Lipid metabolisms and Insulin Effect – Diabetes 20

Thursday, February 13, 2020
Illustration of lipid metabolims (credit to 123RF).

We talked about carbohydrate metabolism in the previous post (Effect of Insulin on Metabolic Rate - Diabetes 19 | Tanza Erlambang Update). This post will discuss little bit about Lipid metabolism.

You might forget what lipid is. Yes, it is organic compound: fatty acid and all of its derivatives.

In daily life, examples of lipid may include:
- cooking oil (natural oils)
- waxes (substance which produced by bees to construct honeycomb as an example)
- steroids (material to form hormone, vitamin D and bile salts in the body).

Lipid metabolism is important, because its to breakdown the lipid into cells (smaller chain fatty acids).

These smaller fat cells either stored (source of energy) or synthesize (for specific use). It is crucial to have synthesis process, where fats are constructed to be cell membranes (plasma membranes).

Source of Lipid in daily life (credit to SlideServe)

What hormones regulate lipid metabolism? 3 key hormones are:
- insulin
- leptin
- adiponectin

Insulin affects on both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. In respect to lipid metabolism, insulin help synthesis process, include glycogen synthesis.

In the liver, insulin could stimulate glycogen synthesis. Two goals of this kind of synthesis:
- manage blood glucose level
- provide energy need

Thus, we may understand the relationship between lipid metabolism and insulin, then relationship to diabetes.

Lower insulin production causes lower lipid metabolism rate, then increase blood glucose level, or the process is vice versa. 

City Library Paintings Gallery from Grade 12 Students

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
A girl and butterfly, painted by a 12th grade student

I may see painting displays on the wall of my city library. Librarians replace paintings of gallery regularly based on:
- classic painting
- popular collections
- style of paintings
- artist ages (students)
- amateur or professional artists
- themes such as addiction, farming society or city developments

When I came to library recently, I saw paintings of students, from kindergarten to high school.

Self portrait, painted by a high school student

There are almost 100 paintings of students, hanged on the library entrance wall, then I chose three of them for this post only.

It is because I think that the paintings are “excellent” compared to their peers. The paintings were created by 12th grade students from different high school a cross our city.

A dog, painted by student of 12th grade

Might be the same with other cities in America, our city school system provides a program for recognized talented students in the filed of visual arts, theater and music.

Specific classes are provided to these talented students in order to:
- develop skill
- increase knowledge
- grow as professional artists
- give an opportunity to show their arts to public

I believe the program for the talented students have excellent results. 

Have your cities or countries with similar program? 

Bandit, a Special Need Dog Found His Perfect Adopters

Sunday, February 9, 2020
Bandit with his wheelchair (credit to Mother Nature Network)

I never saw a dog with wheelchair in my life. The dog called Bandit with his wheelchair is heartbreaking story for me.

Jail Dog” in Gwinnett county, Georgia is a program to give opportunity for selected inmate to train homeless dogs. The program has been started in 2010.

After training, the dog usually to be:
- obedience
- friendly
- trust
- compassion
- patience
- love
- understanding

Bandit with his adopt parent, Darrel Rider 
(credit to BanditRider jdp)

Then, hundreds of trained dogs are ready for adoption by carefully selected potential adopters or owners.

In case of Bandit that He has no “permanent” adopters for long time, almost 6 years. It is due his special need which require a lot and tough cares.

Four different adopters returned his back to the Jail Dog Program and many potential adopters feel scary.

Darrel Rider and his wife, Sue “fall in love” with Bandit because Bandit is like a human, cute and friendly.

Darrel Rider himself use wheelchair. The last inmate who take care Bandit believed that Bandit and Darrel family is “a perfect match.”

Have you seen a dog with wheelchair around?

What is the Most Way Character Die in Shakespeare Plays?

Friday, February 7, 2020
Titus Andronicus, one of Shakespeare plays
(credit to TheaterJones)

We may have known that there are 4 categories in Shakespeare plays:
- history
- comedy
- romance
- tragedy

In tragedy, Shakespeare seems to follow the tradition in which the plays are characteristics by plenty of death.

