Are Olive Fruits Good for Heart? - Heart 10

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fig 01- Olives are cutting in half and slices

Many people like “bitterness” of olive fruit, but I think the “bitter” taste makes olive special.

The fruit actually well known for its rich in nutrients content long time ago. The recent studies said that this fruit good for:

- improving heart condition

- avoid osteoporosis

- against cancer

In addition to olive, other fruits considered as good for heart are:

- strawberries

- blackberries

- raspberries

- blueberries

- apples

- pears

- oranges

Fig 02- Olive fruit in the glass jar

There are long list the good foods for healthy heart. I think almost common fruit, green and yellow vegetables which we consume every day include in the list.

Fig 03- Olive fruit ready to use

I love to eat green vegetables, yellow vegetables and fruits such as:

- broccoli

- cabbage

- cauliflower

- green beans and any beans.

- peppers

- berries

Both olive fruit and berries are reported to contain antioxidants like anthocyanins.

This oxidant againts inflammation and oxidative stress, thus could prevent progress of heart diseases.

The olive also rich in “the main fatty acid” called as Oleic acid. This acid could regulate cholesterol and halt “bad cholesterol” to oxidation.

Normal blood cholesterol level, together with healthy blood pressure mean reduce risk factors of heart diseases. The stroke and heart attacks may be ward off.

However, olives contain higher salt. Consuming too much is not good idea. It is said to limit eating olive no more than two ounces (57 gram) per day.

Do you like to consume olive fruit or oil?

Plants Bundle in the Corner - Gardening and Hobby 13

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Fig 01- Bundle of several plants

Bundle of plants both in the house corners and indoor getting popular recently. Many nurseries, include online nurseries sell them with discount prices.

I saw the prices range from US$ 20’s to US$ 60’s depend very much on the varieties and number of plants.

The number could be 3 to 10 species. The popular plants include:

- pink begonia

- Boston fern

- blue torenia

- aloe vera

- variegated airplane

- spider plant

- yellow four o' clock

- pink flowering sedum

- Snake Plant (Sansevieria Punk)

- Mother in law’s tongue (Snakey Sansevieria)

Fig 02- Variegated airplane and aloe vera

In addition to beautiful looking, bundle of plants may purify the air in our yards and indoors. 

Fig 03- Ferns with another a flower plant

Many of these plants are amazing properties in terms of their function in the nature and their prices.

Fig 04- A kind of Torenia plant

These plants could remove toxins such as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) in the air around us, hence very good to improve environment quality and our health performance.

Its have many advantages which include easy to care, it is said the specific selection plants are very good for:

- home office

- kitchen

- bedroom

Do you have Plants Bundle? How many type or species?

When Will be the First Shot of Covid 19 Vaccine? - Virus 29

Friday, November 27, 2020
Vaccine production in December and per month afterward

The bad news that Corona virus causes increasing of infection and deaths in recent days.

Good news, American people will get vaccine shots soon, probably by first or second weeks of December 2020. Quicker than predicted.

Vaccine inventors, Pfizer and BioNTech applied emergency use of their vaccine to “the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” on November 20, 2020.

Emergency use is fast track vaccine authorization. The normal authorization usually take months. The process then as following:

- from November 20 to December 9, 2020 about two or three weeks, FDA will process the application.

- on December 10, 2020, the independent committee to review and vote the application.

- from December 11 to December 14, 2020, then FDA will make final determination and decision to authorize using of Covid 19 vaccines.

When the best guess of the first shot? 

Flax Lilies, just for illustration

The first shot is likely between December 11 to December 14, 2020. December 13 is the best possibility D day.

The vaccine is free of cost in the USA. There are 3 phases of vaccine rationale based on group population:

1) Phase 1 – 15% population

- the population includes front line health workers, first respondents and cleaners

- who have two or three preexisting conditions

- 65 or older who live in nursing home

2) Phase 2 – 35% population

- all people of 65 or older

- high risks workers such as teachers and social workers

3) Phase 3 – 45%

- who works in industries such as hotels, factorie and bank

4) Phase 4 – 5%

- whoever living in the USA

It is said that herd immunity will be achieved if 70% - 90% population get vaccine (please read previous post: Is Herd Immunity without Vaccine the Worst Strategy? - Virus 9)

In case of Covid 19, 70% population is vaccined is good enough. Thus, we will back to normal life about in May, 2021.

Are Raw Peanuts Good for Health? - Food Variety 6

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Fig 01- Peanuts without shell, ready to consume

We always buy green peanut during spring and summer at farmer market, then we boiled them at home.

In the fall, raw peanuts only are sold by farmer market. I think the raw peanuts are peanuts in the shell, harvested from ground.

