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How to Know Someone Infected by Wuhan Virus? - Virus 1

Sunday, January 26, 2020
A strain of Coronavirus (credit to Cornell University)

If we are following the mainstream medias all over the world that new strain virus of Coronavirus outbreaks, and spreading from Wuhan, China to many countries.

As of January 26, 2020, there are 1,995 confirmed infections cases in the 13 countries from China to South East Asia to Europe to Australia to Africa and America. 56 are recorded death mainly in China.

The countries are following:
- China
- South Korea
- Japan
- Taiwan
- Vietnam
- Thailand
- Singapore
- Malaysia
- Nepal
- Ivory Coast
- Australia
- France

Robot to treat who infected by Coronavirus in the USA
(credit to Everett Herald)

Four cases found in the USA:
- Chicago, Illinois
- Washington State
- Orange county, California
- Los Angeles, California

The question then how to know people may be infected by Coronavirus? I summary from AFP source:

1) Common signs of infection:
- fever
- cough
- difficult to breath
- diarrhea

2) Severe infections
- pneumonia
- acute respiratory problems
- kidney failure
- death

Hope, spreading of virus could be halted as soon as possible.