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Is Avocado Considered as a Super Food?

Monday, April 22, 2019
Avocado, medium and small sizes

Avocado is one of my favorites food. I eat the fruit simply by mixing it (avocado’s flesh) with condensed milk (produced by Nestle).

Sometimes, I mixed avocado flesh, milk (chocolate condensed milk) and ice cubed altogether, by using electrical mixer, like making a juice drink.

The price is a quite little bit expensive compared to other fruit for me. A medium size for a whole avocado cost US$ 3 (£ 2.67).

Flesh of avocado, look like a butter

Avocado flesh is creamy and butterly texture. If we eat first time, the taste is little bit bitter, actually mild sweet, especially when we eat ripe fruit.

We slice, dice or cube the avocado flesh. The medium size could weight around 150 gram or 1/3 pound in serving.

Small size of avocados

Is Avocado Considered as a Super Food? Yes, it is because it riches of nutrients:
-Fibre, potassium, Omega 3, magnesium and folic acid
-Vitamints: A, B, C, D, E and K
-Copper and iron
-Mono saturated fat, very few fruit contain this nutrient.

A "good fat" in avocado could reduce bad cholesterol level, thus lower the risk of stroke and heart attack. 

There many other health benefit by eating avocado regularly as said by nutritionists.

Have you ever tasted avocado?

Are Mexican Husk Tomatoes the Same with Tomatoes?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Tomatillo Looks like a tomato when we open the husk

Mexican husk tomato (husk cherry or jam berry), but well known as tomatillo, sound like “tomato.” Tomatillo and tomatoes both are fruits used as vegetable (eaten raw and chopped or mixed with others as salads).

Tomatillo is Mexico origin, and tomatoes is originated from America, included Mexico. Colonist introduced these fruits to Europe hundred years ago.

So, what is difference between a tomatillo and tomato? Scientific name for tomatillo is Physalis philadelphica, but Lycopersicon esculentum for tomatoes. They are different in genus and species

Tomatillo is tart like flavor and crisp texture. When eating in raw, we might feel its sharp taste and a little bit acidic.

Paperly husk surrounds tomatillo

Mexican husk tomatoes have green color, and change to yellow (some to purple) when ripe. All of us know the taste and colors (green when unripe and red) of tomatoes.

Some people processed tomatillo to be jams. We use tomatillo to make salsa, salads and sauces.

Tomatillo is good source for fiber, mineral and vitamins. Rich in magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Sources of vitamin C and K.

The fruit contains beta-carotene. This vitamin A derivative is an antioxidant to prevent cataracts and macular degenerations, thus very good for our vision.

Do you know tomatillo? What do you use for?

Do You Know Spice which More Expensive than Gold?

Friday, April 12, 2019
Golden Saffron, the most expensive (credit to Google)

Spice is the most important factor in many dishes for communities around the world. We use spice to increase our satisfaction on particular foods.

Spices could be a bark, seed, root, flower or other substances relate to plants. In addition to taste, people may use spices for preserving and coloring foods.

Spice is generally quite cheap, and even free in many South East Asian countries. They have grown many kind of plants as source of spices.

Saffron plants with their beautiful flowers (credit to Google)

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. The plant grows well in the Eastern Mediterranean or Persian, and the market is dominated by this region. We may find this spices in the Northern America and European markets as well recently.

The Saffron best quality called as “red gold,” cost US$ 65 per gram or 454 x US$ 65 = US$ 29,510 per pound. For comparison, gold price (24 carat) is US$ 41.53 per gram. Thus, best quality of Saffron is much more expensive than gold.

Saffron sold in grocery

We found the cheapest price of Saffron is US 16.5 per 0.06 ounce (1.7 gram) in Walmart super center. We do not know the quality of this kind of Saffron. It is said “Spanish Saffron.”

The question is why Saffron spice is expensive? It is because processes that involve from growing plant to be spices are laborious and capitalized.

Have you tried or tasted a Saffron spice?

Have You Seen and Tasted Pink Salt?

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Himalayan pink salts

We just saw interesting salt when we visited Walmart super center a few days ago, the pink salt, it is said from Himalaya. The pink salt contains more minerals and trace elements, up to 84. I think this number is quite a lot compare to regular salts (table salt or sea salt).

The advantages of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium that these minerals could counter negative effects of sodium by helping the body to push out the excessive need of  sodium in the system (our body).

Grinder and fine of pink salts

Regular salts contain higher sodium than pink one. Consume sodium in greater quantity could promote high blood pressure. However, consume proper amount of sodium (less than 2,300 mg or one tea spoon) promotes good conditions of muscle functions, control fluid balance and nerve impulses.

In fact, the regular salt has more iodine than pink salt which is an important nutrient to take care an excellent condition of thyroid. Around two billion people is iodine deficiency world wide. Salt is crucial as source of iodine even in industry countries such as USA.

Millennial generations favor to pink salt. How about you? Have you seen and tasted pink salt?

Are Seasonings of Indonesian Food Sold in America?

Friday, February 1, 2019
When I visited Asian groceries, I always buy traditional food from South East Asian regions such as:
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Vietnam
- Philippine
- Indonesia.

Several seasoning from South East Asia

Some of foods are ready to eat and fresh, mainly baked and fry dishes or cakes. Many foods are dried and preserved foods. Several frozen foods include fruits are also available.

Lovely fruits include:
- Rambutan
- Mango
- Jack fruit
- Lychee

I like to use shrimp paste from Philippine and Malaysia to make foods have aromatic smell and delicious taste.

Indonesian traditional food, for illustration

I sometimes cook traditional foods, it is easy because there are many seasonings that are ready to be used.

We just prepare beef, chicken, fish or proper vegetables, then mixed it with seasoning. Easy and quick. Take from few minutes to no more than 1 hour.

Many available seasonings for making dishes, some of them are called as:
- Rendang
- Nasi goreng
- Rawon
- Opor ayam
- Soto ayam
- Chicken curry.

At least I have something to eat, thus no need to miss traditional dishes because of these seasonings.

As an example, one of my favorites is “Beef Rendang.” If we cook based on traditional recipes, then would take hours.

By using Rendang seasoning, we just need to prepare boneless beef, boiled its with seasoning for a while. The result is smell like traditional ones and off course very delicious.

Just try it !