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Mini Sago Palm at the Corner - Gardening and Hobby 17

Monday, January 4, 2021

Mini Sago palm, sweet at the corner

I know the word “sago,” its tree could reach 50 feet (15 m) in height after 15 years old.

The species of Metroxylon sagu produces starch called as “sago” or “sagu” starch.

Other two species of palm trees produce sago starch are:

- Arenga spp.

- Maurilia spp

One sago tree could produce 90 to 180 kg starch. The starch is used generally as:

- foodstuffs such as noodle

- textile sizing

- adhesives

The trees are found in freshwater swamp areas of South East Asia and Papua New Guinea. 

Fruit from mini sago palm

Here in America, we have another type of sago, mini sago palm with scientific name Cycas revoluta.

The plant native to Asian regions, include southern Japan. Since its small size, it is popular as one of ornamental plants.

We have grown the sago in the corner of our house, some people do grow its as an indoor plant.

Several advantages of sago plants:

- easy to take care

- grow well outside and indoors

- free of pests

- available in most nurseries.

- may be grown in pot

Mini sago plants grow slowly, and they reaches about 15 feet (5 m) tall after several years. This is another reason why people chose sago plant to put in their garden.

What are Ingredients in the Biontech-Pfizer Vaccine? – Virus 33

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wild plant at our backyard

About 1 million American, especially seniors (above 75 years old) and medical workers relate to Coronavirus have been shot of covid 19 vaccine.

We might wonder what are ingredient of Covid 19 vaccine, Pfizer – Biontech? Based on several sources, here are inside of vaccine:

1) Active ingredient called mRNA

- mRNA stimulates human cells to produce spike protein, similar protein on the surface of Coronavirus

- immune system then create antibodies in respond. We will have immunity to protect our body from Coronavirus infection.

2) Lipid

- this ingredient is like fat, not soluble in water

- Lipid to encapsulate and protect mRNA with “bubble.” Hence, the mRNA is not easily destroyed.

- there are four kinds of lipid in the vaccine, they are: ALC- 0315; ALC- 0159; 1,2- distearoyl- sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine; and Cholesterol.

Autumn leaves colors

3) Sugar

- sucrose is needed to block nanoparticles in the vaccine from clumping up when stored at minus 70 (-70) degree Celcius in the refrigerator.

4) Salts

- to make vaccine to be accepted by human body’s environment.

- four type of salts in the Covid 19 vaccine: “potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate and sodium chloride.”

You might know about “conspiracy theory” of microchip or robot in the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine.

Yes, lipid in the vaccine is nanoparticles because of their tiny size. It is not microchip or robot or micro computer. “Nanoparticles are lipid droplets, the fatty molecular.” 

When Will Kids Get a Covid 19 Vaccine? - Virus 32

Sunday, December 20, 2020


Santa and snowman, illustration only

People in UK and USA have been vaccinated, then followed by other countries soon. Unfortunately, there is age limit for current covid 19 vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of USA recommended Pfizer – BioNTech vaccine for certain ages only, especially for people of 16 years old and over.

The main reasons that the vaccine are safe and effective for this group (adult age) so far. The question then:

When Will children Get Covid 19 Vaccine?

To answer this question, the kid must follow the clinical trials first in order to find out:

- the right doses

- vaccine effectiveness on kids

- the safe doses.

- the level of immune responses

White Rooster at back yard

It is important for children to get vaccine, because their number is above 20% of population, and like adults, they may get sick of corona virus as well.

The data revealed that more than 1.1 millions kids have been infected by Sars Covid 2 virus in the USA.

There is sense of urgency to start vaccine trial for children. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony S. Fauci mentioned the trial will likely on January, 2021.

3,000 kids with ages range from 12 to 18 years old are planned to involve in the vaccine testing. Two possible vaccines are:

- Pfizer – Biontech vaccines

- Moderna vaccine

Hope, we know the result soon, no later than end of 2021. 

The Christmas Light Decoration in Neighborhood - Gardening and Hobby 15

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Fig 01- Light decoration in front of a house

Some of our neighbors make Christmas light decoration every years. But, it seems not that many compared to previous years.

Pandemic has changed a lot of things. Many neighbors have no light decoration, and even there is no gathering or less celebration for such as Halloween, thanksgiving and might be Christmas celebration in this year.

