When is Spring Coming in your Place? - Part 2 - Gardening and Hobby 24

Saturday, April 16, 2022

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Fig 01- Yellow Canna at a corner

Season of Spring in the American northern states is happening about from March to the end of May.

Quite late compared to Southern states

I myself feel spring when temperature reaches above F 55 degree or above C 13 degree.

Off course, other people have their own convenient to call as spring temperature or spring weather condition.

Fig 02- Dogwood flowers

Fig 03- A small tree of magnolia

Fig 04- White dogwood flowers at parking lot.

In our area, especially in our neighborhood, the sign of spring relate to flowers blooming, two of them are:

- magnolia with scientific name, Magnolia grandiflora.

- dogwood flowers, Cornus florida.

When both Magnolia and Dogwood flowers are blooming mean spring is coming.

It is around early or middle of February every year. Strangely, flowers are blooming almost on March.

What is a sign of spring in your country or state?

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Fish and Shellfish Sold by Local Groceries – Part 2 - Food Variety 18

Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Fig 01- Medium size shrimp

Shrimp landing about 100 millions pound at previous years, but less than 30% in recent years.

Surprisingly, the size of shrimp getting smaller as well.

Less landing due to some factors such as:

- Lower fishing activities due to lower price of import shrimp

- Flooding rains from nearby river

Fig 02- Non frozen Crab, shrimp and fish

Fig 03- Flounder at seafood market

Illegal import is increasing without control. Unfortunately, the import is lower quality due to using of :

- antibiotic

- and certain chemical substances

Law enforcement seem lack of resources to check illegal foreign shrimps. Thus, consumers need to rely on basic information before buying somethings.

It is important to know where our seafood come from and quality of what of food will we consume.

Buy local, help neighbors.

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Is a Good Friday a Holiday in Your Places? - Sign 5

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

In case you didn’t know, a Good Friday is a day to commemorate Jesus crucifixion.

Jesus Christ sacrificing and suffering are important part in the Christian faith, and his believers.

Fig 01- A little chick with a big egg.

A Good Friday is two days before Easter Sunday. Both days are not federal holidays in the USA.

Luckily, there are 12 states declare A Good Friday as a state holiday. Sure, offices are closed during this important day.

Hence, no public services in the administration levels of:

- counties

- municipalities

- state.

Fig 02- Sky in the public space.

What 12 states of 50 states in the America which have a state holiday of a Good Friday?

Fig 03- A little garden at the corner

Here are the list of 12 states:

- Connecticut

- Delaware

- Florida

- Hawaii

- Indiana and Kentucky

- Louisiana and New Jersey

- North Carolina and North Dakota

- Tennessee and Texas

Is a Good Friday a holiday in your countries or places?

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Is It Difficult to Study Art History? - Part 2 - Art 5

Saturday, April 9, 2022

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Fig 01- Gudea was a ruler, not called as a king 
(credit to Pinterest)

Just two examples are statues of:

- Gudea in Neo-Sumerian culture

- and statue of Memi and Sabu

Gudea was a leader in a sovereign country but called as a governor. He dressed like a monk than a king.

Moreover, Memi and Sabu was ordinary people that found in the nonroyal cemeteries surrounding the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) at Giza, Egypt.

Fig-02- Portrait, painted by Pablo Picasso

Fig 03- Pathway garden, painted by Claude Monet

Statue of Memi and Sabu may be read at previous posting:

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It is said that never giving up, even when we know its not really working, we need to go back at it, time and time again until we are happy (satisfy).

We need to read several articles, include Wikipedia (even though not reliable resource, but at least give some ideas) to understand history context such as statues of Gudea, and Memi and Sebu.

Finally, It is challenging to study art history without history background and art skill (especially to whom have no talent in art).

However, the difficulty could be overcome step by step with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

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Our Nearby Neighborhood was Visited by Alligators – Critters 4

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

At previous post, we know that Louisiana has the most alligator compared to other states in the USA.

About 3 million alligators (wild and farming) are estimated living in the state of Louisiana.

Fig 01- An alligator in the canal

Hence, it is not surprise if we may encounter alligators in the areas such as:

- ditch

- canal

- small river

- pond

- lakes

- swamps

Yes, the areas might close or far from our neighborhood.

Fig 02- A lake in the city with cloudy cloud

Fig 03- A place might be loved by alligators

Fig 04- At least two alligators seen in the canal.

In case we have been faced with an alligator, can we call Wildlife and fishery services for help?

My neighbors said that no!

We can’t contact department of Wildlife and fishery for just see an alligator or alligators in our area.

They will come if an alligator bites or attacks someone. Then, they will relocate the alligator.

Before that happen, what we can do is to remind our neighborhood.

Finally, can you see how many alligators at Fig-04 above?

I saw two!

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When is Spring Coming in your Place? - Part 1 - Gardening and Hobby 24

Monday, April 4, 2022

In northern hemisphere, the starting of spring is based on astronomical calendar at the third week of March.

How about in Southern hemisphere?

Fig 01- Magnolia blossom in the park

While in Southern hemisphere, starting of spring depended on meteorological time, it is happened around September.

The countries in the Southern hemisphere include such as:

- Australia

- New Zealand

- and Argentine

In the USA very much varies among states; called as northern Vs southern states.

Fig 02- Beautiful spring at yard

Alaska which closes to north pole is huge different with southern states, just for an example.

Spring in American southern usually as early February every year, but quite late for this year. I don’t know why.

Fig 03- Just for illustration, beautiful red in the spring

The American southern states are following:

- Florida

- Alabama

- Louisiana

- Mississippi

- Texas

Temperature during spring time usually around 50 degree F or 10 degree C in my area.

Quite convenient for me.

# To be continued to Part 2

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Fish and Shellfish Sold by Local Groceries – Part 1- Food Variety 18

Saturday, April 2, 2022

We have several groceries in our neighborhood to sell fresh seafood, caught by local fishermen.

When we visit one of groceries couple days ago, the seller said that the fish and shellfish come from Gulf of Mexico, American parts.

Fig 01- A sign at the seafood market.

The areas are quite huge, its spans about 2,700 km (1,680 miles) along the coastlines of 5 USA states, they are:

- Florida

- Alabama

- Mississippi

- Louisiana

- Texas.

In addition to oil and gas, the Gulf of Mexico is important habitat for fish and marine organisms.

Fig-02- Large size shrimp

Moreover, some of commercial marine organisms are:

- crabs

- shrimp

- fish

- mollusks

Fig 03- Small size shrimps

Shrimps from Gulf of Mexico have 3 different colors:

- white

- pink

- brown

Shrimp prize depend on size (large, medium or small) or count (number of shrimp per pound):

- US$ 9.99 per pound for shrimp with 9 – 12 count.

- US$ 7.99 per pound for shrimp with 10 – 15 count.

- US$ 5.99 per pound for shrimp with 16 – 20 count.

# To be continued to Part 2

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