The bloodiest play is called “Titus Andronicus,” tragedy about “murder, mutilation, incrimination and rape” when a Roman general back to Rome.

The question then, What is the Most Way Character Die in Shakespeare Plays?

There are two sources to answer this question: first source said there are 100 death, and another said that 74 death in all Shakespeare’s plays.

Both sources mentioned the way of death was majority by stabbing.

In cases of 74 death, the top 5 ways character die are following:
- by stabbing, 30 cases
- by beheading, 5 cases
- by poisoning, 4 cases
- by stabbing and poisoning, 3 cases
- by baking into pie, 2 cases

Other ways of dead include drowned, smothered by pillow, lack of sleep, shame, hanging, grief, dismemberment then fire and indigestion.

Did you watch any categories of Shakespeare's plays? What is category do you like?

Why is Grass Feed Beef Good for Heart? - Heart 5

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Grass feed cattles (credit to Healthline)

The words “Grass Feed Beef” refer to cattle which consume grass regularly. It is believed as a natural way to get fresh and healthy food for cattle.

The grass feed cattle produce meat with higher nutrients such as:
- Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
- Antioxidant
- Vitamins (A and E)
- Creatine
- Carnosine

We might not know function of CLA, Creatine and Carnosine. CLA relates to improvement of immune system.

Carnosine and Creatine are not well known, but crucial nutrients to improve brain and muscles functions. 

Brain needs some specific nutrients from meat, just for illustration
(credit to Diagnosis.Diet).

Generally, grass feed beef contains Omega-3s which would work in the body to:
- lower blood pressure
- reduce inflammation
- reduce triglycerides

Together with lower unhealthy fats, Omega-3s (1600 mg for men and 1100 mg for women daily) may improve health of cardiovascular, and reduce risk of heart diseases.

Experts said that supplement of Omega-3s is not effective. We should consume meat regularly, especially from grass feed cattle.

Have you tried to consume grass feed beef? What do you think compared to grains feed beef?

What is the Meaning of Lifetime Warranty?

Monday, February 3, 2020
Sample of Tupperware products

We may familiar with word of “warranty.” Yes, it is a product guarantee given by a company to its customers for certain times, let’s say 1 or 2 years.

If the products or their parts are defective, customers may ask for replacement or repair.

In America, we just simply return it sometimes to stores or supermarket where we bought it.

How about with lifetime warranty?

It is a kind of forever guarantee or we make a claim without time limit against product defected due to its materials or craftsmanship.

However, the lifetime warranty may not apply because of:
- the perform of product as long as lifetime of customers, but as long as customers own the product
- technology may changes, we can’t ask replacement of floppy disks or specific cables now days.

Here 10 products have lifetime warranty as examples:
- Smith Optic
- Stanley
- Vermont Teddy Bear
- Vortex Optic
- Red Oxx
- Rainbow Sandals
- Polar Bottle
- Nemo Equipment
- Le Creuset
- Tupperware

I just have experienced with Tupperware. We may ask replacement when the products are breaking, peeling or cracking.

Have you experienced with lifetime warranty brands?

What are Health Benefits to Walk under the Trees?

Saturday, February 1, 2020
Walking or jogging path under the tree

We walk outdoor not everyday, but at least 3 times a week, about 35 minutes each walking.

Felt fresh after walking, especially when we walked under the trees or between plants and flowers.

What are Health Benefits to Walk under the Trees or between plants? Many experts said about some of benefits that are:

- reduce inflammations (may relate to bowel diseases and cancer)
- improve eyesight,
- reduce risk of myopia (nearsightedness)
- lower blood pressure
- may help to prevent cancer
- improve immune system

Plants and flowers in the garden

In respect to immune system, it is associated with natural killer cells in the human immune system.

These killer cells make our immune system effective to contain many diseases relate to such as virus, bacteria and even cancer.

So, what is relationship between trees and immune system?

Trees or plants emits oily chemical, namely phytocides to control insects and germs. By walking nearby the trees, we inhales phytocides, then boosting “killer cells in the immune system.”

Are you walking or jogging? How many times a week? How long in term of time and distance (km or miles)?