Have You Tried Jalapeno Cheese Poppers? - Food Variety 14

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Fig 01- Jalapeno chili, sold in many groceries.

You might know Jalapeno, Capsicum annuum, quite hot spicy for me, but medium compared to other chilies for many people.

Some hotter chilies than Jalapeno:

- Serrano
- Red Habanero
- Cayenne peppers

Almost all groceries across USA sell Jalapeno with reasonable price

I always see this pepper and used it for cooking while peppers in green color.

They could turn red when ripen. Both red and green can be eaten.

The red is less spicy and grassy.

Sure, Jalapeno has several health benefits, the most important one that Jalapeno may be used for migraine relief due to it contains the capsaicin.

Other health benefits are anti inflammatory, improve our immune system and improve our nervous system.

Research has been done to use Jalapeno as an anti cancer drug.

Fig 02- Spicy vegetable for illustration

Fig 03- Jalapeno cheese poppers

We just went to a grocery, and the first time, we noticed a Jalapeno Cheese Popper.

We bought several of poppers to try their taste.

Since I like cheese, the taste of poppers is not bad, a quite delicious.

It seems that chef uses cheddar cheese inside poppers. I think the cheddar cheese is quite sharper.

Fine shred of cheddar was fit in the hallow of a half jalapeno chili, and then insert inside popper. Cheese makes smell delicious.

Have you tried Jalapeno Cheese Poppers?

Could Consume Mushroom Reduce Cancer Risk?

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Fig 01- Simple Cooked mushroom ready to consume

Mushroom is one of luxury foods in some developing countries, because its supply depend on nature.

Yes, many of them have picked mushroom from areas such as:

- forest

- rice fields

- yards

- farming areas

Here, in America, We may find mushroom in almost groceries with reasonable price.

USA is included as one of the top world’s mushroom producers. Top 4 world producers are:

- China (5.1 million metric ton)

- Italy (785 thousand metric ton)

- USA (388 thousand metric ton)

- Netherland (307 thousand metric ton)

Fig 02- Sliced mushroom in the small plate

Fig 03- Fresh mushroom in the bowl

Fig 04- Enoki is one of mushroom variety

Good news that If you mushroom lover, then you have lower risk to get cancer diseases.

As reported by Penn State News (written by Tracy cox, April 21, 2021) that who consume mushroom daily could reduce their cancer risk by about 45%.

The conclusion is made by Pennsylvania State University, after observing the following data:

- 17 cancer studies from 1966 to 2020.

- 19,500 cancer patients.

How often do you consume mushroom?

Daily, weekly or monthly?

Wild Berries Grow Well in Our Backyard - Food Variety 13

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fig 01- A single wild red berry

At least, we have 3 kinds of wild berries grow well and produce fruit in our backyard every year:

- two red berries
- one is blackberry.

One of red is ground berry, another red berry climbs the fences.

All of three photos in this post are ground red berries, presumably has a scientific name Rubus sp.

The size and form (shape) as small as blackberry.

My ground wild red berry has no taste (fairly to say is tasteless).

Some people said, the berry is good for jam, jelly and alcohol drink.

It is believed the wild red berry contains manganese and have a lot of health benefits. Some of them are:

- good for bone health
- metabolism improvement
- has antioxidant effects.

Fig 02- Three wild red berries

Fig 03- Two wild red berries on the ground

The berry also rich in vitamins C and K. Vitamin C is needed for repairmen and development of our body tissues.

We might know that Vitamin C could improve the immune system too.

Moreover, the Vitamin that makes protein for “normal blood clotting” and healthy bones (together with manganese) is Vitamin K.

This vitamin is an essential vitamin for wound healing.

What kind of wild berries do you know?

Are there Non Royal Statues Surrounding the Pyramid? - Art 1

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Fig 01- Non royal family of ancient Egypt
(Credit to The Met).

I thought that statues represented to rulers, their families and important people close to them in ancient era.

My thought is wrong when I read several literatures.

The non royal statues, namely “Memi and Sabu” were found in the non royal cemeteries surrounding the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) at Giza. 

The statues came from dynasty IV or dynasty 4 lasted from around 2613 to 2494 BC. A dynasty characterized as a "golden age" of the Old Kingdom. 

It was a time of peace and prosperity, as reported by The Met (2000-2016b) that in respect to culture, this era was flowering with non royal statuary. 

In term of statue medium; Memi and Sabu is made of limestone and paint, Alkhalifa (2014) suggested that limestone is a common resource. 