These peanuts are ready for:

- blending

- grinding or powdering

- roasting

- salting

- drying

- glazing (with honey)

Fig 02- Peanuts with shells in the plastic bag

In addition to boiled peanuts, I think I love to consume drying and bake peanuts. Both contain equal amount of:

- protein

- fat

- carbs

Fig 03- Price of green peanuts in the farmer market

The peanuts also rich in nutrients, contain more than minerals and vitamins include:

- potassium

- phosphorous

- magnesium

- B vitamins.

It is recommended to consume peanuts per day with amount of:

- 1 to 2 ounces of raw peanuts

- 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Do you like to eat peanuts? What type of peanut you like: raw or processing?

Have You Heard about Second Infection of Corona Virus? - Virus 28

Monday, November 23, 2020

A kind of succulent in the corner, just for illustration.

Based on our knowledge that if we infected by let’s say “virus A,” our immune systems develops antibody.

In case of future infection by “virus A,” our body’s immune system will contain this virus quite easily.

Unfortunately, a patients may get re-infection, after recovering. For simplicity:

- a patient let’s say “Robert” infected by virus Sars Cov 2 (Covid 19)

- “Robert” then recovered after treatment

- several months later, “Robert” may get second infection (re-infection) of corona virus with or without symptoms.

One case in America showed that the second infection more severe than the first one.

In this case, it is fact that corona viruses at first and second infection are different strains. It might be the reason why patient’s immune system did not recognize the second strain of virus.

A lost cat in our neighborhood, just for illustration.

Other reasons for reinfection are:

- immunity is fragile to face Corona virus

- the immunity is weaken over time, might be for several months only to fight virus.

Moreover, cases of re-infections are increasing recently. Some countries with re-infection cases:

- Mexico, 285 cases

- Qatar, 243 cases

- Sweden, 150 cases

- Brazil, 95 cases

- Netherland, 50 cases

- South Korea, 24 cases

Many scientists said that these numbers are underestimated, due to lack of reports.

Do you aware of re-infection of Sars Cov 2 virus (Covid 19)?

Take care, stay healthy and virus free.

Bonsai Trees Show in the City Garden – Gardening and Hobby 12

Friday, November 20, 2020


Fig 01- A bonsai tree called as weeping fig (Ficus benjamina)

We just visit a kind of bonsai show by our city bonsai society recently. The show was not that big, just less than 100 trees.

Our city bonsai society also presented:

- lectures and demonstrations

- discuss between members and visitors about caring bonsai trees

- sale different types of bonsai trees.

You may be know that bonsai is a small tree by design, not because of genetic. Simple ways to make bonsai are:

- pot confinement

- root reduction

- defoliation

- prune and trim

- wiring and clamping

Fig 02- Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia)

There are many good trees for bonsai, just some of them are:

- pine

- azalea

- olive

- Indian banyan

- Chinese elm

- Fukien tea

- Crape myrtle

- Ficus benjamina

- Pomegranate

- Common beech

Fig 03- Bonsai from variety of plants

In the USA, the most popular tree for bonsai is a pine. It is because:

- pine is easy to shape with a lot of styles

- ever green

- full grown to 40 years

Fig 04- Visitors for bonsai show

The pines for bonsai, mainly come from native:

- New Mexico

- Colorado

It is said that bonsai pine trees is good if we place indoor. They grow well in the constant room temperature, and in position under light.

Do you love bonsai? What kind of bonsai trees?

Vaccine Efficacy Rate Increases from 90% to 94.5% - Virus 27

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Covid 19 vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech companies
(Credit to Health Industry Hub)

Several days ago, we learned that cooperation between Germany pharmacy company, Biontech and USA company, Pfizer produced vaccine to contain coronavirus, Sars Cov 2.

The Pfizer and Biontech provide data of 90% “efficacy” rate of vaccine called BNT162b2 from third clinical trial.

Then, we got second surprise when Moderna announced 94.5% “efficacy” rate of its Covid 19 vaccine.

You might wonder what the meaning of efficacy rate and effectiveness is.

The simple meaning is that:

- the result of treatments (trials) in the ideal and control condition for “efficacy.” 

- the result of treatments (trials) in the real world for effectiveness term.

Moreover, what are differences between Pfizer and Biontech – Pfizer vaccines?

Moderna Covid 19 vaccine (credit to Reuters)

Several advantages of Moderna vaccine (called as mRNA-1273) are:

- can be maintained in the refrigerator with temperature of F –4 (C –20) for 30 days.

- refrigerators are available in the most doctor offices and all drug stores, both in the cities and rural areas.

- easy to deliver

In contrast, Pfizer – Biontech could be maintained 5 days only with the same refrigerator temperatures.

In term of price:

- US$ 38 a dose for Moderna

- US$ 20 a doses for Pfizer – Biontech

However, 90% efficacy for Pfizer – Biontech and 94.5% for Moderna are great performance vaccines so far.

These two vaccines will be produced about 50 million doses at the end of this year (2020) and 1.3 billion doses by next year (2021).

It is expected that these vaccines to have great impact globally, and we will soon back to normal life before pandemic.