At previous years, the favorite images of Christmas lights and decorations:

- Christmas tree lights

- light balls

- animals (deer and dogs)

- light on the fences and roofs

We love to walk around to look at near by light displays, and drive by car to watch all light decoration of our more than 100 houses of neighborhood.

Some senior citizens with their grand kids and cute pets seem enjoy by walking to look the decorations and light displays.

Fig 02- Such a beautiful display

Sure, we have favorite homes. Exciting with their owners beautiful works to provide nice Christmas lights. 

Fig 03- A dog and lights in front of a house

In our city, there is a particular neighborhood with 75% houses are decorated with Christmas lights. Few neighborhoods, about 50%, have their houses lit up.

Last year, a small town about 20 mile from our house, has bonfires. I think that it was exciting and fun to look.

Do you love with Christmas lights and decoration?

Merry Christmas everyone.

What is the Meaning of no Antibiotics Rotisserie Chicken? - Microorganisms 1

Monday, December 14, 2020

The sign of no antibiotic product

I just aware that there are following signs in groceries recently:

- antibiotics free meat

- no steroids or hormone

- no artificial ingredients

- antibiotic free eggs, chicken or pork

- no antibiotics ever

In case of “antibiotics free,” the simple meaning that animals are raised without injected with antibiotics in the farm.

Then, what is important of antibiotics free animals for consumers?

Yes, antibiotics are injected into animals body to treat them from illness, especially microorganisms relate diseases.

Unfortunately, these antibiotics settle in the tissues of animals. Humans who consume meats will ingest the drugs accidentally.

Antibiotics Free Rotisserie Chicken in the groceries

The effect is harmful to consumers health, could cause antibiotic resistances. If one day we need antibiotics to treat illness due to such as bacteria, our body may not respond to the antibiotics.

Bacteria may evolve to survive against antibiotics, make our suffer from illness, and diseases spreading easily.

Examples of bacteria and antibiotics relationship, just to have an idea:

- Staphylococcus aureus bacteria resists to antibiotic called methicillin.

- Enterococcus sp survives against antibiotic, vancomycin.

- Enterococcus bacteria resist to antibiotic called vancomycin.

- Mycobacterium tuberculosis fight to multi antibiotics.

Hope, we are aware that our foods may contain antibiotics, and we should avoid to consume it.

Special Mailboxes of Letters to Santa in Neighborhood

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Fig 01- Mailbox to Santa in neighborhood

You know about sending letter to Santa, tradition that back to about 100 years ago, 1921 in the USA.

Kids who believe in Santa may send their letter to address such as Santa, Santa Claus, North Pole or any other address they wish.

Letters may be responded “and with small gifts sometimes” by:

- postal employees

- charitable organizations

- corporations

- any citizens who “want to respond to the letters”

What curious me that I just saw several red mailboxes or Santa mailboxes in my neighborhood this time around.

The mailboxes are provided by US Postal Service. It is said that the letters to Santa must be sent before December 15, 2020 with following address:

123 Elf Road

North Pole 88888

Fig 02- Santa and the mailbox, illustration only

The focus of program is to provide relationship between kids and the citizens. These citizens may help kids to realize their wish during holiday times.

Fig 03- Small red mailbox in the corner, illustration only

Surprisingly, millions of letter sent to Santa each year across America. Just to let you know, one state only, the New York postal service received at least a half million (500,000) letters to Santa each year.

Have you ever sent a letter to Santa or responded a letter to a kid? What did you say to Santa or Kid?

Are Raw Peanuts Good for Health? - Food Variety 6

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Fig 01- Peanuts without shell, ready to consume

We always buy green peanut during spring and summer at farmer market, then we boiled them at home.

In the fall, raw peanuts only are sold by farmer market. I think the raw peanuts are peanuts in the shell, harvested from ground.

These peanuts are ready for:

- blending

- grinding or powdering

- roasting

- salting

- drying

- glazing (with honey)

Fig 02- Peanuts with shells in the plastic bag

In addition to boiled peanuts, I think I love to consume drying and bake peanuts. Both contain equal amount of:

- protein

- fat

- carbs

Fig 03- Price of green peanuts in the farmer market

The peanuts also rich in nutrients, contain more than minerals and vitamins include:

- potassium

- phosphorous

- magnesium

- B vitamins.

