower includes sunflower family, are seen easily in the USA and Canada. Uniquely, one stem contain one flower only with bright yellow color. It is said that stem could reach 100 cm, however, I never saw that tall in my backyard.
Easter daisy fleabane (Engeron sp)
I think, this is one of beautiful wild flowers, white with yellow dish in the middle. Flower presents quite longer until summer time. They are small, never reach 100 cm in my backyard.
Some people said that this flower could grow in variety soild, even in the poor soil, it may be the reason why the flowers are found in road sides along many states in the USA.
Wild weed
The last flower in the photos is wild weed. Look wonderful. It is wild indeed. Finally, the beauty of wild flowers in my backyard will disappear soon when summer coming.
Do you have wildflowers in backyard or nearby your house?

What are Significant of Statues on Easter Island?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Statues on coast line, credit to Easter Island Tour

There were many theories about statues (moai) on Easter Islands, you might know some of them: representative of important figures on their times, cultural important and even images of gods.

Interestingly, the statues are abundance in certain locations, but rarely found in other areas of Island. There are around 1 thousand statues on the island of 15.3 mile (24.6 km) length and 7.6 mile (12.3 km) width. Total area are 63.2 square mile or 163.6 square km.

Sizes of statues are very much varies, from 1 m only to 21 m (4 m average) and weighing average is 14 ton (reach to 86 tonnes). Two most famous sites of statues called Ahu Akivi and Ahu Tongariki.

Interestingly, most statues facing inland, but few statues facing ocean. It is unsual that 7 coastal statues of Ahu Akivi are facing the ocean.

The current understanding of the important of statues on Easter Island are or “why the statues are where they are”:
1) Good location to grow crops such as potatoes
2) Fishing ground
3) Fresh water resources

Thus, statues are relate to survival of Easter Island ancestors. The size of statues are indicating the quantity and quality of survival relate resources.

How much income is considered poor in the USA?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Rich and poor gap wider, credit to Elisabeth Mutschlechner

          Per capita income is measured by dividing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by total population for specific period in a country. The period should be yearly. USA per capita income is considered higher in the world.
          Based on International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported in 2018, USA ranked 9th in the world in term of nominal GDP per capita. Top 10 countries with average income in US$ are following:
1. Luxembourg (US$ 120 thousands)
2. Switzerland (US$ 87 thousands)
3. Iceland (US$ 85 thousands)
4. Macao SAR (US$ 84 thousands)
5. Norway (US$ 83 thousands)
6. Ireland (US$ 81 thousands)
7. Qatar (US$ 66 thousands)
8. Denmark (US$ 64 thousands)
9. USA (US$ 62 thousands)
10. Singapore (US$ 61 thousands)

          Now, back to the question: How much income is considered poor in the USA? The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) determine poverty line for two categories in 2019, they are individual and household.
          Person be included as poor if his or her income below US$ 12,490 per year, and US$ 25,750 of annual income for household of four (mom, dad and two children) is considered under poverty line.
          Since cost of living is varies between one state to another state, then each state has own poverty line. The state of Alaska poverty line for individual is US$ 15,600 and US$ 14,380 for Hawaii. In term of household, New York has poverty line of US$ 29,016 for household of four, higher than national average. Mississippi has lower poverty line for household of four which is US$ 21,686.

How much annual income to be considered poor in your country or state?

Why Chocolate Coat Dogs Live Shorter?

Sunday, February 10, 2019
Cute chocolate puppies, credit to Mychelle Blake

Dog lifespan is between 10 – 13 years, while the breed called Labrador has lifespan of 10 – 14 years or average of 12 years.

Actually, not longer than human. This bred is popular in America, UK and Canada. Interestingly, the lifespan of Labrador depends on colors very much.

The Labradors with chocolate coat have shorter lifespan or less than 12 years average compared to other colors such as yellow and black.

The question is: Why? There are two reasons, first, physically that chocolate Labradors tend to get:

- ear infection
- obesity
- joint conditions
- skin diseases (hot spots).

The second is that chocolate coats Labradors have narrow “gene pool” genetically.

 Two puppies play around

The fact that chocolate color is recessive, thus to get chocolate color offspring, breeders tend to breed both parents (a mature male and female) which have chocolate colors.

The reducing of gene pool is believed to lead to dogs health problems.

Cute puppies

Moreover, three colors that are black, yellow and chocolate are popular in the world.

Five colors: fox red, white, black, yellow and chocolate are common breeds in the USA and some extends to Canada. 

Play with mom

In respect to colors, all colors of Labradors are kindly and to be one of favorite dogs for children.

They could be trained easily. Quite surprisingly, both owners and breeders notice that chocolate Labradors are little bit difficult to follow or obey rules and certain instructions.

They are could be categorized as disobedient compared to other dog colors.

Do you believe it?