Walking to Encircle the City Lakes at the Weekend

Thursday, March 5, 2020
People walking by side the lake

As previous posts, we were walking under the trees nearby park and garden about 35 minutes at least 3 times a week:

We changed the route, tried to a new spot that is to encircle the lakes at the last weekend. The lakes about 45 minutes by driving from our house.

We found babies to seniors and residents pedaling to jogging around the lake’s edges. It is spring likely with temperature F 63 (C 17) degree. Comfortable temperature for residents.

The 4 lakes are called “campus lakes” or university lakes which administrated by City Park and Recreation. 

Houses in one side of the lake

The sizes are varied from small like a pond to medium size lakes for small city with 250.000 population.

Ducks swim circle to the big tress

Wind stir over the lake, and we watched a couple of ducks. In some seasons or from fall to winter, we might watch pink flamingos and white pelicans.

Two migrant birds to avoid freeze northern part of America. They feast on abundance of lake fish. 

One of lake interesting sides

Walking besides lake more interesting than under the trees in isolated areas in terms of “crowd.” I do not know which one is better or healthier.

What I understand that walking or jogging regularly are good for health.

How many are the lakes in your city? 

Wallace's Flying Frog of South East Asian Countries

Monday, March 2, 2020
The Wallace flying frog (Credit to Pinterest)

I caught flying small reptiles (lizards and chameleons) when I was kid. I curious whether they are the same as normal or other harmless reptiles.

I never saw flying frogs in nature, I just know from reading that it is because they are mainly living in the trees, especially in the jungle or dense South East Asian rain forest. No chance to approach them

We have understood that about 3,400 kinds of frogs in the nature, of these, 3 genus are flying amphibians:
- Rhacophorus
- Ecnomiophyla
- Polupedates

Two photos of this post are green flying frog from Malaysia (Malay peninsula) and Indonesia (Sumatra, Borneo and western part islands). 

Two flying frogs (Credit to Pinterest)

Parachute and gliding flight amphibian are other name of flying frogs. The British biologist, Alfred Russel Wallace identified and described this amphibian.

Wallace then gave scientific name Rhacophorus nigropalmatus. But, well known as Wallace's flying frog worldwide.

Yes, the green frog lives in the trees (middle canopy), and able to fly from tree to tree. However, they come down to find mates and lay their eggs.

In addition to Malaysia and Indonesia, other South East Asian countries have this kind of frogs are:
- Thailand
- Laos
- Vietnam

Actually, we have found more than 40 species of genus Rhacophorus. Some recent identified and described members are:

Have known about this or any flying frogs?

How to Activate Damaged Beta Cell in Pancreas to Produce Insulin? - Diabetes 21

Thursday, February 27, 2020
Beta cell in pancreas (credit to frontiers)

We talked about role of beta cells in pancreas to produce insulin at previous posts (Why Pancreas of Type 2 Diabetic Persons Produce Less Insulin? - Diabetes 3 | Tanza Erlambang Update) 


Partial damages of beta cells lead to reduce insulin production, but insulin production may be totally stop due to severely degeneration of cells.

The question then: Can we activate beta cells to produce insulin? And how?

Some researches said: yes, we can fix damaged beta cells, especially due to certain toxic agents.

At least two methods to make beta cells to regain their functions:
- diets
- fasting

Illustration of insulin production in beta cell
(credit to TheDiabetesCouncil)

Some diets from herbs are believed to potentially to activate beta cells to produce insulin. These leaves contain corosolic acid to increase insulin production.

The leaves are:
- cinnamon, natural or supplement forms
- tea (green tea)
- banaba leaves, Lagerstroemia speciosa.

Fasting could help fix destroyed or half damage of beta cells, thus pancreas re-starts to produce insulin to manage blood sugar level.

In addition, insulin sensitivity can be improve by intermittent fasting, we have discussed at previous posts:

Did Fear Make Some People be Late Persons?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Clock, just for illustration

We talked about arrival on time in industry countries at previous post (Some American Customs are not Apply in Other Countries – part 1 | Tanza Erlambang Update).