It is recommended to consume peanuts per day with amount of:

- 1 to 2 ounces of raw peanuts

- 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Do you like to eat peanuts? What type of peanut you like: raw or processing?

Have You Heard about Second Infection of Corona Virus? - Virus 28

Monday, November 23, 2020

A kind of succulent in the corner, just for illustration.

Based on our knowledge that if we infected by let’s say “virus A,” our immune systems develops antibody.

In case of future infection by “virus A,” our body’s immune system will contain this virus quite easily.

Unfortunately, a patients may get re-infection, after recovering. For simplicity:

- a patient let’s say “Robert” infected by virus Sars Cov 2 (Covid 19)

- “Robert” then recovered after treatment

- several months later, “Robert” may get second infection (re-infection) of corona virus with or without symptoms.

One case in America showed that the second infection more severe than the first one.

In this case, it is fact that corona viruses at first and second infection are different strains. It might be the reason why patient’s immune system did not recognize the second strain of virus.

A lost cat in our neighborhood, just for illustration.

Other reasons for reinfection are:

- immunity is fragile to face Corona virus

- the immunity is weaken over time, might be for several months only to fight virus.

Moreover, cases of re-infections are increasing recently. Some countries with re-infection cases:

- Mexico, 285 cases

- Qatar, 243 cases

- Sweden, 150 cases

- Brazil, 95 cases

- Netherland, 50 cases

- South Korea, 24 cases

Many scientists said that these numbers are underestimated, due to lack of reports.

Do you aware of re-infection of Sars Cov 2 virus (Covid 19)?

Take care, stay healthy and virus free.

Bonsai Trees Show in the City Garden – Gardening and Hobby 12

Friday, November 20, 2020


Fig 01- A bonsai tree called as weeping fig (Ficus benjamina)

We just visit a kind of bonsai show by our city bonsai society recently. The show was not that big, just less than 100 trees.

Our city bonsai society also presented:

- lectures and demonstrations

- discuss between members and visitors about caring bonsai trees

- sale different types of bonsai trees.

You may be know that bonsai is a small tree by design, not because of genetic. Simple ways to make bonsai are:

- pot confinement

- root reduction

- defoliation

- prune and trim

- wiring and clamping

Fig 02- Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia)

There are many good trees for bonsai, just some of them are:

- pine

- azalea

- olive

- Indian banyan

- Chinese elm

- Fukien tea

- Crape myrtle

- Ficus benjamina

- Pomegranate

- Common beech

Fig 03- Bonsai from variety of plants

In the USA, the most popular tree for bonsai is a pine. It is because:

- pine is easy to shape with a lot of styles

- ever green

- full grown to 40 years

Fig 04- Visitors for bonsai show

The pines for bonsai, mainly come from native:

- New Mexico

- Colorado

It is said that bonsai pine trees is good if we place indoor. They grow well in the constant room temperature, and in position under light.

Do you love bonsai? What kind of bonsai trees?

What is Safe Dosage of Covid-19 Vaccines? – Virus 14

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
A vaccine for Covid-19 (credit to Reuter UK)

The good news that we are in phase 3 clinical trials with 30,000 volunteer at 89 different site in the USA now.

We might have questions:
- is safe for human?
- what is safe dosage of Covid-19 vaccines?

Yes, vaccine, in this case, developed by cooperation between federal agency and biotechnology company, National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIH) and Moderna is safe.

It is reported safe because it had been went through two clinical phases, and will complete final phases with thousand volunteer soon.

There are 3 dosages are tested so far:
- 25 micro gram (µg)
- 100 µg
- 250 µg

The results shown that all 3 dosages have positive impacted where its generated immune responses. No serious effects have been recorded.

The phase 3 will involve dose of 100 µg, it is medium doses. Researchers use this medium dose, because:
- at first shot, there is little reaction.
- after 1 month, there is moderate reaction at second shot.

In case of 25 µg dosage, the reaction is mild. There is severe reaction when using 250 µg dosage.

We are waiting the best outcome from clinical trials of 300,000 volunteer as soon as possible, probably by next 3 months!