In addition to small size of statue, hence, makes it safe to assume that the sculpture was not intended for an extremely wealthy individual.

Social status of Statues was distinguished by medium of stones and clothes they wear.

Fig 02- Deer statues, just for illustration

Fig 03- A house, just for illustration

However, they depicted as a simple human being. Memi is a husband that gives warm embrace to his wife, Sabu.

In contrast, statues of rulers, heroes or very important people were made of diorite, a rock composed principally of the silicate minerals, and depicted with their hands folded in a traditional gesture of greeting and prayer.

Do you know about statues and their social status?


Alkhalifa, M. 2014. Visual Analysis of a work of art or design in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Retrieved from Metropolitan Museum.

The Met. 2000-2016b. The Royal Acquaintances Memi and Sabu. Retrieved from Metropolitan Museum.

100% of Gibraltar Adult Population had been Vaccinated – Virus 38

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Fig 01- Mountain and sky view. Illustration only

Yes, Gibraltar is a small territory in respect to size and population. But, there are about 10 million tourist visit this British Overseas Territory per year.

In addition to tourism industry, Gibraltar economics depends very much on resources of:

- bank and finance
- ship repairing
- online gaming
- tobacco

Hence, even single cases of Covid 19 in tourist destinations, they will hesitate to visit to those areas.

Indeed, tourism and service industries almost collapse in Gibraltar during pandemic:

- declining visitors
- empty duty free shops, restaurants and hotels

What a Gibraltar government did?   

Fig 02- Crowd without face masks recently 
(credit to SLATE/ Getty Images)

Fig 03- White magnolia flower

Gibraltar government vaccinated the cititizens, since small population just about 35,000 and no “anti-vaccine (anti vaxxer)” movement:
- all adult population had been vaccinated quickly.

The results?

Zero new cases and death of Covid 19.

People start to socialize without masks anymore, like before pandemic:

- crowd in the streets
- shop and market are visited by many people.
- economics seem move on, even not in full speed yet.

The most important thing that it is proven fact:
- higher rate of vaccinated population, then will lead to lower cases of infection and death.

May an Organism has both Female and Male Sexes?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fig 01- A bee collects flower’s nectar

At previous posts, we have talk about possible sex traits in organisms such as birds and turtles:
- Health and Dynamic Life: Why Turtles Produce almost All Female Hatchlings Recently? - Nature and Wildlife 10.

As reported by Jason Bittel in National Geographic (August 5, 2020) that a beekeeper spotted “a bee” which has both female and male sex organs.


Gynandromorph is a scientific term refers to this kind of organisms (own both male and female traits).

As you might know that there are 3 types of bees in nature:

- queen
- workers
- drones

Fig 02- One of favorite flowers to bees

Fig 03- Source of foods for bees

Queen bee is the same with worker bees in respect to sex traits that all are females.

Drones are male bees, another different with a worker bee that drones have:

- larger compound eyes
- no stings.

All bees: queen, workers and drones have similar eyes:

- normal size of eyes.
- black eyes

A bee which has both male and female sexes has:

- abnormal size of eyes
- creamy yellow peepers eyes

Why could this happen?

The answer is: a genetic mutation!

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Our City in the Late Spring of 2021 - Gardening and Hobby 19

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Fig 01- Colorful flowers at corner.

Our city, as other southern states is in the late spring now, some flowers are drying and dropping. But, many are blooming until summer.

Quite great number of flowers are well grow in our place, just few examples of them:
- Phlox.
- Scarlet Sage.
- Guara.
- Iris.
- Luna Hibiscus
- Virginia Willow
- Spicebush
- Azalea
- Southern Magnolia
- Silver Bell
- Daylily.

Fig 02- Look like the “real sun.”

Fig 03- Pink Azaleas in the garden

Fig 04- White Magnolia

Fig 05- The purple Iris flower

Our state, Louisiana has own local flowers. In addition, we have import and intrusive flowers from other states or countries around the globe.

Five species of Iris are uniquely as our own local flowers. These 5 species have following scientific name:
- Iris brevicaulis
- Iris fulva
- Iris giganticaerulea
- Iris hexagona
- Iris nelsonii

Some invasive plant in our city are:
- European roseau cane
- Elephant ear
- Chinese privet
- Alligator weed
- Giant salvinia
- Chinese tallow
- Water hyacinth

How about with your cities? What flowers are blooming now?

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