Actually, some people in developed nation are late persons too, might be late in things like:
- missed due dates on assignments
- come late to an important meeting
- late to meet friends

Behavior of late persons caused harm to themselves in terms of:
- relationship
- careers
- finances
- reputations

There are plenty causes to become late either acceptable or not:
- sickness
- traffic accidents
- not able to judge length of distance or time needed to keep on schedule

Illustration of fear (credit to Healthline)

Personalities are believed to contribute to the lateness:
- low self control make the late person to consume a lot of time to reach schedule.
- too optimistic
- anxiety tend to avoid particular conditions
- reflective
- explorative
- distress

Then, what is the main cause that make some people be late persons?

Some expert said that “fear” or “anxiety” is the main reason to be late persons. Feeling fear such as:
- have no good results in doing assignments
- have no good dress to meet friends, and wasting time by trying several outfits.

Fear can cause damage to the brain, and then accumulate of damage make “late persons” not be able to fix their own fear. Thus, be late and late.

Are you a late person type or on time person type?

How Authoritarian, Cult or Abusive Leaders Created Their Fervent Supporters?

Sunday, February 23, 2020
Hitler was one of authoritarian leaders (credit to SlideShow)

Reading from multiple resources, it is surprising me that authoritarian, cult or abusive Leaders have similar characters in some points.

Typical of these kind of leaders are:
- take advantages or dominate their followers
- stoking fears such as fear to minority groups (Hitler case)
- provoking fears that immigrants are dangerous, done by many current leaders in many countries.

Then, what factors that caused supporters to “submissive” to these leaders? The answers are lead to:
- unaware about harm to themselves and to the society

- followers have justifications that successful leaders such as in business, military or government administration are entitle to conduct unethical or immoral behaviors.

A campaign rally, just for illustration (credit to Business Insider)

- no connection with real truth due to limited resources. Favor to selective medias.

- fact averse, thus accepted the fact which corroborate to their narrow viewpoints.

Like the leaders like followers, both of them have the same personality that to abuse who have different opinions.

Finally, by supplying fear consistently, leaders could “short-cut” their followers brain, reduce cognitive ability. It is the way the authoritarian, cult or abusive leaders created their fervent supporters.

Why do Americans Love to Visit Library?

Friday, February 21, 2020
Lady carries a box with full of books in front a library

It was the facts that 350 libraries were closed across America in the recent years due to many factors, three of them:

- budget cuts: in addition to closures, also causes less operating hours
- widespread using of digital medias
- e-books are available in the market

Surprisingly, Americans and Canadians have used public libraries more and more in the last 10 years.

The trending seems appearing in the Europe too where governments reinvention to attracts thousands of visitors to come to libraries

Libraries are living, even evolving and reviving. Then, mainstream medias reported that library is top place to be visited by Americans.

 Our city library, a public library

Top 6 the rank places most visit by Americans are following (according to Gallup poll):
- library
- movie theater
- sport event (sport stadium)
- live music or theatrical event
- national or historical park
- museum

Now, the question is Why do Americans Love to Visit Library? The simple answer is that library could make quality of life be better.

How about you? Do you like to visit library?

Why Vacation may Improve Healthy Heart? - Heart 6

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
One of tourist destinations in the tropical region

We might know that take off from job for a while reduces stress. Recent research findings relate vacation to many health benefits.

A vacation every year or once in one year (12 months) period have several advantages in respect to healthy heart:

- reduce risk of heart diseases
- improve heart rate (more normal and natural rates)
- lower risk of stroke

Interesting fact that work long hours cause risk of stroke. The risk is about 29%, and increase to be 45% if the people have worked long hours for long time.

Then, Why Vacation may Improve Heart Benefits?

There are at least two main reasons that impact on heart improvements due to days of hiatus:

An island for vacation in the tropical area.

1) Reduce metabolic symptoms called as dysmetabolic syndrome or syndrome X. This syndrome relates to high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and insulin resistance, thus reducing metabolic symptoms will reduce risk of heart diseases.

2) Vacation may reduce stress, hence reduce heart diseases.

Moreover, Holiday is believed to improve focus ability and happy life. Have planned to get vacations this year? Where and how long?